Visitors to Uganda – Tips and advice for Online Security

Posted by on April 6, 2016

Cyber Crimes are on the Increase in Uganda and how to protect Yourself  Visiting Uganda

Protect yourself -Visitors to Uganda – Tips and advice for Online Security

How visitors to Uganda can best protect themselves from things such as identity Theft Here is practical information for Visitors to Uganda – Tips and advice for Online Security.  Your banking information, credit card information can be obtained by Crooks in Cyber Cafes – either through devices that take the typed in information, or by you not logging out properly – one solution – bring a laptop, a tablet or Ipad.

Visitors to Uganda – Tips and advice for Online Security.  Just this morning in the Sunday New Vision was a report  about the arrest and pursuit of others who were part on an Internet Crime Gang that was led by a Western Woman who cooperated with the police and spilled the beans, others may have fled to Tanzania and one of the ringleaders, a Ugandan woman was caught. Those are the ones caught, many other cyber crimes in Uganda go unreported, are not noticed while in Uganda and only discovered when you arrive back home.

How to protect yourself from cyber crime while in Uganda? Do things on a conscious level and think through your steps and

Below are some steps that will aid you during your time in Uganda:

  • If you are bringing an I pad, tablet of any kind, laptop – do not leave it out and just sitting there – I just read a westerner’s story where information was taken from his computer by a housekeeper
  • If you are going to use an Internet café, hotel business center, look behind you and to the side of you that no one is watching you. You certainly do not want to teach anyone as to how to get into your mail, twitter, Facebook and or banking account. Please be advised that The police have stated that internet attendants have been in on some the cyber crime schemes.
  • In an Internet cafe you never know if the computers have a key-logger installed where your actions – passwords can be recorded. Only 3 percent of Ugandans have a bank account, but you most likely do and an online one at that – you have a credit card if you use it in an internet café the information may all be recorded. If you have to use your banking or credit card account, make sure that when you are finished you fully log out, last thing – when you are asked whether you want to save your password on this computer – the answer is no.

Ugandans have many needs, there is also the human greed factor that comes into play – there is a lack of jobs and so crime, cyber crime is the answer for some. Simply be wise – avoid leaving your information on any public computer and you will be just fine…Most visitors incur no problems – we simply make you aware how you could and how to avoid problems…


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