US Dollar Exchange Rate in Uganda-Means Bargains for Visitors

Posted by on November 27, 2018

The present exchange rate in Uganda for the US Dollar means savings for Tourists

US Dollar to Uganda Shilling exchange is at an all-time record –  over 3,700 Shillings to one USD

US Dollar Exchange Rate in Uganda -Here is the reality about saving Money in 2018 – especially if you are from the USA.  Your USD will go further if you follow some of the advice and tips below.

Enjoy Uganda and save money at the same time by using Ugandan Shillings wherever and whenever you can from Restaurants to Hotels, buying Souvenirs, Tipping, Drinks at lodges and hotels.

Never exchange your Foreign Currency whether it be Dollars, Euros or the UK Pound at Hotels, Lodges, Restaurants or Bars, use Ugandan Shillings instead.

When Changing your Foreign Currency be sure to have at least a 100,000 Shillings in ’20s, 10/s, and 5 Thousand Shilling Notes. This will make it easier when you buy a lower cost item or leaving a Tip.  You will often hear that the store, shop, restaurant, etc do not have change for your 50,000 Shilling Note.

Always use a Bank or Forex Bureau when exchanging your Foreign Currency 


US Dollar Exchange Rate in Uganda Currency Calculator for your convenience

Currency Calculator


US Dollar Exchange Rate in Uganda Tips and Advice

 Eat in Restaurants that charge Shillings:

All over Uganda Restaurants charge in shillings, the only exception being lodges that charge a full-board price for the rooms –  and lodge prices will remain the same no matter what the Shillings Value

However you can get superb food in Kampala, Entebbe at the at a  bargain price and today Kampala has a vast variety of quality International and Ugandan Restaurants where you will now pay at a fraction what you would pay in the USA for the same quality food and service at better restaurants here.

We will gladly recommend to you Restaurants when you want to eat out in Kampala and other towns such as Jinja, Entebbe and or other towns in Uganda.  Just use shillings to pay for the meal.

 Shopping for Souvenirs – Arts – Crafts:

With the present exchange rate, arts, crafts here will be simply a bargain.  You can wander into any Pier 1 Store in the US or Canada and pay 4 or 5 times as much for same goods that you buy here at the present exchange rate.

If you buy anything made in Uganda it will be lower, I do not know why Arabica Coffee is so expensive here at twice the price as in the USA, but it is very good – try the Big Gorilla Brand of Coffee.

Other things besides souvenirs, arts, and crafts are spices like vanilla from Owino Market – a fraction of what you would pay at Costco.  Always pay in Shillings, do not use dollars, you will suffer a loss.

While on Safari with us there are many opportunities to buy some souvenirs that incudes a carved walking stick to remember your Gorilla Trek by, carved masks, batik, bark cloth products and more.

 Where to exchange your Money?

Do not exchange your money at the front desk of a hotel you will get the smallest exchange rate.  If you are on Safari with us we will take you to the best place for exchange, a Forex Bureau. Use 50 USD or 100 USD for the best exchange rate, 2003 or newer bill and no mars or tears on your bills.

Definitely, do not use Travelers Cheques, you can in most cases only exchange them at a Bank, time involved is way too long and the exchange rate is minimal.

There is even a difference in Forex Bureau exchange rates – we can take you where you get the best rate.

If there is no Forex Bureau use a Bank  Forex Bureaus are most often found in larger towns. In Entebbe, you are best to use a Forex Bureau outside of the airport for a better exchange rate.

 Most Convenient – Use your ATM Visa Card:

If you want Convenience use an ATM Machine.  There are fees that will be deducted from your account, however, most find it will be well worth it.

You do not have to worry about a large amount of money on you which is great for your safety and security wise

Tell your bank you will be using your Visa Card in Uganda, otherwise, you might get blocked as an unusual activity taking place on your account.

Master Card and American Express cards to do not work at most ATM Machines.  For some reason, Visa Cards are the cards of choice to use at ATM machines in Uganda.

More and more of our clients on Safari use the ATM machine option to obtain Shillings.  Please Note that there are often fees, but the convenience outweighs the fee cost.

 Uganda is the East African where your money stretches further especially if you are coming to Uganda for Gorilla Trekking.  The Permit prices alone will save you along with lower lodging prices over 1,000 USD per person.

Wise Money Choices will save you further but there are some things you do not want to skimp on and that is lodging.  For a better Safari experience in Uganda, we recommend that you use midrange or upmarket lodges.  The reason is simple “a better Experience.” 

Use the Ugandan Shilling wherever possible including when tipping for excellent services that you have received. 

Our advice is to always have a limited amount of Cash on you for security reason.  Though Uganda is Safe and Secure – Petty Theft does occur in hotel or lodge rooms on rare occasion, and one needs to stress rare occasions.

We have lots more money advice for Travelers to Uganda, just click on the Link. US Dollar Exchange Rate in Uganda is presently in favor of Visitors and that is you.