US Dollar Exchange Rate in Uganda-Means Bargains for Visitors

Posted by on December 14, 2019

The present exchange rate in Uganda for the US Dollar means savings for Tourists

US Dollar to Uganda Shilling exchange is at a record –  over 3,700 Shillings to one USD

US Dollar Exchange Rate in Uganda-Means Bargains for VisitorsUS Dollar Exchange Rate in Uganda – You can enjoy Bargains while visiting Uganda using Ugandan Shillings as much as possible. Use the official Ugandan Currency to pay for things such as meals in restaurants. Leave Tips in Uganda Shillings. Whenever you can pay and purchase items using Ugandan Shillings.

Ugandan Shillings cannot be used for everything. The reason for that is this. The Ugandan Shillings is the official currency. The US Dollar is the unofficial currency. The US Dollar is the currency used in Tourism including for Gorilla Permits, Daily Park Entrance Fees 

Enjoy Uganda and Save money at the same time by using Ugandan Shillings wherever and whenever you can from Restaurants to Hotels, buying Souvenirs, Tipping, Drinks at lodges and hotels.

Outside of Tourism, things and services are paid for with Ugandan Shillings. That is beneficial to you, and it means savings and bargains for you.

How and where you exchange your Foreign Currency determines the rate of exchange that you will receive.

Use the Current Rate of Exchange Calculator: 

Currency Calculator


Tips For Best US Dollar Exchange Rate in Uganda

US Dollar Exchange Rate in Uganda-Means Bargains for VisitorsForex Bureaus:

US Dollar Exchange Rate in Uganda – Forex Bureaus are the best when changing money into Ugandan Shillings from US Dollars, UK Pound, Euros. Forex Bureaus are located in major towns such as Entebbe, Kampala, Jinja, Masindi, Kisoro, Mbale Mbarara, Fort Portal, and others.  Banks are also available in most cities, and there you exchange your money into Ugandan Shillings.

When you land at Entebbe you there is Forex Bureau in arrival. Though that one does not usually give the best exchange rate, the convenience may outweigh the less favorable exchange.

When Changing US Dollars into Ugandan Shillings, you get the best rate when using $50 and $100 Bills, 2003, or newer. Bills should be clean, not torn, with no marks on them.

Before exiting a Forex Bureau, make sure that your money is secured and out of sight.

US Dollar Exchange Rate in Uganda-Means Bargains for VisitorsMost Convenient – Use your ATM Visa Card:

US Dollar Exchange Rate in Uganda – Besides the Forex Bureau Option, there is a convenient use of an ATM.  Do remember that there are fees that will be deducted from your account. However, most find the convenience outweighs the cost of the charges.

Visa is the preferred card of Choice in Uganda. Using other cards such as MC or AMEX is, in most cases, not possible. Notify your bank that you will be using the card in Uganda. Otherwise, you might find that you are unable to use the card here at an ATM since there is a chance that your bank may block it due to unusual activity and location.

Using an ATM is the most convenient option, with the added security benefit being that you do not have to carry a lot of cash on you.

You can use an ATM in the arrivals area of Entebbe International Airport.

Where and How not to exchange your Money Visiting Uganda:US Dollar Exchange Rate in Uganda-Means Bargains for Visitors

Money Changers: Avoid Money Changers. They are often found near Forex Bureaus, Border Crossings, and around the airport. In Uganda, they have become rare. Con-Artists in Uganda offer to change your dollars into Shillings. However, they often use fake money.

Hotels-Lodges:  Do not exchange your money at the front desk of a hotel. There you will get the lowest exchange rate.  Hotels, Lodges offer the service but charge obscene fees that, in this case, far outweigh any convenience.

Some Hotels have Forex Bureaus and ATM’s on-premises, which makes it convenient for you.

If there is no Forex Bureau, use a Bank  Forex Bureaus are most often found. It is best to use a Forex Bureau outside of the airport for a better exchange rate.

US Dollar Exchange Rate in Uganda-Means Bargains for VisitorsWise Money Choices will save you, but there are some things you do not want to skimp on, and that is lodging.  For a better Safari experience in Uganda, we recommend that you use midrange or upmarket lodges.  The reason is simple “a better Experience.” 

Use the Ugandan Shilling wherever possible, including when tipping for excellent services that you have received. 

Our advice is to always have a limited amount of cash on you for security reasons.  Though Uganda is Safe and Secure – Petty Theft does occur in hotel or lodge rooms on rare occasion, and one needs to stress rare occasions.

For Money  Tips and Advice for Travelers to and in Uganda – here is the right information for you.

Enjoy Uganda and benefit from the favorable.