Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs – Activity Fees 2018-2019

Posted by on January 28, 2018

Current Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs – January 2018- December 2019

The current Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs – Activity Fees 2018 – 2019

These are the current Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs – Activity Fees for January 2018 to December 2019

The Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs for 2018 and 2019 remain largely unchanged – the exception being that Promotional or Discounted Gorilla Permits ended in November of 2017.

The Gorilla Habituation Experience is now listed where it was not before.  Lion Tracking Research is now 50 USD and not 150 USD – there is a 10 USD local Community Fee.  The Chimpanzee Habituation Permit cost is now 200 USD and Discounted Chimpanzee Permits are discontinued.

Uganda Wildlife Authority should be commended for keeping the 2017-2018 tariffs affordable with no increases besides the promotional Gorilla permits as mentioned above. This means that there are no major increases in activity costs since 2014 – that is remarkable and unlike other East African Safari Destinations – keeping the Pearl of Africa affordable and visitors…Enjoy- At this time the Tariffs below will stay in effect until  December 31 – 2019.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris as a member of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators is a partner and authorized agent promoting Gorilla Trekking and Permits in Uganda.

Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs – Activity Fees show that Uganda Wildlife Authority has kept the lids on Tariff Prices – especially Gorilla Permits  – the price for Gorilla Permits in Uganda stay at 600 USD while in Rwanda they cost 1,500 USD which makes it the most expensive Tourism Activity in all of Africa.  In Uganda, you get more for your money, in part because of Uganda Wildlife not increasing Permits and other Tariffs.


Uganda Wildlife Authority Tariffs – Activity Fees – updated by UWA – January 2018