Uganda Unplugged on Safari – The Inner and outer Journey

Posted by on March 9, 2019

Unplug & Discover Yourself on a Safari in Uganda

Uganda Unplugged on Safari – The Inner and outer Journey – The Road Less Traveled

Uganda Unplugged on Safari – The Inner and Outer Journey of Discovery in the Pearl of Africa, Uganda. Get away from the Chaos of the Daily driven by work, incessant Tweets, meaningless Posts on Facebook. Get away from the harsh winds of Politics and the in search of a Scandal driven Media.  Unplug from the prying eyes of Social Media and Google, unplug from the TV Political Opinion Channels and seeming endless chatter of Talk Radio. 

Unplug from it all – get away on a Safari in the heart of Africa, Discover Africa, as it used to be and even more importantly Discover yourself on a Safari in Uganda, away from it all, away from it all, off-of the-beaten Tourist Path….where Social Media is not allowed.  

Leave all your connecting devices behind, bring instead an old-fashioned Journal, pen and in the Tradition of Ernest Hemingway, Karen Blixen, Winston Churchill record your Discoveries made on an Unplugged Safari, in Uganda where you can still find Africa as it used to be without the Crowds.

Uganda Unplugged on Safari  – A Safari is both an inner and outer Journey. There is more to a safari in  Uganda that can be measured in miles or kilometers. It is not clicking a list of animals and birds we might have seen. Of lodges where one has stayed, of parks visited.  There is the inner Safari, something that eludes most.

An unplugged Safari is both an inner and outer Journey and it is what a safari does inside of you that remains with us long after we have gone back home, the lasting memories are imprinted on the heart, the new friendships you formed, the  sights, sounds, smells that you have experienced on your safari are much more significant than a meaningless like on Facebook.

Africa – it has a ring to it like no other continent, once you have visited you will never be the same again… we at Kabiza Wilderness Safaris keep in mind that we are not just putting together a safari that is dates, activities, and lodges, we are keenly aware that your Safari is an inner and outer journey taking you to a continent where the first roads where tread by Elephants.

 Uganda Unplugged on Safari  Just say the word Safari and in your mind are the images of endless Savannah Plains. Say the word and you find yourself trekking through Bwindi Impenetrable  Forest spending that hour with a mountain gorilla family.

A Safari is, however, more than a wildlife safari tour – it is a Swahili word meaning journey – a word that has been sort of hijacked by the travel community for wildlife tours and any other trip, not just in Africa but different parts of the world.

To those that live where Swahili is spoken or Swahili words have been incorporated into the language. To those that live in Kenya, Tanzania, parts of Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda – when they say Safari – they are talking about a trip, a journey to visit their home village, family, friends, most such trips are relational in nature. The reality is that only small numbers of Africans have gone on a Safari as we know it where you see Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and Wildlife and memory creating sceneries.

Most of us come from societies that are mostly destination orientated – we measure time – distance – outcome – we become impatient – we want it all now-now. It is like we are standing on a train looking out the window looking for the destination missing the journey itself.

 This is nature – where we invest time, have patience and allow things to naturally unfold before our eyes.  Put the list aside and take in what is before you – allow it to resonate within and enjoy the gift of the now on your Unplugged African Safari – Journey.

A Safari is both an inner and outer Journey – To every outer journey (Safari) there is an inner journey (safari) – where you stay while on safari influences that inner journey – if you stay in a Backpacker place you will be inundated with the sounds of revelry well into the night, if you stay in a lodge with 30 rooms – the ambiance is quite different from that of a small tented camp or lodge.  The place, the surroundings influences your safari, your journey.

Imagine sitting on the veranda of your tent – the sounds of the African night come near you, above you is a canopy of stars such as you have never seen before, the moon is rising and illuminating the night sky – there are no other sounds except that of a drum in the distance, the roar of a lion, the trump of an elephant….you reflect on today’s safari wildlife drives or primate tracking experiences, you smile – your heart feels enriched-beside you is a table and lantern – you take your journal and write – no longer focused on the destination, no longer seeing how many species of this or that you have seen – you write about your journey  both outer and inner – the reflections of the heart on Safari.

An African Safari is not so much about schedules, destinations, kilometers, but an awaiting for nature to unfold, to unwrap those little miracles before our eyes, the sounds of the African Bush, the ability to leave behind those things that drive us in the west such as Social Media and to enjoy the journey, both inner and out…that is a true safari where not only we behold with our eyes, but see things differently with the eyes of our heart…Enjoy the unplugged Journey in the Pearl of Africa. When you arrive back in your Country of Origin the Discoveries made on your unplugged Safari will allow you to make Choices based on Self-Discovery on your Safari.

 Unplugged Safari in Uganda:

Kabiza Wilderness Safari is the only tour operator in Uganda that offers unplugged Safaris.  The reason is that we ourselves have gone unplugged on Safari and found it a most enjoyable Experience that created lasting memories, pictures within rather than passing posts or tweets.

In the 21st Century, there are not many tour operators that offer such experiences, but we are African nostalgics at heart and realize that Safaris have were done for years before connecting devices, before Facebook, Twitter and whatever else.

We suggest that you keep a handwritten journal of your time on Safari in the Pearl of Africa, you will find it immensely rewarding.  Just let us know that you would like an unplugged safari and we will create one for you.

Practical Information:  Leave your connecting Devices with us as you arrive for your Safari.  Lodges without TV will be chosen for you.  Your Driver-Guide will have a Smart-Phone with him for emergency use.

Contact us about a Uganda Unplugged on Safari Journey without Devices and Social Media