Uganda Tourism Police Means Safer Safaris

Posted by on July 25, 2017

Safety – Security: Uganda Tourism Police Means Safer Safaris

Over 1000 Uganda Tourism Police Officer means a Hakuna Matata -Worry-Free Safe Safari

Uganda Tourism Police Means Safer Safaris – Besides the Regular Police – Soldiers – Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers, the Uganda Tourism Police,  adds another layer of  Protection for Tourists in Wildlife Parks, Recreational Sites, major towns such as Entebbe, Kampala, and Jinja.

The Uganda Tourism Police was created to do one thing, Protect Tourists and Visitors to the Pearl of Africa.  They are there for your safety and well-being.  They even protect Tourist from fraudulent, fake Tour Operators as the arrest of them recently showed.  Uganda is safer for Tourists because of the Tourism Police.

 Uganda Tourism Police Means Safer Safaris. The Tourism Police have added an extra layer of Protection for Tourists. They are there to enhance the security in National Parks, Wildlife Reserves, Hotels and other tourists destinations.  They work closely with the Ugandan Tourism industry in preventing crime against both domestic and international tourist.  Though there have been no crimes against tourists of major proportion, this is another step by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ugandan government to make sure that you are safe and secure on your Safari Holiday in the Pearl of Africa.

Uganda is one of the safest countries for visitors to Africa and this measure of the added Tourist Police simply adds another factor in keeping tourists in Uganda safe and secure and making the Pearl of Africa a safer country than it already is.

This in addition to the UWA rangers that are already in the National Parks and Wildlife Reserves in Uganda and on some activities you also have an armed  escort – all this to make your Safaris, your gorilla and chimpanzee tracking safe and secure.

The Uganda Tourism Police Force is one that is primarily a preventive force with the aim of preventing crimes before they happen through their presence.

Uganda Tourism Police Means Safer Safaris –The Ministry of Tourism and the Government of Uganda are concerned for the safety, security, and well-being of Visitors and Tourists coming to visit the Pearl of Africa.  Though the country is stable and is one of the safest countries to visit in Africa, no effort is being spared to make your safari in Uganda, your visit to the pearl of Africa even safer through the addition of the Tourism Police…

Uganda – the Safest Place to be is on a Safari