Uganda on Safari – Know Before You Go

Posted by on June 17, 2018

Know Before You go on Safari to the Pearl of Africa

Get to know Uganda-The Pearl of Africa before Your Safari

Coming to Uganda on Safari? – Know Before You Go.  You might now know that Uganda is the Pearl of Africa.  That Uganda is Africa Condensed into a small country, Ha the most Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees Know in East Africa.

Know Before You go on Safari to the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.  Knowing before Going enriches your time on a Safari in Uganda.  Uganda might be the Pearl of Africa, but for most, it is a hidden one, under the radar.

Here you will find most all you need for your Gorilla – Chimpanzee and Wildlife Safari, from Visa Information to Gorilla Permits.

This is your online introduction to the country that we are passionate about, Uganda – the Pearl of Africa. Make use of the information offered here and you just might avoid some common frustrations visitors to Uganda often have.

Know Before You Go – Discover our Africa -its Pearl – Uganda

 Why Visit Uganda?

Uganda – a country under the Radar of most African Travelers making it Africa without the Crowds -A country that should be on your Bucket List and there are many reasons you should visit the Pearl of Africa.

Fun & Serious Facts about Uganda

Why is Uganda – the Pearl of Africa?

Winston Churchill Visit to Uganda

Uganda – Africa Condensed into a small Country

Books to read before you visit Uganda

Tourism Awards & Accolades Uganda Has Received

Africa- Which country should I visit?

Lonely Planet -Best Country to Visit

National Geographic – one of the Best Travel Destination

Rough Guides – Uganda one of the Best Countries to visit.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Uganda-under the radar

Weather & Climate – Uganda

 Getting to Uganda:

There is Entebbe International Airport near Kampala, long-term plans are to put another International Airport in Western Uganda.  In the meantime, you can land in Entebbe and easily access South West Uganda, especially Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Entebbe International Airport – Uganda

Kigali International Airport – Rwanda

Getting to Uganda from Arusha or Nairobi

Getting to Uganda from South Africa

Direct Flight from NYC to East Africa

Direct Flights from London to Kigali

Ugandan Tourist Visa 

East African Tourist Visa

Yellow Fever certificate – Required for Entrance

Best Time of Year to Visit Uganda

 Things to do and See in Uganda:

Uganda is more than Mountain Grillas, it is one of the most bio-diverse countries in Africa.  There are 10 National Parks plus wildlife reserves.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – Gorillas-Hiking-Birding

Mgahinga Gorilla Park:  Gorillas-Volcanoes-Hiking-Golden Monkeys

Lake Mutanda-Dugout Canoeing -Hiking – Island Exploration

Lake Bunyonyi A Scene from Lord of the Rings, Crayfish – Canoeing, Swimming, Relax & Chill Our

Queen Elizabeth Park – Tree Climbing Lions – Wildlife

Lake Mburo Park: Giraffes-Zebras

Semliki Park – the Central African Jungle spills over into Uganda

Murchison Falls National Park:  The largest Concentration of Rothschild Giraffes in the Wild

Kidepo Valley Park:  Rated one of the Top Parks in Africa = remote and unvisited.

Mount Elgon & Sipi Falls:  Climbing – Hiking

Jinja on the NileAdventures on the Nile

Uganda under the Radar and Of-of-the-beaten Track:

Uganda – Authentic Africa

 Trekking the Primates in Uganda

Primate Trekking is unlike most other activities – If Trekkers took time out to take a look at the pages here, they would save time, money and have an enriching experience.

Comparing Gorilla Trekking Rwanda with Uganda plus the Congo

Gorilla Trekking Information – Tips – Advice -1-Hour with a Gorilla Family

Gorilla Habituation Habituation Experience Tips – Advice – 4-Hours with a Gorilla Family

Chimpanzee Trekking – Habituation Tips and Advice

Chimpanzee Habituation Experience – Chex

Golden Monkey Trekking – Mgahinga Gorilla Park

Golden Monkey Habituation Experience  – Mgahinga Gorilla Park

 Travel Information Tips & Advice:

Here is the information that you need if you plan to visit Uganda on a safari.  From Security to Wellbeing and everything in between. Current Security, Health and Wellbeing Tips, and Advice.

The above link leads you to some of the best Travel Information that you will need visiting Uganda – if you do not find what you are looking for, contact us.

Our Advice – Know Uganda Before you Go.

Helpful Ugandan Factoids

Women Travelers:  Most of the Information that you need.

Solo Travelers: It takes a bit more planning

LGBT Travelers:  Is Uganda welcoming to LGBT Travelers

Senior Travelers to UgandaDoes Uganda offer Senior Discounts?

Books to Read about Uganda

 Money Tips and Advice:

Your Money, your Dollar stretches further in Uganda and that includes Gorilla Trekking Permit Prices which are 600 USD, 900 USD less than in neighboring Uganda.

The Value of the US Dollar is steadily increasing in Uganda which adds benefits to visitors including those going on Safari.

If any Tour Operator asks you to send money via Western Union or World Remit instead of Bank to Bank Transfers into a Business account or paying via Credit Card – do not deal with the – most likely they are fake tour operators.

What Currency is used in Uganda

USD Exchange Rate

Using ATM Machines in Uganda

Practical Money Saving Tips for your Safari



Uganda – Safety – Security

Our Safety and Security Pages get a lot of visits each day.  Most do not realize that Uganda is often safer, more secure and stable than the country visitors to Uganda are living in.

Common Sense – do not leave Home without it

Uganda-one of the Friendliest Countries in Africa

Are Americans or anyone else safe visiting Uganda

Kampala Nightlife – Safety & Security

The Safest Place to be is on a Safari

Safe Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking Travel Advisory – Uganda – Rwanda DR Congo

We Do Gorilla not Guerilla Trekking Safaris

Kidepo Valley Park – Karamoja – Safety – Security

Uganda Tourism Police – another Security Measure

 Staying Well on Safari Uganda

It is rare that anyone coming on a Safari gets ill especially staying in mid-range or upmarket Lodges.  However, it is best to be wise and stay well o a Safari.

Uganda is Ebola-Free in 2018

Yellow Fever Certificate Needed – No Yellow Fever is present in Uganda.

Malaria Prevention Advice

Tsetse Flies – no sleeping sickness is present in Uganda

The Best Insect Repellent 

Avoiding Wasp Attacks – they can happen here like anywhere in the world

Dressing for Protection on Safari – What to wear Gorilla Trekking

Staying Healthy eating out in Kampala Restaurants

Prevent getting Cholera

Avoid Contracting Bilharzia swimming in Lakes or Rivers.

Avoid Self-Drive in Uganda unless you thrive on chaos

 Taste of Uganda – What is the Food Like?

Uganda, not widely known for its culinary delights, however, those on Safari discover and develop a taste for the foods and drinks found in Uganda – the Pearl of Africa.

Uganda – Africa’s Tropical Fruit Basket 

Ugandans consumer more Bananas than elsewhere in the world.

Best Pineapple in the World

Rolex – we do not wear them – we eat them

Nsesene – fried Grasshoppers

What will you eat on Safari in Uganda

Restaurants in Kampala

Vegan Vegetarian on Safari

Drinks & Refreshments on Safari

 Ugandan Culture

Knowing Ugandan Culture, a bit of background and history would help, the concept of family, time, relationships, language, and traditions all enhance your time in Africa.

Cultural Mistakes to Avoid

Luganda – some basic Luganda Phrases

Uglish – the Ugandan version of English

Conversation – Ugandan Style

Concept of Time

Dance & Drumming Lessons

Ankole Cows and Culture

The Royal Drum Makers

The Nakayima Witch’s Tree

A Village Stay

 Uganda – Knowing Before Going:

The best Advice we can give you is to Know Before you go.  Your time on Safari will be enriched by what you already know.  You will not have unexpected surprises but instead, you will be able to focus on the Moments of Discoveries.

We know Uganda, we live here and work here.  We passionately promote the Pearl of Africa since our past clients have loved their time here beyond their expectations.

Why do you need a Tour Operator such as Kabiza Wilderness Safari? We give you that extra insight, knowledge, background, right advice, all part of your safari from the creation of it to the implementation. \=

Discover our Afric, visit its Pearl – Uganda.