Traveling Solo on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on July 18, 2017

What it takes Traveling  Solo on Safari

To Go or not to go on a Private Solo Safari in Uganda – Rwanda?  – the choice is yours.

You have decided to that Traveling  Solo on Safari is right for you.  We have taken many Solo Traveling Solo on SafariTravelers on a personalized, private Safari just for them, most of them have been women who have chosen to travel alone in Africa, in Uganda or Rwanda and go on a mid-range or upmarket Solo Safari.

Solo  Safaris are great for photographers since they can linger for however long they want taking the pictures of wildlife and have no fellow travelers urging them on. 

The downside of solo travel is a higher cost.  A solo traveler has no one else to share expenses with and it costs more to travel alone on a safari.  For many the good outweighs the negative – the choice is yours.

Solo Safaris give you choice – the choice of activities while on Safari, the choice of parks, the number of days the amount of money you want to invest in you.

solo-safari-costs-moreThe Reality – You receive Individual Attention but Traveling  Solo on Safari costs more:

When it comes to the cost of a Solo Safari it is not the park entrance fees, the gorilla and Chimpanzee permits, it is the transportation including the fuel.

Transportation is using a proper safari vehicle for maximum viewing of wildlife, an experienced driver – guide with experience and having no one sharing the cost of fuel.  Presently diesel fuel runs about .80 USD plus a liter.

When there is no one to share the costs – it is you alone who has to bear the expenses of transportation, driver, fuel.  Yet more and more, primarily women choose this route for their upmarket or mid-range Safari looking at the experience and not just dollars and cents.

Tips – Advice – Information for those Traveling  Solo on Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Smart Choices for Solo Travelers in Uganda – Rwanda

Travel on Safari with a friendsafari-with-friends or friends:

The best way to save money on a safari is to go with a friend or friends.

The cost of the safari will drop a bit, now you are sharing the transportation cost of the Safari and for many sharing the experience of a Safari in Uganda is a most welcome experience and the benefit is that you will save money on the journey.

Fuel, Vehicle cost and maintenance, driver’s cost per day are all shared now and you benefit through a lower cost safari in Uganda or Rwanda.

No matter what kind of lodge or hotel you might use, share the room and save a lot.  A single supplement can add up .

Go on a Safari with a friend and save

Choose the Lodging you prefer:

You have the choice of lodging, a choice that you only have on a private Safari whether it be upmarket or mid-range.  All of them come with en-suite bath and  your dietary preferences can be accommodated.

Lodges are safe and secure, you have the privacy that you want or you can interact with other travelers at the Main Lodge.

Most lodges have Internet Access in one form or another.  WiFi is even reaching remote locations and you can stay in touch with friends and family.


Driver-Guide-link Safari Transportation and Tour Guide for Solo Travelers:

I love the Bradt Guide to Uganda but the portions of it that paint a wrong picture, such as getting rides into Parks on the back of some official vehicle, of taking buses that do not bring into close proximity with the park itself, much less the activities in the park such as game drives.

The best ways to get around is in a safe and sound 4-wheel drive Safari Vehicle with pop-up roof.  Even more important is the Driver Guide.

One of our Solo Safari Clients called her tour guide – a guardian angel who treated her like a brother, taught her to eat Mangoes like an African, even bought some local gin, called Waragi for her to taste.  She loved her time on a Solo Safari because she felt safe and secure from arrival to departure, was introduced to local culture and experienced Authentic Africa.

Food-in-Uganda-will-make-you-sickFood and Drink on Solo Safari:

If you go on your own Solo Safari when it comes to meals there is a good chance that you might become ill.

Roadside food is questionable, drinks in plastic sacks can be  and are often contaminated.  Cholera or Typhoid or Idi Amin’s revenge can part of your safari.

We use lodges where for the most part you should be fine and not be disqualified due to illnesses on the day  of your Gorilla or Chimpanzee Trek.

Lodging is not only important in regards to a room, bath facilities, mosquito netting but decent food that will not make you ill.

Private Solo Safaris – Our Take:

A Private Solo Safari in the heart of Africa.  We find that many are choosing that option since they not only are traveling Solo but have pretty good ideas about what they woul like to do and see.

Solo Travel means higher cost, but also freedom of choice in picking lodges, options, mode of transport and lodges.  That alone means a lot to many a African Traveler.

Worldwide Solo Travelers are on the increase and the same applies to Uganda and Uganda

You have our knowledge of Uganda and Rwanda, along with the Authentic African Experiences that you can partake in while in the Heart of Africa.

Traveling alone on a Solo Safari in Uganda – Rwanda – If you have any questions – please ask us.