Top Travel Tips for Women Travelers to Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Posted by on April 11, 2019

Practical Travel Tips and Advice for Women Traveling in Uganda

The Top Travel Tips for Women Travelers to – Uganda – Know Before You Go

Top Travel Tips for Women Travelers to Uganda – It is all about “Know before you Go.”  First Time Africa Visit ors will find our Top Travel Tips for Women Travelers to – Uganda  – to begin with, African Travel in General and African Travel for Women is not as dangerous as it is made out to be.  Uganda is one of the Safest, most secure Countries in Africa, home to according to a recent survey some of the friendliest and welcoming in Africa, add to that the fact is Africa’s best English Speaking Country, however it might be good to familiar with how English is used here, its local variety is called UgLish.

The African Travel Horror Stories, myths, that you might encounter on the Internet, for the most part, are anecdotal, often the person did not follow practical, Common Sense, cultural, safety and security advice and was on a do-it-yourself Safari which can often turn out a recipe for a disaster.

Top Travel Tips for Women Travelers to Uganda the Pearl of Africa – the Best Travel Tip – let us plan your safari for you and with you – planning your time in Uganda and Rwanda with what you want to do and see.  Personalized with you in mind, your likes, dislikes, preferences for activities such as Gorilla – Chimpanzee Trekking, Wildlife, Parks, Hikes, Climbs, Cultural Encounters, Village Stays and more.

The second Best Tip is to travel with a companion, it works out to a lot less money, especially if you are going on a Safari in Uganda.  Get to know the Pearl of Africa and Remarkable Rwanda before you go.

Here are some Top Travel Tips for Women Travelers to – Uganda – Tips that you might find helpful for your safety, well-being in the Pearl of Africa.

Women of Uganda – The Backbone of Ugandan Society are its Women particularly its Grandmothers:

 The backbone of Ugandan society are the grandmothers who now have raised generations of Uganda’s Children.  As the harsh winds of HIV-AIDS blew across the country, parents were dying and it was the grandmothers of Uganda, the Gaja primarily in the village that took over by default and raised the children that remained behind.

Women raised Grandmothers in today’s Ugandan society become entrepreneurs, parliamentarians, ministers in the government, Uganda has even had a woman vice president.  Tourism has become an area where women have excelled as in Medical Professions, Education, Fashion and elsewhere Women have advanced, however, there are many more hurdles to overcome, some of them are cultural beliefs that subjugate women into secondary roles.  A society that at times objectifies women.

Today the Ugandan woman, especially in Kampala is educated, speaks several languages, fashion trendy, Kampala’s women can do miracles with little and knows what her goals are in life and pursues, the greatest block to dreams is the lack of job opportunities, and if there is job available it can come with an unpleasant hook it is.

Women such s Rosey Sembatya, founder of the

Malaika Children’s Mobile Library, have become Uganda’s Change Agents. She started the library in an effort to encourage Ugandan children to learn to enjoy reading at an early age. Her efforts featured on the BBC World Service in 2012.  This is having a huge impact on many children dreaing of a different Uganda tomorrow.

The progress made thus far will only lead to more ahead in spite of obstacles.  Quiin Abenakyo, the present Miss Uganda, Miss World Africa broke some barriers getting where she is today and today is using her platform for a purpose, one of them is the ‘Keep a Girl Child in School’ project that combats teenage pregnancies, the underlying theme being “Girls not Brides.”  This project now has the support of the government.

Quiin Abenakyo herself has faced abuse as she looked for a job she was told she could have a job if she went to bed with the employer.  She refused him and informed that he should be careful someday he might work for her.

Though there cultural blocks in a male-dominated society, the women of today’s Uganda some of them raised by Gaja in the village do not forget what their grandmother instilled in them in the village growing up.

 Getting to Uganda:

Getting to Uganda has become easier with new airlines adding Uganda to their routes.  If you living on the East Coast of the US, beginning October 28 – 2018 you can fly directly to Nairobi, Kenya and continue to Entebbe by taking a one hour flight.

Uganda can be accessed through its official International Airport – Entebbe but also through the unofficial one which is Kigali – Rwanda where you can access Southwest Uganda where the Mountain Gorillas are in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

Fly into Entebbe where you obtain your Visa and begin your Safari, ending it Kigali, Rwanda after Trekking Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Uganda Airlines is starting up again on routes all over Africa and to Europe with brand new airplanes,

From the US or Canada, you can choose to get here with Brussels Airline, KLM, Emirates, Qatar, Turkish and Egypt Air, Ethiopian and Kenya Airways.

Flying to Uganda is easier this year.

 Clothing – Dress Smart in Kigali – Kampala – Entebbe:

If you are in a city such as Kampala, Uganda or Kigali, Rwanda you will find that most women dress up quite nicely and are quite fashion conscious even if they are for the most part wearing quality and affordable second-hand clothing from North America and Europe. The emphasis would be on dressing up smart with a conservative touch during the daytime, at night in a nightclub, bar, things change radically.

Shorts are not a good choice for women because it offends some African and leaves the wrong impression (with Ugandans or Rwandans).

Jeans, dresses, skirts, Khaki trousers are fine and do not cause any cultural problems. Even with a bathing suit, it is wise to stay a bit on the conservative side of things.

Dressing in town is different from dressing going on a safari in Uganda.

What to wear while Gorilla Trekking is different from other activities and takes more planning.

 Keep the expensive Jewelry – Watches at home:

Avoid wearing gold jewelry, necklaces, gold or diamond earrings, expensive watches and the like. This is especially if you are going to be walking streets of Kampala where pickpockets – on a safari itself you are fine in most cases- not wearing expensive things will avoid a possible negative situation that would not be enjoyable.

If you somehow brought something valuable such as a watch, put into Hotel or lodge safe at the front desk.

Custom jewelry that you might have picked up at a good price in the west can be stolen – even Ugandan or Rwandan women encounter this problem in crowded places.

You can buy some lovely earrings – bangles, necklaces locally and at the same time benefit a Ugandan or Rwandan family through your purchase.

Again, If you are on a safari with us – such thefts will be a rarity since your driver-guide will make sure that you are safe.

The main Thing – keep your expensive Jewelry at Home.

 Safety – Security while in Uganda:

Uganda is safe and secure, something Americans are worried about the most in 201.9  It is one of the most stable countries in all of Africa, it is also one of the friendliest countries on the continent and one might add the best English Speaking country in Africa.

The safest place to be in Uganda is on a Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris where your well-being and safety come first.

Besides normal police, there is the Tourism Police which is stationed at Tourism Destinations throughout the country, add to that the armed rangers found in the Wildlife Parks and the Military.

Uganda is often safer than your country of origin and there is no armed conflict within the country.

The problem is that when you tell friends that you are telling friends that you are going on holiday in Uganda, they see it through the very limited filter of Africa, the movies that they have seen, news reports by a reporter stationed in Capetown and the like.  Ugandans are friendly, welcoming and concerned for your well-being people.

Visit our Facebook Page for the latest no Spin Safety & Security updates.

 Keep Money out Sight and out of Easy Reach of Others:

If you are wearing slacks or jeans put your wallet, money in the front of pockets and put your hand over it if you are walking downtown Kampala or Kigali, especially in crowded settings such as marketplaces.

When purchasing something, paying in a restaurant, bar, for a taxi,  do not flash a wad of money, but just enough to pay for the service or product. You do not want to attract the attention of a potential thief.

If you are using an ATM in Uganda or Rwanda make sure that the ATM is behind a door for your privacy and safety, an armed guard will normally be outside.

Theft of Cash can happen anywhere, it has only happened once in over a decade at a lodge and in this case, the upmarket lodge paid back the money taken.

Click on the links for more advice on how to handle money in Uganda.

 Keeping your Purse – Bag Safe:

It is a good idea to put your bag over your shoulder but also put your hand over the purse itself and holding it to your side so that no one can readily grab it and you have lost your purse and often, more importantly, the contents ranging from cash to your personal identification such as passport – airline tickets and more.

It is good to always have a scan or copy of important documents in the case that they are lost or stolen.

A daypack can be good to have, as long as you can hold onto the straps to protect it from being stolen.

Be wise – though it is safe to walk on your own – go with a Ugandan to be on the safe side of things.

Always keep your hand over your bag and keep a tight grip on it in towns like Kampala, that is the way Ugandan women handle it and they certainly know what they are doing when it comes to theft protection.

 Passport Safety:

Do not carry it with you, but a copy of it, keep it in a safe and secure place in your lodging. The same applies to any other identification and keep your credit cards at your lodging.

I have known people where their passport was lost in a form of transport and they had to go through the tedious task going to their embassy and in some cases, your country may not have an embassy in Uganda or Rwanda which makes the replacement of a passport more tedious.

You can print out a copy of your passport at home and bring it with you, visa can be done here on arrival at one of our local shops.

Protect your passport at all costs.  Though the reality is that a passport loss has never occurred with a client of ours.  Since we let them know how to protect important documents such as a passport.

Even if you did lose your passport – we would assist you in getting back home to your country.

 Walking on your own – Never act lost even if you are:

For the most part, it is fine, especially in the daytime at night it is not recommended, just as a precaution, walk with someone, preferably a Ugandan or Rwandan. Avoid walking through a slum and stay on the main roads.

Never act lost even if you are.  Acting as if you are lost makes you a potential victim of a theft attack.

Enter into a shop – or get on a Boda-Boda Motorcycle Taxi and they will take you to your destination (even though below I recommend avoiding a Boda-Boda Motorcycle Taxi.

Remember that thieves are on the lookout for someone who seems lost, that is why you never act lost even if you are.

Always act as if you know where you are going even if you do not, you will soon get there, use a Boda Boda, a Taxi such as Uber.

 Getting around Safely:

Avoid using Boda-Boda Motorcycles – they do not use helmets and use perilous ways to get around jam-packed Kampala. They are also the number one reason for emergency rooms admissions due to high rates of accidents.

The taxis which are mini-buses and the main form of transport in much of Uganda and Rwanda are better, but bring small Ugandan or Rwandan currency – just to be safe. Do not use your Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop in  Taxi – Matatu and on a bus hold on to it.

Buses – are not the best way – their high and excessive speeds has cost a lot of fatalities. If you do take a trip with one – avoid any food or drinks given by a fellow passenger – people have been drugged and robbed right on the bus. Avoid night travel in between towns even by bus – a bus was stopped in Northern Uganda and all passengers were robbed at 2 am in the morning.

The Safest Way to get around Uganda or Rwanda is on a Safari with a Tour Company such as ourselves with Driver-Guides who will make your time in Africa – Safe and Enjoyable.

 Staying Safe on a Night out on the Town:

Kampala is known as the City that Never Sleeps where the party goes on 24/7.  The bars do not close at 2 am in the morning like in the West.

It is usually safe for a woman to go to a spot and you usually do not have any problems, but to stay on safe side, stay in the company of others, once again have a Ugandan join you – especially a non-drinking driver that knows his or her way around to various places and will abstain from alcohol.  We can provide a driver for you.

Ugandan Women will dress up from mild to wild, often on what would be considered the daring side.  In Kampala, quite a few of the women will be Mosquito Girls – Prostitutes.  Becoming such was not their goal in life but became a matter of survival, in some cases having money to raise children, support grandparents or mothers.

 How to defuse Flirtation Attempts:

As a woman, you may encounter an occasional attempt by a male at flirting, but that can happen anywhere in the world and it does happen here. A smile and a “no thanks” will usually resolve the situation in a friendly manner.

You may get a subtle or not so subtle marriage proposal, again a smiling, “no thank you” will do the trick. Remember that 90% of attempts at flirting are harmless – simply keep your sense of humor.

A picture of your “husband” – real or make belief might come in handy.  This is a common practice Women Travelers use in destinations around the world.

In both Uganda and Rwanda you might receive a proposal for marriage, a one-night tryst – receive them with a smile and a no, have a picture of a man in your wallet and show it and say that is your husband is another excellent way to avoid flirtation.

 Eating Out and staying well:

There are some practical things you can do about your well-being while eating out such as avoiding any street vendors since their hygienic ways may not be the best. I have some friends who eat Rolex all the time – not the watch but Rolled Eggs in chapati with vegetables – a very popular Ugandan dish that was innovated by some University Students and has spread all over Uganda.

Avoid eating salads, or raw cabbage on your plate unless it is a good restaurant or hotel, avoid those buffets heated only by a small candle where the curries and other things will spoil. With juices ask if the water has been boiled and no ice-cubes, just to name a few.

Vegetarians and Vegans can survive in Uganda on a plant-based diet – even the gorillas do.

 Staying in Touch with Home

We used to recommend getting a local Sim Card, presently you need a National ID or go through a cumbersome process with passport in hand in obtaining

The easiest way – you do not need an open phone, you simply need a smartphone that will work with WiFi – stay in a hotel or lodge, or be in a restaurant where it will work.

You can use Skype, WhatsApp, use Facebook, use WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and you are connected with the rest of the world.

That is in 2019 is the simplest way for you to stay connected with Family.  Technology has changed in recent years and so has the methodology that people use to stay connected with Family, Friends.

With the Internet, have patience, we have 3-G, 4-G in fewer places, in re

Speed- will mot often be not what you are used to – have patience – Hakuna Matata.

 Solo-Traveler – Traveling alone in Uganda:

Solo-Travelers in Uganda.  People do it with mixed results.  The attempt to go on a Safari by bus, back of a pickup, a ride from a tour company vehicle.

Each year we do a reasonable number of Solo Safaris, primarily women.  The cost is higher, the benefits far outweigh the cost for many.

You can have your personal driver-guide who will keep you safe and sound on a solo safari in Uganda.

We create a safari itinerary with your input and you are off to exploring Authentic Africa in the heart of Africa, Uganda.

Solo Safaris, Solo Travel in Uganda – for many it is worth the extra cost since on a private Safari you are in control.

 Safari Travel Information-Tips – Advice – Uganda:

If you like to go on a Safari in Uganda or Rwanda.  Here is some great information, tips, and advice for you to plan a safari that fits just you.

We have taken many women travelers on safari in Uganda or Rwanda with the just driver-tour guide that introduces you to Uganda and Rwanda.

From Primates to wildlife – there is much to do and see in either country.  You stay in the lodges and hotels of your choice, do the activities that you would like and here you have all the information that you need for that just right African Safari.

Uganda is a safari destination with ten parks plus wildlife reserves of one kind of another and home to Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Golden Monkeys.  It is and has been the Pearl of Africa.

 For More Travel Tips – Advice and information click here:

Uganda is Africa – traveling to Uganda can be a most enjoyable time – many who come here lack information and insights into Uganda. Before you come to Uganda get to know about it – we have hundreds of pages that do just that.

Top Travel Tips for Women Travelers to – Uganda – are found here – as we come across new areas to address we will post them on this page.  Uganda is a friendly, safe, stable, and secure countries, especially on a Safari – Enjoy your Time in the Pearl of Africa.

Start with the above link and begin to enjoy your journey here – enjoy Uganda – the Pearl of Africa.

Before you arrive in Africa – get informed about the country you are visiting before you arrive.

The key to a successful trip is to be in the know before you come.

Important Travel Requirements are found on this page such as Visas to Uganda, Yellow Fever Requirement and more.

Top Travel Tips for Women Travelers to – Uganda – If you have any questions – please Contact us.