Top of the World Hike – Kibale Forest

Posted by on December 20, 2016

 Hit the Top of the World Trail near Kibale Forest

The Top of the World Hike takes you to villages, crater lakes, Tea Plantations and incredible Views

The  Top of the World Hike is a popular activity with visitors to nearby Kibale Forest and Fort Portal.  The most rewarding time to take this hiking trail is early in the morning  just as dawn where you enjoy the sun rising.  It is also the coolest time of the day and the hike up will be doable for most.

 The Top of the World Hike starts at the tranquil crater Lake Nyabikere (meaning lake of frogs), even from the starting point you can, on a clear day see the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon. We suggest an early morning, sunrise hike.  You will need a daypack, have a liter of bottled water with you, a snack, or a meal such as a freshly made Rolex, a most popular fast food dish in Uganda, or some fresh fruit.  Wear hiking boots, long-trousers, long-sleeved shirt, have a light rain jacket in your daypack. A walking stick made of a thin wooden pole here, can most often be obtained if you like to steady yourself when the trail is slippery from rain during the night.

There are two different trails that you can take to the top of the world viewpoint – there is the easy way, which can even be taken by vehicle (a lodge is being built here called “Top of the World Lodge.”  Then there is the more challenging trail that most take. Your tour guide will go with you, along with a local guide.  The trail itself is not well marked.  Various guides are available and we will use a more knowledgeable one that knows the area, the history, knows about the formation of the crater lakes, the local legends and culture which will make the three hours  on the trail much more enjoyable.

Along the trail, you will be greeted with a friendly ‘How are you” from the many children that you meet along your hike. The trail takes you villages, lush gardens, banana groves, coffee bushes, a tea plantations and plenty of people who are often carrying a load on their head whizzing by you, while you or your companions may be huffing and puffing along.

The second crater lake that you pass by is known for its solo hippo that at times can be spotted, other times it is the serenity of the crater lake where you might a fisherman in a boat made of reeds.

The Top of the World Hike is not very difficult for most, that is one reason that it is popular.  The best thing are the views from the Top of the World hill. Hopefully you have a clear day and you can see the crater lakes below you, Fort Portal, the Rwenzori Mountains, Kibale Forest and more.

While at the top, have your snack, hopefully you packed a soda, or a thermos of coffee or tea. Take it all in before descending back to the starting point.