There are No Uganda Discounted Gorilla Permits in 2018

Posted by on February 26, 2018

2018 No Uganda Discounted Gorilla Permits

The Uganda Discounted Gorilla Permit no longer exist in 2018


2018 – Means No Uganda Discounted Gorilla Permits.  The popular Discounted Gorilla Permit Permit ProgramNo Uganda Discounted Gorilla Permits during the months of April, May, and November is over.  It ended at the end of November in 2017.  You will still see it on Ugandan Tour Operator Websites, however, the reality is this as we say in Uganda.  “They are Over.”

No Uganda Discounted Gorilla Permits in 2018 – The reason that Uganda Wildlife discontinued the discounted Gorilla Permit offer during April, May, and November of the Year is that the present,  good until December 31- 2019 Permit Price of 600 USD is reason enough for Visitors to choose Gorilla Trekking in Uganda where they save 900 USD instead of 1,500 USD for a Gorilla Permit in Rwanda.

Uganda Wildlife Authority has come to the conclusion that the discounted Permits have become obsolete in light of the new market reality created by Rwanda and there is no reason for Uganda to further reduce its permit prices during the off-season.

Upmarket Gorilla Lodges are continuing the practice of reducing their rates during the off-season, the rainy season of the year.  This can mean substantial savings for a 2 or 3-night stay in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

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