The Reality – Ugandan Safari Myths Debunked

Posted by on July 27, 2017

Reality-Everything You Thought About an Africa Safari Is Wrong

Get to Know Uganda Before you Go – African Safari Myths Debunked

Most people  have never been to Africa, have never been to Uganda, all they have are some smatterings  that they gathered on the Internet, Western Newspapers, TV, they avoid a safari to Uganda for all the wrong reasons. Time to get to the truth by Debunking Safari Misconceptions and Legends about Uganda.

In 2019 Uganda is one of the safest countries to Travel in, it is rated as one of the friendliest and most welcoming countries in all of Africa.  It is also the economical country to visit in East Africa – your money simply stretches further.

Uganda for the most part has not aggressively marketed itself as has Rwnda, Kenya or Tanzania, until recently it relied on accidental tourism where potential visitors find out about Uganda on  a site such as ours.

Uganda over the years has made the news for all the wrong reasons – Uganda unlike Rwanda does not have a positive movie about it such “Gorillas in the Mist”

Ugandan Safari Myths Debunked.  It is George Kimble that said it best “The only thing dark about Africa is  our ignorance of it.”  Our attempt of debunking Safari misconceptions and myths can only give you words and a few pictures.

Our suggestion is that when you leave your country, leave behind the myths, Internet Legends found on blogs and forums, the misconceptions and wrongful information.

When you hit the tarmac at Entebbe airport the adventure begins and your misconceptions and myths will fade away like the mist over the Ugandan and Rwandan Hills by the reality, the vibrancy of Safari Life that you behold with wide-open eyes.

Africa often gets a bad wrap, Uganda in particular, have gotten a bad wrap, mostly written by those and who have not experienced the Reality of a Safari in the Pearl of Africa.

Uganda is home to

African Safari Myths Debunked

 Safari Myth #1 -Gorilla Safaris are too Expensive:

Here is the Reality – Safaris with Gorila Trekking are expensive.  Gorilla Trekking has become the most expensive tourism activity in Africa.

At the same time Uganda has kept the lid on Gorilla Trekking making Uganda Affordable and at the same time safe.

Is a Gorilla Trekking



Uganda and Rwanda Safaris are higher than other African Countries, but then no other African Countries offer Gorilla, Chimpanzees and Golden Monkeys except the unsafe Democratic Republic of Congo and it for those experiences that many come to Uganda and Rwanda.

See the Safari as an investment in yourself, prices vary in accordance with the lodges and the type of transport vehicle you choose for your safari.

For most, an African Safari in Uganda or Rwanda is a once in a lifetime dream come true and well worth the cost.

 Safari Myth #2 -African Safaris take too much Time:

I do not have two weeks to spend in Africa.  Most of our Clients take Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda that are shorter than two weeks and leave very satisfied with what they experienced.

Give us 7 to 10 days and we will create the Safari that exposes you to the best of our Primates, Wildlife, Scenery, and Culture in the heart of Africa.

An 8-Day Safari is a perfect start for a First-Time African Traveler and during that time you would see Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and Wildlife that will leave last memories.

 Safari Myth #3 – Going on Safari  is Dangerous:

The Western World has been besieged by recent Terrorism Attacks.  In contrast, Uganda, Rwanda are two of friendliest, safest, and stable countries to visit in Africa.

Tourists are protected in parks and tourist.  he safest place to is on Safari in Uganda or Rwanda away from busy towns.

Uganda even has an added Tourism Police, both countries have an armed escort for Gorilla Treks and on game drives you have an armed ranger,  You are safe on Safari in Uganda and Rwanda.  Safer than being a tourist in Europe or the UK

 Safari Myth #4 – It is too hot to go on Safari in Uganda or Rwanda:

Reality – both Uganda and Rwanda due to the elevation of the countries have a very moderate climate. Most Westerners find the Weather and Temperatures just right for an African Safari.

Upmarket Lodges near Volcanoes National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest actually have fireplaces in the room.

The warmest parks are Kidepo Valley Park and Murchison Falls Park. Queen Elizabeth Park , Lake Mburo Park in Uganda and Akagera Park in Rwanda.

 Safari Myth #5 – A Safari in Uganda-Rwanda means roughing it:
 You can rough it if you so choose, camp, stay in shoestring lodges,  but there are many options for comfortable accommodations from budget to luxury lodges with gourmet meals.
The options for better, quality lodging have greatly improved along with a variety of choices in most parks and Destinations in recent years.  Added to that is an improvement of services at lodges, especially in the moderate and upmarket price-range.
Safari Food  is basic in budget lodges, sumptuous and tasty meals in moderate lodges and Restaurant Quality or above at upmarket and Luxury lodges.  Safari Goers who are Vegetarian, Vegan or have special dietary needs can be accommodated – in some cases through special arrangements.  Bottled Water is available everywhere, some lodges give it to you for free in your room – we supply it in the vehicle for you.  A Wide Variety of Drinks can be obtained. Both Uganda and Rwanda are great Arabica Coffee Bean growing countries, yet in moderate and budget lodges – instant may be the java of the day – our alternative.  Wine served in Budget and Moderate lodges has lower quality wine, again our solution.
There are also a number of Family Friendly Lodges in both Uganda and Rwanda, Lodges that are perfect for a Honeymoon or Romantic African Adventure in Uganda or Rwanda. You can choose the Lodge that is just right for you.

 Safari Myth #6 – I will get sick on a Safari in Uganda – Rwanda:
You can get sick anywhere, eat something in the West such as at a fast-food outlet and come down with e-coli, eat a Salad or Frozen Vegetables or Ice-Cream contaminated with Listeria.
Most Safari Goers to Uganda or Rwanda go home in the State that they came – healthy. There are many myths, misinformation regarding illnesses in Africa.  Yes, you can get malaria, but being on a malaria regiment keeps you fine, yes we have snakes, but the odds are that you are killed by a car crossing the road in Kampala rather than being bitten by a snake.
The most common ailment Safari Goers may come down with is Idi Amin’s revenge – travelers’ diarrhea.  This is avoidable – no roadside food – no tap-water – no raw vegetables or fruit that you cannot peel. You also avoid such problems staying in moderate or upmarket lodges.

Wearing the right clothes on Safari, using insect repellent all make a difference.  For peace of mind and more detailed information take a look at our Staying Healthy on Safari page.   Things to avoid in Rwanda – Uganda.

 Safari Myth #7 – I will not see Gorillas or Chimpanzees on my Trek:

Not seeing Gorillas on a Trek are a rarity. Rwanda and Uganda both recognize the investment that you make in the permits alone in their country.
Pre-Trackers are out at the crack of dawn finding your gorilla family and phoning that information to the trackers with you.  In the many years of being in the Safari Tour business we have had one woman who did not see gorillas on the first day
The best chance of seeing Chimpanzees in the wild is in Kibale Forest in Uganda. Nyungwe Forest Chimpanzee Trekking is more iffy depending on the time of year.  Uganda offers the added plus of both all-day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience in Kibale Forest and Gorilla Habituation Experience (4 hours with a gorilla family) in the Rushaga area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

 Safari Myth #8 – I can Plan a Safari in Uganda – Rwanda Yourself:
We bring over a decade of experience.  We have long-standing relationships with Wildlife Agencies in both Rwanda and Uganda, lodge and hotel operators.  We can guide you to the places where you get the most bang for your buck.  We know the off-season discounts, unadvertised specials and discounts. Most importantly we make sure that the safari you are taking is what you really want.
We are a Local Tour Operator in the Heart of Africa, not in the UK, US, Europe, Australia, Singapore or Hong Kong – You are dealing directly with the Tour Operator – no middle man -we are here in Africa – our main office is in Kampala and we are in constant touch with your tour guide.  In the unlikely event that something goes wrong on your Safari who are you going to call at 3 am in the morning – Expedia or some other company selling tours into Uganda or Rwanda?  I think not – but you can reach us 24/7.
Planning your own Safari- a recipe for Disaster   Planning a Safari with us

 African Safari Myths Debunked – Our Take:
Most of the safaris myths that you find will be on the internet,  in newspaper articles, even on TVare created out of ignorance and a lack of knowledge. often by writers who have never set a foot in Uganda or Rwanda.
We live and work here, we know Uganda and Rwanda. We take our Families on Safari, we do not need a GPS system – we know the right lodges that are yes, in the right spot in or near the parks.  We know the Heart of Africa.
Maybe you considered it too expensive, too time-consuming, too difficult to plan…a once-in-a-lifetime trip that you kept putting off until, well, never. But the truth is that there’s never been a better or easier Time than to take a safari in the Heart of Africa.

Debunking Safari Misconceptions and Myths about Uganda – Rwanda – If you have any Questions – Please Ask.