The Nile Monitor Lizards found in Uganda

Posted by on December 12, 2018

Monitor Lizards found in Uganda

The Nile Monitor Lizards found in Uganda – found most anywhere in Uganda

 The Nile Monitor Lizards found in Uganda – Nile Monitor Lizards can be found most anywhere in Uganda, from the source of the Nile to Murchison Falls National Park – you will see this large lizard that can grow to 7 or 8 feet in length (over 2 meters) in many places in Uganda– from a

distance you just might think it is a small crocodile especially on the banks of the Nile at Murchison Falls National Park or the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park – no it is not a crocodile but a Nile Monitor Lizard which can be found in much of Africa including in Uganda. and in most parks with the exception of Kidepo Valley Park.

The Nile Monitor Lizards found in Uganda is Africa’s largest lizard and one of Africa’s most voracious predators.  The monitor lizards are stout in the body, strong and powerful, has an elongated head like a snake, very sharp claws, and there is the long and compressed tail which the Nile Monitor Lizard uses effectively if threatened.  They are also excellent climbers and you will often find them in trees.  Their teeth are very sharp and pointed- they also have sharp claws they use for climbing, digging, defense and hunting, tearing their prey.  They have a forked tongue and tremendous olfactory properties.  Their lifespan is a bout 20 years.

The Nile Monitor Lizard has a very tough and beady skin – adults have a greyish skin with yellow spots in a band like fashion down the head, body, and tail.  Juvenile Monitor lizards have a more vibrant pattern with a dark and black skin and bright yellow spots and some blotches.

The Nile Monitor Lizard can run faster than most people over a short distance.  The Nile Monitor Lizard can stay underwater for more than one hour.   The female Monitor Lizard lays her eggs in an active Termite Mound where the heat of from the termites assists in the incubation of the Nile Monitor Lizard Eggs.

The Nile Monitor Lizard has a ferocious appetite consuming crocodile eggs, insects, fish and other aquatic creatures such as frogs, also snails, small snakes, birds, and some mammals and carrion.

Baby Monitor Lizards have become a hot item in the west and are often shipped their illegally, then released in states such as Florida since the owners do not know what to do with an 8 foot lizard – I prefer to see them in the wild of Uganda – they are harmless for the most part – and on a safari in Uganda you will see a few of them…Enjoy the Pearl of Africa.

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