The Great Gorilla Trekker Migration to Uganda continues in 2019

Posted by on December 5, 2018

Even National Geographic Traveller UK picked Uganda for Gorilla Trekking

Reasons why The Great Gorilla Trekker Migration to Uganda, continues in 2019

The Great Gorilla Trekker Migration to Uganda continues in 2019 and numbers of tourist choosing to trek Gorillas in  Uganda is increasing and Uganda is more prepared than ever with almost twice the daily Permits that Rwanda offers, now 19 Gorilla families in two parks with 5 Trekking Trailheads where your Encounter with the Gentle Giants of the Forest begins. 

Even National Geographic Traveller – UK put Uganda on the 2019 Cool List – one of the main reason was price – you can do an inclusive gorilla trekking safari, even using a lower priced upmarket lodge and still be below the 1,500 USD a permit costs in Rwanda.

The Great Gorilla Trekker Migration to Uganda was not initiated by Uganda, but by Rwanda when in May of 2017 they doubled their Gorilla Permit Price to 1,500 USD choosing to go the Deluxe Marketing route.  Uganda responded with “no-change in” resulting in countless African Travelers choose Uganda for Gorilla Trekking and making Uganda, Africa’s Premier Primate Destination where your money stretches further and safe Gorilla Trekking Safaris are still affordable for most.  

The Great Gorilla Trekker Migration to Uganda continues in 2019 because there has been no change – Rwanda is still marketing itself as a luxury Gorilla Destination while Uganda is keeping its 600 USD Gorilla permit price until December – 2019.  The Gorilla Trekker Migration is not based on liking one country over another, it is about saving 900 USD plus dollar on a once-in-a-lifetime Encounter with the Gentle Giants of the Fo

Luxury Travelers are part of Great Gorilla Trekker Migration to Uganda since saving a thousand dollars or more per person without compromising the quality of experience or lodge quality makes financial Sense. There are more and more luxury and upmarket Lodges to choose from.  Ugandan Gorilla Lodges are not in town, but inside or next to the park which many prefer.

Fly into Rwanda and Trek Gorillas in Uganda – Getting to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla is most conveniently done flying into Kigali, Rwanda which has an excellent airport and a new one being built and then takes a scenic drive to Mgahinga National Park or the southern area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  Should you want to see the famous Tree-Climbing Lions of Ishasha, trek Chimpanzees in Kibale Forest, spend time in the Foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, the River Nile at Murchison Falls Park with its abundant wildlife you fly out of Entebbe which is the most convenient.

 Uganda – offers more time with the Gentle Giants of the Forest-it is only in Uganda where you can spend 4-Hours with a Gorilla Family on a Gorilla Habituation Experience where you are not just an observer but an active participant in the habituation process itself.  This is about the closest to a Dian Fossey like experience you can get on this authentic conservation learning experience in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Uganda will still remain Gorilla Trekking without the Crowds – There are 4 different Starting points in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest which means that there is not one central trekking meeting point.  The limit to trekkers allowed remains at 8  and only 4 for the Gorilla Habituation Experience. Mgahinga Gorilla Park-has only one Gorilla Family that can be trekked.  Having different Gorilla Trekking starting points that trekkers are spread around the various areas which are up to 5 hours from each other resulting in Gorilla Trekking without the crowds.

The Great Gorilla Trekker Migration to Uganda – means more Conservation resources that are available to keep the rebound of the Mountain Gorillas alive.  It means more resources for Community Development and education regarding the value of the Gorillas and other primates and wildlife. Gorilla Conservation is fueled by Gorilla  Tourism and this year Uganda celebrates its 25th year of welcoming Trekkers to the Pearl of Africa.

Rwanda Tourism in spite of the Gorilla Trekker Migration to Uganda is not suffering – Rwanda, when it comes to marketing is no slouch, it is one of the best countries in promoting itself and speaks with a single, purpose-driven Voice.  Kigali is becoming one of the most popular convention cities in Africa given mighty Nairobi a run for their money – Kigali is a booming, yet clean and orderly city filled with World-Class Hotels.  Many Conventioneers take side-trips into the parks of Rwanda including for Gorilla Trekking.  Rwandan Gorilla Tour Operators have followed the trekkers into Uganda, unfortunately, midrange and budget lodge operators cannot do the same and they have been affected,

The Great Gorilla Trekker Migration to Uganda- how long will it last?  Things may not be the same in 2020, the greed factor may burrow itself into the mindset of Ugandan Gorilla Decision Makers.  Our humble opinion, no change until 2021 – market the Pearl of Africa as more than a Gorilla Destination – concentrate on the exclusive – authentic experiences that Uganda offers such as the remote Kidepo Valley Park with direct flights from Kisoro to Kidepo – the River Nile and its Adventure Activities in Jinja, the hidden tropical Ssese Islands where you can relax and chill out at the end of a safari.

Our Take:

 We offered Gorilla Trekking Safaris to both Rwanda and Uganda, we did not venture into Virunga National Park in DR Congo due to the Guerilla Activities there – we prefer sticking to safe and sane Gorilla Trekking Activities and the closure of the park during 2018.  Since May of 2017 – 95% plus of the Gorilla Safari Requests we receive are for Uganda.  This in spite of countless articles touting the virtues of   Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda by Travel Writers, Travel Agents, online and magazine publication.

Most of our Clients knew about the difference in price – that was the reason they asked for Trekking in Uganda, yet Uganda never promoted that price difference probably out of professional niceness to Rwanda.  We promoted it vividly on many pages, especially the Gorilla Tracking Comparison page which receives many views each day.

What we can say is this at the end of 2018 – no one regretted tracking the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda.  None of our clients ever stated in a conversation or via email that the wish that they had tracked Gorillas in Rwanda.

The Great Gorilla Trekker Migration to Uganda continues unabated in 2019 – the only thing that we can suggest is to plan early with us, especially if you plan to be here during the peak months of the year.