The Difference between a Group and Private Safari

Posted by on June 13, 2016

We offer both Private and select Scheduled Group Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda – What is the difference?

The Difference between a Group and Private Safari – Comparison for you

The Difference between a Group and Private Safari?  Here is a comparison of scheduled Group and Private Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.  Most people prefer a private tour instead of being with a group. Find out why below by reading our comparison between the two.

The Difference between a Group and Private Safari.  Scheduled Group Tours are offered by various safari tour companies such as ourselves inside of Uganda and Rwanda. Most are offered using budget or shoestring accommodations with seeming low prices, do read the fine print if all meals, permits, bottled water, activity fees are included in the price of the scheduled group safari.

Luxury Tours are also offered as scheduled group safaris with up to 8 in a vehicle, 6 would be better since every person would have a window seat to enjoy. Such scheduled luxury scheduled group safaris are usually sold as a package price by travel and tour companies in other parts of the world and normally higher in price than you would get with a safari tour company such as Kabiza Wilderness Safaris. The other thing about such luxury scheduled group tours that most often the company you are dealing with has no Ugandan presence besides using a ground operator in Uganda to carry out the safari.

We at Kabiza Wilderness Safaris offer group safaris that are scheduled and at the same time we most often offer private safaris – our group safaris are excellent in that they use the budget or moderate lodges with en-suite bath and all meals included, bottled water in the vehicle for your comfort and more.

There are various reasons you might not enjoy a scheduled Group Safari:

  • Scheduled group tours leave out your schedule of arrival and departure – a private safari means you can design what you want to do and see in Uganda including the off the beaten path locations, we like to take you to the places you would like and even will give you some suggestions based on your input.
  • No lodging choices, most everything is pre-selected for you and we like to give you the power of choice when it comes to the lodging accommodations.
  • Scheduled Group Tours tend to be canceled due to lack of interest or lack of participants signing up.
  • Scheduled group safaris often do not go for a Kibale Forest for three days, also such places as Mgahinga Park are not included, the same is with Semliki.

Why you might favor going on a Scheduled Group Safari:

  • If you share with 6 other people on a scheduled group tour – your cost will be lower due to sharing the transport cost than going on  a private safari.
  • You can make new life-long friends
  • You share experiences with others

Why you might favor going on a Private Safari over a scheduled group Safari:

  • You can plan the tour to your liking
  • You can visit places and parks that are not on group safari itineraries
  • You are in charge of your safari.
  • You have the power of choice for lodges

The Choice is yours – a Private Tourdesigned for you or a scheduled Group Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris.

The Difference between a Group and Private Safari – Please contact us if you have any questions