The Cultures and Traditions of Uganda and Rwanda

Posted by on June 11, 2017

The Cultures and Traditions of Uganda and Rwanda in the heart of Africa

Taking a closer Look at the Cultures and Traditions of Uganda and Rwanda

 Many Visitors to are surprised by what they findThe Cultures and Traditions of Uganda and Rwanda in the heart of Africa” – Ancient African Kingdoms such as found in both in Uganda and Rwanda did not have books to record their traditions – but they were passed on by Elders to the younger ones at times of gatherings, celebrations, and commemorations. They have survived for over hundreds of years and no visit to Uganda or Rwanda is complete without experiencing the people and their culture and traditions.

In Africa, in Rwanda, Uganda, Culture is something deeply ingrained, part of the values that make someone African.  It is Family, Clan, Tribe, Nation, some of the cultural practices may have changed over the years, but not the foundation, relationships on which African culture is based.

The Cultures and Traditions of Uganda and Rwanda in the heart of Africa

 Uganda’s rich and diverse Culture:

Uganda – the Pearl of Africa is the most culturally diverse country in the world as pointed out in a recent report  published.  It has over 60 people groups, over 30 indigenous languages (five distinct linguistic groups) are spoken here.  English and Kiswahili are the two official languages, however, not too many people are fluent in English in the rural areas of Uganda.

Uganda is also one of the youngest nation in the world with well over half of its 37 million people being under 16 years old.  Something you will readily see when you visit Uganda since you will find children everywhere.

Uganda’s various cultures become quite clear as you visit the Ndere Center on a weekend and witness the various traditional, culturally diverse dances performed here from across Uganda.  The same can be said as you visit the Sosolya Dance and Drumming Group on late Sunday Afternoon at the International Hotel in Muyenga.

Wherever you go in Uganda – Ugandan culture will always be around even the first people of the Rainforest the Batwa and Bambuti Pygmies in the Southwest and in the Northeast you have another ancient people group called the Ik People who live high in the Morungole Mountains.

Discover the Culture and Traditions while visiting Uganda the Pearl of Africa and click on the link to find out what awaits you culturally in Uganda. There is a lot more details that above that will enlighten you before you visit Uganda.

Rwanda’s Culture – Traditional Practices in Everyday Life:

 Rwanda with its enriching Cultural Traditions awaits you.  Rwanda is often visited for its Mountain Gorillas and other primates – its Culture and rich and renown traditions such as Traditional Dancing and Music, Food and Drinks, its people and ways are the icing on the cake to any visit to the Land of a Thousand Hills – Rwanda.

You can stay in a Traditional Rwandan Village in a traditional Hut and experience Rwandan Culture and Traditions first-hand.

You can spend a day or two in rural Rwanda working alongside Rwandans in the gardens, preparing lunch and learn how to create handicrafts such as jewelry from Artisans whose creations are sold internationally.

Discover why Rwanda is so clean and partake in the monthly coming together for a cleaner Uganda on Umuganda day and many of the other rich Rwandan Cultural Traditions.

Find out more about Rwandan Culture and Traditions by clicking the link.

If you like to experience the Cultures and Traditions of Uganda and Rwanda while on safari with us – Please let us know.