The Big Banana Award – When mere Stars are not Enough

Posted by on March 13, 2018

Uganda’s Coveted Big Banana Award for Excellence in Tourism

In a Star Struck World – Uganda Stands out with its one-of-a-kind  Big Banana Honor

To be read by those that have a sense of humor.

Why the  Award was Created

Big Banana AwardRatings, Rankings, Awards are most often given in Stars.  After years of usage, the Stars have lost some of their Twinkle, are misused, overused and do not represent the Value they once had, we see this even in Uganda where the government has even promised to step in and rate lodges and hotels, but sadly the results are partial and incomplete due to the lack Ranking Inspectors.  In the meantime 2 or 3-star lodges rate and describe themselves as 4 or 5-Star luxury Lodges.

Enter the Big Banana Award that takes over when mere Stars are not enough.  They are awarded by our clients who represent Tourists and visitors from around the world, countries such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, even Venezuela, Australia, Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Europe and the UK. 

Their feedback on activities such as the Gorilla Habituation or Chimpanzee Habituation Experience, Cultural Encounters, Parks ranging from Africa as it used to be, Kidepo Valley Park to Queen Elizabeth Park and its Tree-Climbing Lions will assist us in selecting the Appropriate Activity, Lodge, Hotels, etc for the Award.  The Award will also be given for outstanding service beyond the norm to individuals such as Hotel, Lodge Staff, Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers, Porters, Tour Guides and organizations that promote Ugandan Tourism.and enhance the Experiences of Tourists. The award will not be given to Tour Operators for reasons obvious to us, we are already promoting one Tour Operator, Kabiza Wilderness Safaris.

Why the Name – Big Banana Award?

The Answer is simple.  Uganda’s is the Banana Republic of Africa. The Banana Republic is not a reflection of the form of governance but how Bananas are viewed and used. The country grows more Bananas than any other African Country.  It is the Number two producer of Bananas in the World, only India grows more.  Bananas are loved in Uganda and part of Culture and Society.  Bananas are used as food, as a sweet treat, in the making of local beer and waragi a form of gin, juice, Leaves are used as a cover for home and even cooking pots and wrapping food being cooked, Banana Leaves, and Fibers are used in Art including greeting cards to name just a few.  Plainly said “Uganda is the Big Banana.

Bananas are something most Ugandans know, love and respect, Visitors to Uganda most often join in and do likewise.  The Award and its reference to Bananas will soon make it popular with Ugandans and Tourists alike. 

The Awards are given by Kabiza Wilderness Safaris and can and will be seen on this site. We will not have a Big Banana Award Dinner or Ceremony which are cost consuming and results tend to be short-lived and the audience is limited in nature whereas our Web Awards will be seen worldwide.

Is this an Offical Ugandan Government Award?

The  Award is not a function or creation of the Ugandan Government, The President’s Office, the Ministry of Tourism, the Uganda Tourism Board since we felt that some might want to change the Name to the “Big Matoke Award,” something we felt was inappropriate in communicating with a World-Wide Audience. 

We do expect to be contacted by the above as the Award becomes more popular.  In the meantime, Kabiza Wilderness Safaris LTD is the Sole Issuer, Promoter of the already coveted Award.

Below you will find some of the Early Award Recipients.

Big Banana Award Recipients:

Uganda’s Bananas – The Best in Africa

The One-of-a-Kind Gorilla Habituation Experience