The Best 2 day Mini-Safaris Getaways from Kampala

Posted by on December 7, 2015

Your Choices for The Best 2 day Mini-Safaris Getaways from Kampala

Relax – Chill Out – Wildlife – Chimpanzee Trekking – Adrenaline Pumping Adventures – all in two days from Kampala

Here are some of The Best 2 day Mini-Safaris Getaways from Kampala – choose from Budget to Upmarket Mini Safaris that five a taste and glimpse of the Pearl of Africa on an affordable, quality 2 day Getaway from Kampala Mini-Safari.

Lake Mburo National Park – 2 day Mini Safaris

2-day-up-market-Mini-Safari-Mihingo-Lodge-Lake-Mburo2 Day Luxury Mini Safari- Mihingo Safari Lodge:

This is one of our best 2-day getaway mini-safaris from Kampala.  Less than 4 hours scenic drive-time including a visit to the Equator and the Royal Drum Makers as you drive back to Kampala on the second day of your 2 day-Mini Safari to Lake Mburo Park

Stay at the exclusive Mihingo Luxury Lodge where you can go on Horseback riding safaris, Bike in the Bush, Hikes and nature – walks, great swimming pool, nocturnal game drive. along with superb food.

Mihingo Safari Lodge is a great celebratory Lodge for anniversaries, romantic getaways and much more.

The Best 2 day Mini-Safaris Getaways from Kampala2 Day Lake Mburo Budget or Moderately Priced Mini-Safari:

Our Budget or Moderately Priced overnight Mini-Safari to Lake Mburo National Park where you can see African Wildlife without long-drive times on a budget or moderately priced safari in Uganda.

This is a popular overnight getaway from Kampala for Volunteer Groups that are ending their time in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

Lodging is limited to smaller size groups, for large size Volunteer Groups Murchison Falls Park is the Best.

Lake Mburo National Park is also the best park for one day getaways from  Kampala.

Mabira Rainforest 2 Day Mini-Safaris:

3-day-mabira-forest-mini-safari-mabira-rainforest-lodge2 Day Mabira Upmarket – Luxury Mini- Safari:

Mabira Forest, Central Uganda’s only rainforest is just 45 minutes from Kampala.  Most visitors and tourists drive by this forest withh its many activities that can be done here.

For one thing, you will stay in the exclusive – upmarket  Mabira Rainforest Lodge with its great rooms, restaurant along with excellent food, swimming pool and more.

What visitors to Uganda do not realize is what can be done in Mabira Forest while staying on a 2 – day luxury Mini- Safari.

You can hike, bike, zip-line, trek the rare Uganda Mangabey Monkeys, Birding, or simply relax and chill out.  This small forest has a lot to offer to visitors who come here.

Jinja – on the Nile 2 day Mini – Safari:

2 Day Luxury Mini Safari - Wildwaters Lodge on the River Nile2 day Luxury Mini – Safari – Wildwaters Lodge on the River Nile:

This is an amazing experience in award – winning Luxury and style while staying at Wildwaters Lodge in Jinja on the River Nile at one of Uganda’s top lodges.

You are on a private Island on the River Nile, your tented cottage is like no other room that you have ever stayed at.

The rushing waters of the white water portion of the Nile, a peaceful island, fantastic meals, exquisitely furnished tented cottages, birds, primates, mammals all around, fishing for Nile Perch just to name a few things you can do while staying here, even if it is just one night.

The Wildwaters Lodge is simply one of the best lodges in Uganda and a perfect mini-safari destination that will remain with you.

2 Day Mini – Safaris near or in Murc hison Falls Park:

2 day-Ziwa-Rhino-Safari

2 Day – Upmarket Mini-Safari – Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary – Amuka Lodge:

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and Amuka Lodge are just 3 hours drive-time from Kampala.  It is one of the few places where you can track the endangered Rhinos on foot, while staying at the upmarket Amuka Lodge and their tented cottages with swimming pool, great meals prepared for you while you are here on your two-day luxury mini Safaris where you can track more than Rhinos, but go on Nature, wildlife, birding Walks plus take a buided boat ride through Lugogo Swamp in search of the Shoebill Stork and other water birds.

The key to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is the short distance to here from Kampala or Entebbe. It makes for a perfect overnight getaway from Kampala plus lots of wildlife and birds to see while you are here at Amuka Lodge.

Best 2 day Mini-Safaris Getaways from Kampala2 Day Chobe Safari Lodge – Luxury Mini-Safari in Murchison Falls Park:

Chobe Safari Lodge is located near Karuma Falls just 3 1/2 hours from Kampala.  It is the closet Lodge to Kampala and is very convenient to those who have only two-days for a wildlife Safari.

Not only is Chobe Safari Lodge an excellent start-off point but also a great place for fishing for Nile Perch on the Victoria Nile above Murchison Falls.

Chobe Safari Lodge is a 5 star resort that will delight you with its many choices of rooms, tented cottages, suites.

2day-paraa-lodge-mini-safariMurchison Falls Park 2 day upmarket Wildlife Safari – Paraa Safari Lodge:

Paraa Safari Lodge is the best location for a safari in Murchison Falls National Park.  It is close to the main game – wildlife drives, close to the boat launch that takes you up the River Nile or down to the Nile Delta and Lake Albert for birding and where you often see the Shoebill Stork.

It is a longer drive to here, however most rewarding when it comes to seeing wildlife on game drives.

We start out at 6 am in the morning and return you to your hotel in Kampala at 6 pm.

This is one of our most popular 2 day mini-safaris.

2-day-mini-safari-fort-murchison2 day Budget – moderately priced Mini-Safari to Murchison Falls Park – Fort Murchison:

Fort Murchison is located just outside of Murchison Falls Park near the Tangi Gate, still a reasonable drive in order to reach the game tracks and every day you are driven through the park you will see wildlife there also.

The moderately priced rooms are spacious and have a bathroom, the budget furnished tents come with shared bath.

In both cases, the rooms and facilities are quite clean solar lighting and solar heated water is available.   Budget here is not shoestring type of lodging.

We have had hundreds of clients stay here and like it.


Kibale Rainforest 2 Day Mini-Safaris:

 2 Day – Budget – Moderately Priced – Mini Safari to Kibale Forest:The Best 2 day Mini-Safaris Getaways from Kampala

Here is Chimpanzee Trekking in the Best Location in East Africa, home to almost 1500 chimpanzees and 12 other primates.  Kibale Forest is the primate capital of East Africa.  It does not get any better.

Trek Chimpanzees in this famous forest and take a nature walk and hike in the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary.  2 great nature filled days for you on this budget – moderately priced Mini-Safari staying in the Kibale Forest Camp.

Where moderate lodging comes with bath room, private deck, solar lights and budget furnished safari Tents come with shared bath.  The quality of food is the same both for moderate or budget lodging while staying in Kibale Forest Camp.

Here are a few of the Best 2 day Mini-Safaris Getaways from Kampala with more to be added in the future, giving you a wide variety of choices if you only have two days to spare in Uganda – the Pearl of Africa.  Can you see anything on a two-day mini-safari in Uganda?  The answer is a resounding yes.

 if any of our Best 2 day Mini-Safaris Getaways from Kampala appeal to you, please contact us to get more details regarding the Safari of your choice.