Safari Travel Insurance – do not book your Safari in Uganda without it!

Travel Insurance gives you a Peace of Mind Safari in Uganda

Our Advice to you: Get travel Insurance – do not book your Safari in Uganda without it!

Safari Travel Insurance – do not book your Safari in Uganda without it! That is the best Advice that we can give you. 99% plus Safaris go without a hitch, without a problem.  There are however those rare, unforeseen times where Health, family, work-related problem causes cancellation of your Safari.

Safari Travel Insurance – We do not sell Travel Insurance, we are a Safari Tour Operator and not an insurance broker.  We do however no the value that good Travel Insurance brings to our Clients.

Travel Insurance adds a cost to your Safari, the peace of mind and options that it gives you outweigh the cost factor by far.  We believe that you need a Travel Insurance for those unplanned moments and we strongly suggest that you do not book a Safari without it.

Safari Travel Insurance – it adds a cost to your Safari but you have peace of mind.

Safari Travel Insurance; don’t book without it!

As part of Kabiza Wilderness Safaris Terms & Conditions, it’s our policy that every client purchases travel insurance at the time of booking a Safari with us.We are often asked why? Safari Travel insurance can be viewed as an extra and potentially avoidable cost. We do not sell travel insurance. We ask that you purchase insurance to protect yourself from eventualities that can arise when arranging an expensive trip or when traveling to an adventurous destination like Uganda. We don’t profit from our advice – we just want to see our clients covered as well as we believe they ought to be.

Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, we can’t advise you on the suitability of any particular travel insurance policy. However, we can explain why taking out a policy is essential – please read on.

Be covered from the moment you book a safari. A safari is usually expensive. Purchasing travel insurance at the time of booking your trip ensures that, if it is necessary for you to cancel your holiday due to accident or illness, you will be able to recoup the booking costs with the right insurance policy.

Medical treatment and repatriation. We advise that you and any fellow travelers take out insurance to cover all events that might have a detrimental effect on your holiday. Of course, we very much hope that you will have a trouble-free trip. However, it is far better to be safe than sorry, so any policy should cover medical treatment and repatriation due to accident or illness.

Extreme sports such as White Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Hiking, Climbing walking safaris, Gorilla Trekking, Chimpanzee Trekking, etc. If you are planning to take part in adventurous activities during your holiday, we recommend that your policy covers you for any injuries sustained as a result of these activities. Please make sure you read the conditions carefully, as it is essential they are appropriate for the types of activities you intend to do.

Loss of valuables, personal liability, legal expenses. Your policy should include cover for the loss of any valuable items too, as well as personal liability, legal expenses, and cancellations abroad, and any delays at your point of departure, whether you are outward or homeward bound.

Pre-existing illnesses. Please seek advice from an insurance broker if necessary to ensure that your policy covers any pre-existing illnesses.

Does your health insurance cover your safari? (This question is often relevant to travelers from the USA.). US health insurance premiums sometimes cover clients for their trips overseas. We cannot comment on these policies but would advise clients to contact their existing insurers for health cover and to consider additional insurance to protect against the risk of loss or cancellation.

  • Incurring considerable costs. If you do not have the policy to cover any of the events mentioned above, you are at risk of incurring considerable costs. Repatriation home, for example, can cost a huge amount of money. As mentioned already, we cannot be held responsible for any of these costs.
  • Covering the full amount of your trip including international flights. Please ensure any policy covers the total cost of your safari. Many travel insurance policies will only cover up to a certain figure – this is a common issue with credit card travel insurance.


My credit card includes travel insurance – is that enough?
It is essential to check that you are satisfied with the amount of coverage included. Please contact your credit card company to verify what is and what isn’t covered.

Is medical coverage provided by national social insurance programmes or national healthcare systems in my country of residence valid in Africa?
National social insurance programmes, such as Medicare, and national healthcare systems, like the NHS, are unlikely to provide you with medical coverage. Please contact the relevant authority for further information.

I have private health insurance – is that enough?
It is unlikely that your private health insurance policy will provide you with adequate coverage. Please speak to your health insurance company about what is covered.

Can I buy travel insurance from Kabiza Wilderness Safaris?
No, Kabiza Wilderness Safaris does not sell insurance. We are not part of an affiliate travel insurance program.  This could lead to legal tangles – we do one thing only, create memorable Safaris.

How much does travel insurance cost, and where can I compare policies?
The cost of travel insurance varies, as insurance companies will consider pre-existing health conditions, the length of the trip, the cost of the trip, and many other factors. We cannot legally advise clients on which policies are best, nor can we recommend any travel insurance companies or policies. However, to get an idea of where to begin your research, please take a look at the following:

Please note that we cannot take any responsibility for information provided on a third-party website.

Why is Kabiza Wilderness Safaris asking for my travel insurance details?
In the event of an emergency, Yellow Zebra and our suppliers will need to have access to the name of your travel insurer, policy number, and 24-hour emergency/claims number. We can then provide this information to emergency services so that you can receive the necessary treatment without delay.

I have already paid in full, so do I still need travel insurance?
It is a condition of booking with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris that you organize specialist travel insurance to cover your entire trip or sign a waiver knowing that you are responsible for all costs in case of emergency. Unfortunately, some clients have had to cancel prior to travel due to unforeseen circumstances, and because they had not yet taken out travel insurance they were unable to recoup their booking costs. Moreover, there have been cases of our clients being taken ill whilst in Africa and requiring treatment. We cannot stress enough how important it is for us to have your travel insurance details to hand, in order for us to assist you as quickly and efficiently as possible, should anything like this happen to you.

I’ve found a policy. Please, can someone at Kabiza Wilderness Safaris review it with me?
Unfortunately, no – due to legal reasons we cannot review any insurance policy. It’s best that you contact the insurance company and review it with them, as they will have better knowledge of the policies they sell.

What if I don’t want insurance?
Arranging insurance is a condition of booking travel with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris and if you do not take out a travel insurance policy we reserve the right to cancel your holiday as per our Terms & Conditions.


As is always the case, make sure you read the fine print of any policy! Unfortunately, we have known cases where clients had thought they were fully covered but had bought a policy that was not as good as it should be.

 Travel Insurance is right for you:

A Gorilla Safari in Uganda is an investment in yourself. Gorilla Safaris are often booked a year ahead of time, things may change in your life.  We strongly suggest that you take measures to strongly protect that investment by taking our Travel Insurance that covers your time in Africa, Uganda.

99% plus of our Safaris take place without a problem and according to the itinerary.

We rarely have a cancellation, but they do happen at times for reasons mentioned above.

Protect your down payment investment by taking out insurance for the trip.  It can offer coverage where it is difficult to obtain refunds for permits, lodge deposits especially if you are canceling outright and not rescheduling the Safari. Safari Insurance is something that you might need, add that extra layer of protection.