Staying in Touch with Home while Visiting Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on March 30, 2016

You can stay in touch with Family Friends back home while visiting Uganda – Rwanda

Staying in Touch with Home while Visiting Uganda -Rwanda is beoming easier – connect with family and friends while visiting Uganda -Rwanda via Skype, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messaging, your Blog

Staying in Touch with Home while Visiting Uganda – Uganda is far from home, but it does not mean that you cannot stay in touch with families and friends via the internet by using a laptop, Ipad, smart phone (unlocked and preferably able to run with the Ugandan 900/1800 megahertz frequencies).  You can buy 1, 3, 5, 10 gigs of data for your smart phone, or use a local usd device called a dongle, add some data from a local mobile phone provider such as Airtel, MTN, Etc. and you on the way to stay in touch with your friends far and wide just like you were home.

  • Skype:    Skype works well, even using Skype Video works here. and if you use Skype and have someone back home who does not have the internet or Skype, no problem – set up a local phone number in your home country with Skype and you can answer the call if you are Skype or if you are on a smart phone.  If you obtain a local Ugandan sim card and number, you can set it up with Skype that when someone calls the local number in the USA for example it rings on your phone in Uganda if you are not on-line with Skype.
  • Email:  Not a problem if you are connected to the Internet – you can send pictures and accounts of your time, your safari in Uganda to family and friends.
  • Facebook – Twitter:   Stay in touch via Facebook or Twitter, upload pictures and comments from Uganda – no different from back home, maybe  a bit slower.
  • Blog: Some keep up their WordPress Blog daily from afar, almost like a journal of the highlight and impressions of the day sharing with family, friends and the world. A safari blog can become like a journal of your time in Uganda..

Staying in Touch with Home while Visiting Uganda – Rwanda, even lodges in Safari parks often have wi-fi access – better hotels in towns do, budget ones for the most part do not – so having your own hookup to a Ugandan Network just might be the best answer if you want to stay in touch.  We provide the USB connection free for our clients, all you have to do is purchases some gigabytes of data transmission.

Even though you might be thousands miles from home, staying in Touch with Home while Visiting Uganda – Rwanda.  If you are going on a safari in Uganda, stay off-line as much as possible – take it all in and as you listen to the sounds of the Africa night spend some time journaling, blogging, writing your impressions of the day in the African Wild on Safari in Uganda.  Enjoy – Uganda – Rwanda…

Staying in Touch with Home while Visiting Uganda using the Internet -if you have questions – please contact us.