Spend more Time with the Gorillas in Uganda – 4-Hours with a Gorilla Family

Posted by on November 23, 2019

4-Hours with a Gorilla Family in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Beyond one Hour – You Can Spend More Time with the Gorillas in Uganda

 Spending more Time with the Gorillas in Uganda. At the end of a Gorilla Trek in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, we have often heard our clients say. “It was too short – I wanted more than one hour with the Gorillas.” 

Only in Uganda can you spend more Time with a Gorilla Family. You can be with them for 4-Hours, and there are only 4 Visitors allowed per day. You are with Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers and Researchers.

4-Hours with a Gorilla Family is the more Time that many visitors to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest want. The catch is that there only a few permits compared to the 160 per day for Normal Gorilla Trekking.

Spend more Time with the Gorillas in Uganda, where you are not a mere observer but an active participant in the Gorilla Habituation Experience. It is, though most participants do not realize this is an authentic hands-on experience, and it is only in Uganda that you can be a participant in the process.

More Time with the Gorillas in Uganda

 It is only in Uganda where can you spend more time with a Gorilla Family. More Time with the Gorillas plus the  added benefit from learning about the gorillas from Rangers and Researchers. 

Private Gorilla Habituation Experienceindividual Gorilla Habituation Experience. You can have your own private Time in the presence of the Gorillas. Just you, rangers, trackers, and the Gorillas without any other participants. 

The Private Gorilla Encounter takes extra planning and flexibility with dates on your part. 

Find out more information about the Gorilla Habituation Experience

Many Gorilla Trekkers Want more Time in the Presence of the Gentle Giants of the Forest

Please Note: We state so again. Being on a Habituation Experience means that you are not just an observer. It is beyond more Time. It means that you are an active participant in the process called Habituation, which is getting the primates used to being the presence of Humans. Always remember that you are visiting the Gorillas in their living quarters, which is the Wild. What happens in the Wild is not predictable. What will happen on your encounter with the Gentle Giants of Forest no one can predict. We can only go by what others have experienced. 

 Gorilla Habituation Experience Permits:  Spending More Time with the Primates is all dependent on the availability of permits. There are only four permits available per day. There are rare times when you find that some permits may be available. 

The best way to obtain permits is to plan. That goes with our suggestion to prepare the Gorilla Safari first. Do not schedule your Time elsewhere in Africa first and then try to tack on an encounter with the Gorillas. 

We suggest six to nine months before your safari. We also recommend that you be flexible with dates. 

 We take the hassle out of the Permit Process for you but need your flexibility. 

This is especially important when planning for mid-June through October and Mid-December through March of the year. The Off-Season months should be considered as an alternative.

Our Take on More Time with the Gorillas in Uganda:

We have spent more Time with the Mountain Gorillas. We know what it is to be in the presence of Gorilla Family for 4-Hours. We have offered the Gorilla Habituation Experience as part of a Safari since when it was still a pilot program offered by Uganda Wildlife Authorities. Meaning we know the ins and outs of the Gorilla Habituation Experience. We bring Gorilla Habituation Experience to our Clients when we provide more Time with a Gorilla Family.

That experience translates into knowing all about the Gorilla Habituation Permit Process and availability, which is somewhat different from regular Gorilla Permits.

We also know the reality of the Gorilla Habituation Experience. Unlike some of the armchair experts that pontificate on TripAdvisor and have never participated in the activity.

In the years of our Gorilla Habituation Experience, we had two negative feedbacks. One was not having a full four hours with a Gorilla Family, and the other one was being exhausted at the end of the day. A Moderate Level of Fitness is our Advice. Before coming to Uganda, prepare yourself by taking walks, preferably through some hills, and 99% have no regrets.

Lastly, we like to point out that the Gorilla Habituation Experience is a safe and sane activity. Bwindi Impenetrable is the park that generates the majority of income for Uganda Wildlife Authority. In our opinion, it is protected like a natural Fort Knox.

Contact us if you like to spend more Time with the Gorillas in Uganda – You will enjoy being in the Presence of the Gentle Giants of the Forest.

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