Seniors African Safari Holiday Tour in Uganda and Rwanda

Posted by on December 15, 2017

Seniors African Safari Holiday Tours in Uganda and Rwanda

Discover two of Africa’s safest Countries in the Heart of Africa – Uganda and Rwanda on a Seniors Safari Holiday in the Heart of Africa

Most of us dreamed in our youth about traveling, about going to Africa on Safari.  Over our lifetime we have seen countless of National  Seniors African Safari HolidayGeographic and other wildlife presentations such as from BBC, or PBS.  We may not as young as we used to be but the dreams, the Safari Yearnings within linger on.

We at Kabiza Wilderness Safaris understand the dreams and we call them Safari Yearnings and we know how to satisfy those Safari Yearnings and for years we have taken Seniors on Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, two of Africa’s Friendliest Countries according to a survey of the African Economist Magazine.

We will not put Bungee-Jumping into the River Nile into your Seniors Safari Itinerary but you might enjoy a Sunset Cruise on the River Nile on your Seniors Safari itinerary.

When it comes to lodgings for , we use budget, moderate and upmarket lodging.  For Seniors Safaris we also use comfortable Lodges with bath and full-board meals.

Any Special offers will be passed on to you, such as seasonal lodge discounts, lower gorilla trekking permits and chimpanzee permits.  In both  Uganda and Rwanda, Seniors Discounts are unheard of, however we do our best to fill the gap with a 3% minimum discount which can add up to a a nice amount  on a longer safari.

As a Tour Operator in the heart of Africa, we personally design the just right Seniors Safari  Tour in Uganda and Rwanda for you whether it be better-budget or upmarket. We understand Seniors – the Director of Kabiza Wilderness Safaris  is one himself…enjoy your  Seniors African Safari Holiday in Rwanda and Uganda.

Please Note:  Senior Discounts are rarely offered in East Africa, in Uganda and Rwanda.  For example a glaring omission by both the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Rwanda Development Board is the absence of any discounts for Seniors.  Lodges and Hotels do not offer them either.

Senior Discounts might a commong occurence in the US and Canada, but they are not offered in Uganda and Rwanda.  We are the only tour operator to offer at least a 3% discount to Seniors on all Safaris, more on longer Safaris.

 What can I do  on a Seniors African Safari in Uganda or Rwanda?

Track-Mountain-Gorillas-RwandaGorilla Tracking in Uganda for Seniors:

Gorilla Tracking can be done in both Uganda and Rwanda, presently in Uganda Gorilla Permits cost 600 usd and in Rwanda 750 usd.  During the off-season months of April, May, November, Gorilla Permits in Uganda are 450 usd per person.

Gorilla Tracking can range from easy to difficult, we will arrange for a group that meets your fitness level.  Some Gorilla Groups only take 2 to 3 hours to track while others take 5 hours or longer.

Call it Gorilla Tracking or Trekking – it is worth the cost of the permits and no one complaints when they have completed their Trek, they are simply in a state of awe.

Gorilla Permit Notice:  

Rwanda has upped Gorilla Permits to 1,500 USD as part of Remarkable Rwanda marketing the country as an upmarket destination. Uganda has chosen to keep its permit prices for Gorillas at 600 USD.  This gives you a clear choice based on Price alone.  You can weigh in the other factors by visiting our compare Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda and Uganda.

We will set up your itinerary with where you choose to trek gorillas, whether that is in Rwanda or Uganda,  Please note that we do not set Gorilla Permit prices, we merely pass on the prices that are set by both Uganda and Rwanda.  

You can combine a Safari that includes Rwanda and Uganda, cut down on drive times and enjoy both countries.  You can also begin your Safari in Kigali, Rwanda and end it by flying out of Entebbe, Uganda.

Chimpanzees-RwandaChimpanzee Tracking – Habituation Experience:

You can track Chimpanzees both in Rwanda and Uganda, the best park where to track chimpanzees is Kibale Forest, here you can also go on a chimpanzee habituation experience which is all day with the chimpanzees and researchers.

Chimpanzee tracking can also be done in Uganda in Budongo Forest, Kyambura Gorge, Semliki Forest, Kalinzu Forest and Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda.

The best park for Chimpanzees is Kibale Forest in Uganda and Kalinzu Forest  is the second best area for Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda.

Uganda is home to the most Chimpanzees in East Africa, over 5000 of them, Kibale Forest  has about 1,500 over them.

Golden Monkey Tracking:Golden-monkeys-Rwanda

Golden Monkeys are only found in the foothills of the Virunga Volcanoes in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In Rwanda, Golden Monkeys are tracked in Volcanoes National Park and it can be an easy add-on to your Gorilla Safari there.  In Uganda, they are found in Mgahinga Gorilla Park. a small park, but many activities.

Mgahinga Gorilla Park Golden Monkey is easily added on to Gorilla Tracking if you track gorillas in the Rushaga or Nkuringo section of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Murchison-Falls-Game-DrivesWildlife Game Drives:

There are 10 Wildlife Game Parks in Uganda, 4 of which are savannah parks.  Kidepo Valley Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park.  Akagera National Park is the only Savannah park in Rwanda where one can go on game drives.

Kidepo Valley Park is one of the best parks in East Africa – CNN named it as the 6th best park in Africa, it is remote and unvisited since it takes a full day to reach there.

Murchison Falls National Park is the best all-around park with accessibility from Kampala with a variety of wildlife and birds to see here.

Queen Elizabeth Park is home to the tree-climbing lions.  Game drives are about three hours in length and each one is like unwrapping a gift, you never know what you find.

Boat-Safaris-UgandaBoat Launch Safaris:

Boat Safaris are an enjoyable part of a Seniors Wildlife Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. You can enjoy the River Nile with its abundant wildlife in Murchison Falls Park, along Kazinga Channel, and glide along Lake Mburo.

In Rwanda, you can take a Boat Safari while visiting Akagera National Park on Lake Ihema which is one of the highlights visiting this savanna park.

Boating Safaris are one of the highlights to any parks in Rwanda or Uganda.  There is no walking, you enjoy the wildlife, birds, scenery from safe boat Safari on the River Nile, Kazinga channel, Lake Mburo in Uganda, or Lake Ihema in Rwanda.

lake-mburo-nature-walksNature – Birding Walks and Hikes:

Both Uganda and Rwanda offer some excellent Nature Walks within various National Park.  In or near Uganda’s park there is Budongo Forest near Murchison Falls where you visit the Royal Mile for birding, track chimpanzees, take various nature walks here. Near here you track Rhinos on foot at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Kibale Forest is another area for Nature Walk lover Chimpanzee tracking, add a visit to Bigodi wetlands sanctuary, a top of the world hike where you pass by 3 crater lakes, villages, tea plantations.

Queen Elizabeth with its Maramagambo Forest, Banded Mongoose Tracking, a nature walk along the Ntungwe River in Ishasha.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest offers a walk through the forest 7 hours in length.  Rwanda offers nature walks in Volcanoes National Park and there are 130 kilometers of trails in Nyungwe Forest. Lots of opportunities to get out of the vehicle into the wild of Uganda and Rwanda.

experience-the-different-culturesCultural Experiences in Uganda and Rwanda:

Uganda is the most culturally diverse country in Africa – Rwanda brings rich and unique to Africa Cultures.  You will experience Africa;s heritage and cultures in those two countries. Village Visits, hands-on cultural experiences including craft making, drumming and dancing and more.

Unique Cultural experiences abound in Uganda and Rwanda, Uganda is the most culturally diverse nation in the world.

Rwanda has three different cultural groups with a rich background and diversity.

Enjoy the Cultures and People of Uganda and Rwanda.

Lodges for your Seniors Safari:Choosing-the-right-lodge-for you

We pick only lodges with bath, have mosquito netting, offer good food and service for our clients.  We constantly check the lodges that we use and suggest based on client response, our driver-guides, and personal inspection.

Lodges are one of the keys to a successful safari.  With upmarket lodges you more of a standard of quality when it comes to rooms, food, and service.

Lodges and Uganda as it is with Hotels have not yet learned about the Seniors Discount as other countries – you do however receive a discount from Kabiza Wilderness Safaris – we automatically discount Seniors safaris that you take with us.

Driver- Tour Guide:Driver-Guide-link

Your Driver-Guide is the key to a successful safari for you. We fully realize that and attempt to have only the best of the best.

We try to find people who understand the needs of our clients, even adjust the itinerary to the liking of the client. Are people of integrity and honesty that only seek what is best for you.

There are drivers – then there are tour guides – we use driver who are also tour guides giving you the best of Uganda and Rwanda.

We use only the best Driver Tour Guides for your Seniors Safari in Uganda or Rwanda.

design-your-own-safariPlanning your Seniors Safari:

With your advice, we create a safari that represents you and your wishes and that reflects the things you would like to do and see in Uganda and Rwanda.

The creation of a safari is something we take quite interesting and take our time to create a handcrafted a safari that is suitable for you.

We take your advice on parks, activities, lodging quality and flesh it out in an itinerary that reflects you.

There is only one thing we do – create memorable safaris in Uganda – Rwanda and that includes  Seniors African Safari Holiday Tour in Uganda and Rwanda.

Over 40% of our Clients are over 60 and we do our best in creating a safari that is you and that meets your needs and budget.  Uganda and Rwanda – await you to fulfill your inner Safari Yearnings since your youth.  Enjoy the Land of a thousand Hills – Rwanda and Uganda the Pearl of Africa on a Seniors Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris.

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