Seeing Uganda – Off of the Beaten Path Under the Radar

Posted by on June 15, 2018

Undiscovered Uganda – Off of the Beaten Path – Taking the Road Less Traveled

For the Adventurous – Experiential Uganda – Taking the Roads less Traveled – off of the Map – Under the Radar Discoveries

 Experiential Uganda – Off of the Beaten Path – Taking the Roads Less Traveled.  There is a Uganda that awaits you that is on Roads less Traveled, places that are off of the map, Africa without the crowds and beyond tourist expectation. One can, in Uganda still experience, the Authentic Africa, an Africa as it was 50 years ago such as Kidepo Valley National Park, visit an isolated, almost lost tribe, high in the Morungole Mountains, overlooking the vast Rift Valley below in Kenya, the Ik people, the tribe that was here first.

Yes, There is still a Uganda, beyond expectations, under the radar, reached on Roads Less Traveled. Uganda a country where the first roads were Elephant paths that can still be found, you just have to know where and only Roads Less Traveled.

Without a map, without GPS Devices, our Tour Guides will take you into the Uganda that is seemingly off of the Map, at times away from it all, reached only on isolated hiking trails that are not in any tourist brochures, travel agent itineraries but discovered when you travel with a local, our Tour Guide who will  introduce you to an Africa, to a Uganda you did not know, did not realize it existed, so off the beaten paths, that even most Ugandans know nothing about it. 

 Discover the Roads and paths in Uganda that are less traveled, we will supply your guide and create paths on an itinerary rarely followed by visitors to Uganda…See Uganda off of the Beaten Path.

We have compiled for you just a few experiences that will awaken your adventurous appetite within – to go where few tourists have gone in Uganda, some places, that are not even listed the various Guide Books about Uganda.

Uganda under the Radar and off of the Beaten Path – we will make sure that you do not miss the Gorillas, Chimpanzees, other Primates, Wildlife, the reasons that most visit Uganda.


 Uganda – Off of the Beaten Path – Enjoy the Journey of a lifetime with One-Of-a-Kind Experiences that includes the 4 hours with a Gorilla Family on a Gorilla Habituation Experience and the All Day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience.

We know Uganda, Under the Radar and off of the Beaten Path and we enjoy the Roads Less Traveled, Uganda without the Crowds.  Each year we come up with new discoveries in the Pearl of Africa, whether they be Cultural Encounter or a natural scenic Wonder. 

Seeing Uganda, off of the Beaten Bath is one of the best ways to encounter Authentic Africa, Afric as you might imagine it in Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

Under the Radar Uganda – Off of the Beaten Path on Roads less Traveled

 Kidepo Valley National Park:

Less than 10 visitors a day enter this remote park in remote northeastern Uganda.  Kidepo Valley Park has been called “a lost Eden,” 3rd best Park in all of Africa by CNN and amazing who take the long journey to reach this spot, where they encounter an Africa as it was 50 years ago.

Kidepo Valley Park – away from the crowds, and off of the beaten paths on roads less traveled.

Our Tour Guide would love to introduce you to an Africa beyond Expectations that you might hike along a dry river bed, go on game drives, or enjoy the night in a camp where the only thing that breaks the sounds of silence is the roar of a lion. the trumpeting of an Elephant.  Welcome to Uganda – on a road less traveled – off of the beaten path.

The Road to Kidepo Valley Park is definitely a Road less Traveled – This is not Route 66 across the USA – but this is remote Africa – one of the Reasons it is so remote is because getting there is so tough and the flight is expensive.

 Visit a Manyatta – Home of the proud Karamojong Warrior-Nomads:

On the way to or near Kidepo Valley Park, we will arrange a visit with the Karamojong People in a Manyatta, which is a permanent homestead.  The men and boys take the cows to pasture away from the Manyatta for grazing living in Krals.

This is a one of a kind – off the beaten path experience in Uganda.  The Karamojong have clung on to their ways and traditions of old, their tribal dances, the drinking of blood from cows, cattle raiding (the latter has been greatly reduced) and kept their traditional beliefs.  Learn their culture, ways, and traditions on a visit to a Manyatta Village which we will arrange beforehand for you.

Learn their culture, ways, and traditions on a visit to a Manyatta Village which we will arrange beforehand for you.

There are no overnight stays in a Manyatta – only day-visits.

 An all-day Hike to the Ik People in the Morungole Mountains:

This is another one of those hidden away trails.  There is no road here, just a path, everything from the villages comes down, while provisions, including beef obtained in barters, is carried up.

This is not a for – Tourists activity, but this is you paying a visit to an ancient people high up in the mountains. Learning their ways and traditions, dances, village life and more.

It is a full-day trip up and down, most rewarding, but you have to be in reasonable physical shape to scale the mountains.  You are not alone, we will guide you up and down, have an interpreter and local guide for you as you visit the Ik people.

You can only visit the Ik People on foot, there are no roads here, except for footpaths and goat trails.

 Mount Elgon – Sipi Falls in Eastern Uganda:

Mount Elgon and the Sipi Falls area are located in the cooler portions of Eastern Uganda. This is adventure country off of the beaten and on the roads less traveled in Uganda.

Hikes, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Abseiling, climbing Mount Elgon, taking the trails around Sipi Falls can all be done here.

Besides there are the nearby Rock Paintings in the Nyero Caves, a visit to the Abayudaya Jews of Uganda, Coffee plantations and the semi-annual Bagisu Public Male Circumcision, all away from the usual Western Uganda Tourist Trails.

Eastern Uganda has much to offer, but it is not primate country that is why you have fewer visitors in this area.

Eastern Uganda is under the Radar for most visitors to Uganda since they are focused on the primates of Western Uganda.

 Kibiro Fishing Village and Salt Gardens:

The Kibiro Fishing Village and Salt Gardens is one of those places on the Eastern Shores of Lake Albert that is definitely off of the beaten path.  The only reasonable way to get there, is a steep hike down the  Western Rift Valley Escarpment, not for the faint-hearted. A new road has been recently added making it a bit more accessible, however, you can hike down and up and use the ancient  path that has been used for hundreds of years.

For hundreds of years, salt has been produced here in a unique leeching process in the Salt Gardens.  You will see the ancient process that produces a high-quality salt that is still sold in the Bunyoro Kingdom area of Uganda.

What will amaze you is how people can live under such harsh conditions, isolated, away from roads, where everything is carried in or out on a path can survive. This is certainly not a Tourist orientated village.

This activity is best tied in with a visit to Murchison Falls Park.

 The Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon – Foothills:

The Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, Africa’s tallest mountain range is in Southwest Uganda.  It is one of those hidden places off of the beaten path – certainly a road less traveled.

If you can not climb the mountains, the is the Rwenzori Mini-Hike, foothills hikes, the 3 day Mahoma Trail, plus forest hikes and hill hikes outside of the park.

You also can meet the keepers of the Mountains of the Moon, the Bankonzo people who have lived here for hundreds of years. You will not find the Rwenzori Mountains on most itineraries but it can be on yours.

The Rwenzori Foothills is a great add-on to Kibale Forest and Queen Elizabeth Park.  You will need a minimum of one day to add this to your safari.

Rwenzori – Mountains – Northern Bypass Mini-Hike:

 Nyanzibiri Eco-Community Camp-Crater Lakes – Caves:

This is one of those hidden jewels near Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The community camp is a basic, budget camp with great locally grown food and herbs. All next to an explosion crater lake.

You can take half and full day hikes while based in the camp including exploring a National Forest with scenic wonders and primates, including Chimpanzees. Not many come here, not many know about this beautiful spot near Queen Elizabeth Park.

It is definitely on a road that is less traveled in Uganda.  This is a combination of Nature and Culture that is quite enjoyable.

This off-the Beaten Path Spot is also known as Dave the Cave locally.

 The Semliki Valley:

The Semliki Valley – a national park and wildlife reserve off the beaten tourist path.

Just getting there, your breath will be taken away as you descend down the Western Rift Valley Escarpment.  Below you enter into another world.  You enter the Congolese Jungle without a passport.  Visit the Pygmies that live there, hikes, chimpanzee treks, jungle hikes and a visit to the hot springs.

You enter the Congolese Jungle without a passport.  Visit the Pygmies that live there, hikes, chimpanzee treks, jungle hikes and a visit to the hot springs.

As you look up, there will be the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon.  You can fish here on Lake Albert for the fighting Nile Perch, see the elusive Shoebill stork, all without the tourist crowds.

This area was one of the richest Wildlife Areas and presently is recovering – it has one of a kind unique Attractions such as the Ituri Forest that is not to be missed.

 Hiking through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to Lake Mutanda:

Most come to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for gorilla trekking and never even realize that there is a fantastic hike through the ancient forest.

This is one of those off the beaten path activities that leave lasting memories with those who take part taking the two-day hike and canoe ride across Lake Mutanda.

You can also do just the one-day Hike through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest beginning in either Nkuringo or Buhoma.

You can even add, a full day Trek where you spend 4 hours with a Gorilla Family on a Gorilla Habituation Experience.

Sights, sounds, wildlife, primates, villages – all things you would not see on a normal Uganda Safari Tour.

Surprisingly – the Through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Hike is missed by the majority of the Gorilla Tekkes who come here each year.

 Mgahinga Gorilla National Park:

Mgahinga Gorilla Park is one of Uganda’s smallest parks, yet it offers a wide variety of activities. It is once again a park that is not on many safari itineraries and is a perfect stop looking for a road less traveled.

This off-the-beaten Park is a place where you can spend days, and climb dormant volcanoes, trek gorillas, golden monkeys, hikes from to half to full-day ones.

Birders will like it here, but it has its share of wildlife.  It is mostly a place of activities.  One of them being the Batwa Trail with the first people of the forest, where you learn their ancient ways of hunting and gathering and how they lived and left a small ecological footprint behind them.

A Small Park without the crowds but home to diverse activities and all off of the beaten track, under the Radar of most, yet only three hours from Kigali, Rwanda where you can fly into and out of.

 Kabiza Wilderness Safaris specializes in Experiential Safaris in the Heart of Africa.

The above are just a few examples of getting off of the beaten path and experiencing Authentic Africa, even when it comes to Gorilla Treks and Chimpanzee we concentrate on the Gorilla Habituation Experience which is 4 hours with a gorilla family and the Chimpanzee Habituation Experience – CHEX – which means gorillas and chimpanzees without a crowd.

Whether it is experiencing the African Wilderness as it was 50 years ago in Kidepo Valley Park or climbing extinct and dormant Volcanoes or the Rwenzori Mountains, the emphasis is on your Experiences that cannot be replicated elsewhere in Africa.

Uganda -Under the Radar Off of the Beaten Path on Roads Less Traveled, the off of the beaten path places and things to do and see.  There is much more, we have only listed a few of the highlights in Uganda.  We love to make an off-the-beaten-path safari a reality…we know Uganda, we live and work here.