Sail to Jinja from Entebbe across Lake Victoria on the MV Vanessa

Posted by on March 20, 2019

The MV Vanessa makes getting to Jinja easier from Entebbe

Sail to Jinja from Entebbe across Lake Victoria on the MV Vanessa in just 2 1/2 hours

 Sail to Jinja from Entebbe across Lake Victoria on the MV Vanessa – getting to Jinja from Entebbe for most was a nightmare of gridlock traffic, jams, bad, at times dangerous road-conditions.  Most would give most anything to find an easier way and now there is, in March of 2019 the 54 passenger MV Vanessa was launched at Entebbe to ply the largest tropical lake in the World, Lake Victoria on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays at reasonable price of 45 USD per sailing – 85 USD round-trip.

Jinja, the Adrenaline Center of East Africa, home of the source of the ancient River Nile is a must visit Destination for many Tourists arriving at Entebbe International Airport.  Now a drive that could take upward to three or four-hours in congested traffic of Kampala and the infamous Mukono fridlock can now take a pleasure and sight-seeing cruise sailing directly to Jinja departing at 9 am in the Morning from Entebbe and arriving in Jinja before lunchtime.

Sail to Jinja from Entebbe across Lake Victoria on the MV Vanessa – The Opportunities are endless with the new MV Vanessa Route across scenic Lake Victoria from Entebbe to Jinja. Now Tourists on Safari with us that want to experience Jinja with its activities such as White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Bungee Jumping into the Nile, visiting the Source of the Nile can do that without the now, mostly unpleasant drive for most to Jinja.

New Safari Possibilities with the M.V. Vanessa Sailings from Entebbe to Jinja

You arrive at Entebbe International Airport on Sail to Jinja from Entebbe across Lake Victoria on the MV Vanessa on a Thursday and on Friday morning we take you to Sail to Jinja from Entebbe across Lake Victoria on the MV  Vanessa.  2 1/2 hours later your driver meets you in Jinja and takes to your lodge or hotel where you enjoy lunch, visit the Source of the Nile Park, town of Jinja with its Indian and Colonial architecture.  At sunset – a cruise on the River Nile before dinner.

Saturday – it is White Water Rafting from mild to Wild, horseback riding on the Nile, Quad Biking or Mountain Biking through hamlets and villages along the Nile.

Day 3 Sunday – continue the Safari to other destinations, East to Sipi Falls and Mount Elgon, north to Murchison Falls or West to Kampala and beyond.

The other option is to spend the morning in Jinja and 2 pm sail back to Entebbe reaching there at 4:30 pm  We welcome this vital Addition of another Tourist option both local and domestic find it as one of the best Tourism Additions in recent times in Central Uganda with possibilities that are endless.

Spend a While on the Nile – sailing from Entebbe to Jinja experiencing the Best Jinja has to offer including fine lodges and hotels that fit most budgets.

 M.V. Vanessa – a certified Sea Worthy Vessel:

Sail to Jinja from Entebbe across Lake Victoria on the MV Vanessa, a certified Sea-Worthy Vessel.  Life Vests are available for each passengers, along with a safety rat that automatically inflates when it reaches the water. The Nyanza Evergreen boat is equipped with the latest radio, radar, sonar, and GPS Tracking devices.

The M.V. Vanessa sails along the coastline to Jinja and not out on the open water.  This is for safety and sight-seeing purposes, steered by a well-trained crew.

There aer 48 comfortable Seats plus 6 deluxe seat, cold drinks can be had during your sailing.  The M.V. Vanessa will also be used to take passengers to Kalangala – Ssese Island at twice the speed as the present Ferry.  The M.V. Vanessa is a passenger only vessel, 54 maximum passengers, some deck areas are open to travelers – luggage over-head bays are available for storage.  T

We can include the Entebbe Jinja M.V. Vanessa Cruise part of your Safari

 The Entebbe to Jinja Boat Journey fits perfectly into any Safari that includes Jinja.  We think that this is a perfect example of a tourism product with purpose, one that solves the problem of for many a cumbersome drive by road from Entebbe to Jinja.  This follows in the footsteps, or boat route that Winston Churchill took to Jinja during his journey to Uganda when he popularized the term “Pearl of Africa”, except that it is most likely much more pleasant and comfortable. 

We like to hope that the M.V. Vanessa is just a beginning, there are other places where such tourist offerings make plain sense.   A personal one would be a restoration of the Butiaba to Paraa Cruise on Lake Albert and the Nile as part of a Murchison Falls Safari, but we are getting way ahead of ourselves.  Reality is we can now include traveling to Jinja from Entebbe via the M.V. Vanessa and back to Entebbe in your safari, just let us know.