Safe Gorilla – Chimpanzee – Wildlife Safaris in Uganda the Pearl of Africa

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Is it safe to go on Safari in Uganda 2020 or 2021?

Safe-Secure Gorilla – Chimpanzee – Wildlife Safaris in Uganda? -The Safest Place to be is on a Safari in Uganda

Safe Gorilla – Chimpanzee – Wildlife Safaris in Uganda  in 2020 of 2021

Safe Gorilla - Chimpanzee - Wildlife Safaris in Uganda the Pearl of AfricaSafe Gorilla – Chimpanzee – Wildlife Safaris in Uganda are the norm in Uganda and not the exception. In April 2019, we did have one isolated exception when an American Woman, Kimberly Sue Endicott, along with her driver, was kidnapped (no armed Ranger was in the vehicle) in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth. They were released five days later, and everyone in Uganda and elsewhere rejoiced. The kidnappers were captured and are now awaiting trial in Uganda.

Safe Gorilla – Chimpanzee – Wildlife Safaris in Uganda. Uganda has met every security challenge concerning Tourism. The Uganda Wildlife Authority has added rangers. Those in leadership have received specialized training from the US Military, further enhancing the skills of UWA Rangers.

The Ugandan military has deployed troops to monitor and patrol borders. At the same time, patrols are deep inside the park’s monitoring activities, arresting poachers and criminals alike. The Tourism Police have received additional Personnel that is placed at a Tourist Destination throughout Uganda.

Safe Gorilla – Chimpanzee – Wildlife Safaris in Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Safe Gorilla - Chimpanzee - Wildlife Safaris in Uganda the Pearl of Africa Airport Arrival and Departure – Safe and Secure:

Entebbe International Airport is the official Ugandan airport.  However, many choose to arrive at Kigali International Airport if they are trekking Gorillas in Uganda due to the shorter drive-time.

Both Kigali International and Entebbe International Airport quite tight. At Entebbe International Airport, you cannot drop off a person at the departure. Area.

On arrival, things work out quite nicely, and typically, your luggage arrives without being picked through as it is common in other African airports. Immigration and Customs are courteous and helpful. Baggage carts are still free.

Departing both Rwanda or Uganda – you go through several security checks. The SecuritySecurity is merely tight, but that is for your protection, and there have been no incidents at either Kigali International or Entebbe International Airport.

Safe and Secure Airport Arrivals and Departures in Uganda- Rwanda

Safe Gorilla - Chimpanzee - Wildlife Safaris in Uganda the Pearl of AfricaEntering Uganda by Vehicle from Kenya, Rwanda, DR Congo or Tanzania:

Border Crossings in Uganda are merely different.  They are locked or closed and opened when a vehicle passes.  It is different from what you are used to, but it is a system that works well.

In our case, we mostly use the Border Crossings coming from Rwanda into Uganda.  You can purchase your visa to Uganda at the border crossing without a hassle. It has remained so even after Rwanda engaged in a border row with Uganda closed its borders in February 2019.

Border crossings typically take about 30 minutes and are, for the most part, hassle-free events.

Security at a border crossing is very high, and there have not been any problems for our Clients entering Uganda.

Capable Driver Guides – Your Guardian Angel:Safe Gorilla - Chimpanzee - Wildlife Safaris in Uganda the Pearl of Africa

You are met by our capable driver-guide who is not just a driver but a professional guide who will guide you along in Uganda. He is simply a professional with years of experience who knows the roads.

His English is excellent, and his experience and knowledge of Uganda are vast and on whose mind is your Safety and wellbeing while you are in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

He knows the best routes, he knows the parks and knows the Wildlife, and he is aware of the current situation of the areas you are visiting.  Our drivers know present Security Conditions and use Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers on all wildlife game drives.  Our vehicles are marked as Tourist vehicles, and that gives them hassle-free treatment from the Traffic Police.

Off-Road Driving is not allowed- do not ask the driver to do so.

Safe Gorilla - Chimpanzee - Wildlife Safaris in Uganda the Pearl of AfricaWe avoid Nighttime Driving on Safari with us:

We avoid driving at night for safety reasons due to higher accident rates due to alcohol consumption and driers that do not have safe nighttime driving skills.

If your flight arrives at night, we take you to a hotel in Entebbe and not in Kampala.  We schedule your itinerary in such a way that it does not include nighttime driving.

At rare times, due to flight delays, we have taken clients at night to their destination, such as Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Gorilla Permits. That is only done at a Client’s request.

The US and UK embassies in Uganda suggest that you do not drive at night except Entebbe to Kampala.  We take that one step further and avoid nighttime driving all-together.

We avoid Nighttime Driving for your wellbeing and Safety.

Safe Gorilla - Chimpanzee - Wildlife Safaris in Uganda the Pearl of Africa Safe and Secure Lodges and Hotels:

Hotels and lodges are very secure, and you will be surprised by the Security that is exhibited by many of them.

Security is integrated into daily life in Uganda, and we pick safe and secure lodges and hotels both in town and in the National Parks. Lodges either use Private Security Companies or police, military or rangers, Lodges, thanks to solar power, are well lit compared to the past.

You will be surprised that most often, the SecuritySecurity at a hotel or Lodge is armed – they most likely have not used their weapons in many years, but it is there for the added protection for guests.

Safety and Security for guests, clients, visitors are on everyone’s mind, and it is never taken lightly; fortunately, there have been no mishaps in regards to Security.

Safe Gorilla - Chimpanzee - Wildlife Safaris in Uganda the Pearl of Africa National Park Security:

On every game drive, an armed ranger is with you for your protection. The same is true on every hike or nature walk.

Security in the National Parks is taken seriously, Uganda has even added a Tourism Police for added protection for visitors to the various parks, hotels, and multiple places where tourists flock too.

Your wellbeing is on everyone’s mind, and Security in parks is practiced most diligently in both Uganda and Rwanda.

Tourism is a top income earner for Uganda, and no one wants to jeopardize the goose that lays the golden egg.

Community awareness programs take place about the importance of Wildlife and coexistence with them.  A portion of the entrance fees is also shared with surrounding communities.

We Follow the Rules in Uganda’s National Park and Preserves:Safe Gorilla - Chimpanzee - Wildlife Safaris in Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Parks are under the jurisdiction of Uganda Wildlife Authority, and parks are well regulated, and the rules are strictly enforced.  Besides the rules that Uganda Wildlife Authority has, we have added some of our own that will keep you safe and secure on your Safari in Uganda.

  1. No movement on foot without an armed Ranger escort-outside of park stay with your driver-guide
  2. No Driving in parks from 7:30 pm until 6:30 am.
  3. There is No wandering away from the Lodge. There are wild animals, plus it avoids contacting poachers.
  4. No Game Drives without an armed ranger on board vehicle
  5. All activities have at least a copy of the passport in a daypack.
  6. Boat Safaris, we encourage the use of a life vest.
  7. On a Family, Safari never let children be unattended.
  8. Dress for the occasion – gorilla, chimpanzee trek, hike, volcano climb – follow our suggestion, they are for your wellbeing.
  9. Use a porter whenever available such as for Gorilla Trekking.
  10. Do not wear Camouflage clothing – it gets you unnecessary attention and is not suggested.
  11. Sitting on top of vehicles during Game Drives is not allowed for your Safety.
  12. Nocturnal Game Drives are only conducted with Uganda Wildlife Vehicles except where a lodge is authorized by UWA to do so.

Safe Gorilla - Chimpanzee - Wildlife Safaris in Uganda the Pearl of Africa Safe Gorilla Trekking in Uganda:

It is simple, do the mathematics.  Gorilla Tracking, permits are the number one income earner for the government of Uganda when it comes to tourism. The local communities benefit significantly from revenue sharing from the permits and are thriving.

Uganda has committed all possible resources to create a safe environment for Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

Gorilla Trekking involves a security detail for every group of tourists out on the Trek.  They are armed for your protection against any threat, wild or human. There has not been an instance where that is necessary, the Security, however, remains in place.

If you enter Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga National Park, you will have to be in the company of Park Rangers even if you are not gorilla trekking; there is no such thing as a stroll in the park on your own.  We are reviewing all activities outside of gorilla parks such as the Buhoma Village Walk and the Batwa Experience and will adjust itineraries accordingly.

Safe Gorilla - Chimpanzee - Wildlife Safaris in Uganda the Pearl of AfricaLGBT Visitors on Safari- Safety – Security

Are LGBT Visitors safe on a Safari in Uganda? The answer is yes.

No one will ask you when you land in Entebbe or Kigali, whether you are gay.  Ugandans are not pro-LGBT but at the same time they, not anti-people. Uganda, despite what you may have read or heard, Uganda is a welcoming and friendly country.

In Uganda and other East African Countries, it is inappropriate to show public affection, to talk about one’s intimate life.  That is not done. LGBT are not asked any questions regarding their lifestyle preferences when they arrive in the country, and neither do we ask you as a tour operator.

One is merely discreet about one’s sexual orientation in either country because 97% in Uganda disagree with LGBT ways, and that is the case across most of Africa. However, LGBT Visitors are safe on a Safari in the Pearl of Africa.

Safe Gorilla - Chimpanzee - Wildlife Safaris in Uganda the Pearl of AfricaTravel Insurance:

It is not a Sales pitch for Travel Insurance that would be, in our opinion, inappropriate. We do think that it is wise and prudent to have Travel insurance.  We suggest that you obtain it before you bok ai Safari.

We have had, on several occasions, assist Clients as they filed a claim due to delayed flights that caused havoc with the itinerary.

We have seen the Travel Insurance rarely uses, but one case stands out where a woman stumbled and fell, something that could have happened anywhere, but she Safari safari and sustained a shoulder injury. We oversaw the medical evacuation by plane from the park, examination at one of Uganda’s best hospitals, and her home flight to Australia plus furnished the Insurance Company with all the information required.  She, with her friend, is returning soon to compleSafari Safari, which came to a halt on Day 3.  She was thankful that she had taken out Travel Insurance.

Safe Gorilla - Chimpanzee - Wildlife Safaris in Uganda the Pearl of AfricaJust Safe – Hakuna Matata -no-Worry Safaris in Uganda – We’ve got you covered:

The safe outcome of a Safari is more important to us than income.  We do not design a safari that is unsafe. We would adjusSafari Safari if there were dangerous conditions.  We know Uganda, we live and work here.  You are not dealing with someone in NYC selling African Tours into Uganda.

We are a Ugandan Tour operators, we know the latest weather, the most recent road closure and how to circumvent it, we see the security conditions.’

You do not have to be Indiana Jones to go on a Safari in Uganda, and you will never be in our parks without the Security of armed rangers.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris is owned and operated by what could say is a seasoned American Africa hand and Ugandan – who I call the Safari Guy – we understand the mindset of a Tourist and their concerns. In 2019 we continue what we started doing over a decade ago create and implement Safe, Hakuna Matata No-Worry Safaris.

Safe Gorilla – Chimpanzee – Wildlife Safaris in Uganda – You are safe on a safari. In Uganda- the safest place to be is on a Safari…relax and enjoy the journey…Have a Hakuna Matata don’t worry Safari.

Jon Blanc