Rwanda’s 1500 USD Gorilla Permits – Means Choices

Posted by on May 30, 2017

Rwanda’s new 1500 USD Gorilla Permits – means that you have to make a Choice

Rwanda’s 1500 USD Gorilla Permits are creating new choices for Budget and moderate Gorilla Trekkers.

Rwanda’s 1500 USD Gorilla Permits means that visitors to Heart of Africa have to make choices.  There are three Rwanda's 1500 USD Gorilla PermitsMountain Gorilla Destination Countries, two of them, Rwanda and Uganda are safe and secure for Gorilla Trekking.  The Congo has had insurgency problems with Rebels, Villains, and Criminal and is on the insecure list for Travelers coming from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and much of Europe.

Rwanda has chosen to market itself as an upmarket Destination, wants to do more in Gorilla Conservation, and support the local Communities surrounding Volcanoes National Park all leading to the 1500 USD Rwanda Gorilla Permits.

Rwanda’s 1500 USD Gorilla Permits – for many years prices for Gorilla Trekking were the same in Rwanda and Uganda.  Rwanda took the initiative and changed the price to 750 USD – Uganda went to 600 USD.  Rwanda in May of 2017 went to 1500 USD as part of their new marketing attempt projecting Rwanda as the premier Gorilla Destination.  This marketing strategy

This marketing strategy has led to criticism by many in the Travel Community, both nationally and internationally. Tour Operators such as Kabiza Wilderness Safaris simply pass on the announced permit prices, we do not set them.

Don’t write off Rwanda due to the Increase of its Gorilla Permits to 1500 USD:

Rwanda has taken a different path when it comes to marketing itself as an upmarket Gorilla Trekking Destination. This strategy is supposed to create greater income for Rwanda and assist it in conserving the Gorillas and aiding local communities.

The Gorilla Permits are now 1500 USD in Rwanda, the upmarket plan is in place, exclusive lodges are being built.  The doubling of permits has led to a lot of emotional responses, a few embrace it, most reject it.  Our suggestion is – Do not write off Remarkable Rwanda.

The budget and moderately priced lodges and hotels did not close with Gorilla Permit increases and the announcement of the new upmarket marketing plan.  They are still there and are affordable.  In some areas such as Lake Kivu they dominate the landscape and it will take years to change things to upmarket lodges.  Many of the activities in Rwanda have not changed in price like Gorilla Permits.

For those who cannot afford permits in Rwanda, trek in Uganda and with us create a combination Uganda – Rwanda Safari.

Rwanda’s 1500 USD Gorilla – Making a Choice

Visitors to Uganda and Rwanda create their Safari to either or both countries.  In some cases that choice is based on perceived image – Rwanda is still known as the home of Dian Fossey and the movie about her life, “Gorillas in the Mist.” Uganda’s claim to fame is again based on an image, in this case, it is Idi Amin based on “The Last Image of Scotland.”  These images have been repeated multiple times, reinforcing perceptions that may not be accurate and are unfair.  

Others choose Rwanda based on convenience – Travel time to Volcanoes National Park from the airport, not knowing that they can enter Uganda and trek Gorillas and it only takes a 3-hour drive to Rushaga in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.  Some make the choice based on exclusive lodges in Rwanda, not knowing that there are are also exclusive lodges in Uganda, on top of the wide variety of upmarket, moderate and budget lodges.

If you want to save money on a gorilla trek then Rwanda is off of the list of choices and Uganda wins hands down.  You can have both by visiting both Rwanda and Uganda – we do private combination Safaris on a weekly basis.

Rwanda’s 1500 USD Gorilla Permits

Before choosing either country for your gorilla trek do some research, ask questions of us, look at your wallet and then make the right choice for you.  Let us assist you by contacting us.