Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permit Booking Information in 2018

Posted by on May 19, 2018

How do I obtain my Gorilla Permit for Gorilla tracking in Rwanda?

Helpful Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permit Booking Information

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permit Booking Information – The simple Reality is that Gorilla Trekking costs more in Rwanda.  The 1,500 USD Permit has become an obstacle for many potential Gorilla Trekkers.  Rwanda has chosen a different path than neighboring countries when it comes to Gorilla Trekking Marketing.

The Focus and Goal are to make Rwanda an upmarket African Safari Destination and the $1,500 Permits are reflective of that.  Such a marketing strategy leaves out Budget and Mid-Ranger Travelers plus upmarket Trekkers who do not want to pay the $1,500 Price.

There are still thousands each year who choose to trek Gorillas in Remarkable Rwanda no matter what the price of a permit is.  The price of Rwandan Gorilla Permits has stimulated a Tourist Migration to other countries such as Uganda.  Gorilla Trekking in the Democratic Republic of the Congo remains closed in May 2018.

Why do Gorilla Trekkers continue to choose Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda in spite of Permit Cost? 

Rwanda is friendly, safe, secure and stable.  It is one of the cleanest countries in Africa.  It offers Premier Hotel and Lodging options.  Volcanoes National Park is a mere 2 1/2 hours from Kigali making it the most convenient  Gorilla Trekking Destination.  Then there is the Visa on arrival for all nationalities, the best roads in East Africa.

Rwanda, unlike Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, knows how to market itself most effectively.  The results are seen weekly in favorable articles about Randa in newspapers and magazines around the world. The legends about Dian Fossey only enhance the Rwandan Image of being a Conservation minded country and no other Gorilla Trekking country has the advantage of a Gorillas in the Mist Movie.

Rwanda Gorilla Permits – $1,500 – There are other Options

 Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permit Booking Information – The cost is 1,500 USD  per permit and gorilla tracking is done in Volcanoes National Park.  Gorilla Permits are in high demand especially during June, July, August, September, December, January, and February which are the high season months of the year.

Planning ahead with your safari tour operator is of utmost importance to make sure that you have permits for your planned dates.

Gorilla permits must be paid in advance of the day of tracking and this can be done with a tour operator such as ourselves as we plan your safari itinerary in Rwanda.

The date of tracking – or dates of tracking if you plan to track gorillas more than once are of utmost importance.  The dates cannot be changed once they are locked into place. That is why planning your time in Rwanda is so important.

A scan of the Rwandan Permit will be sent to you by email in order to verify that we have purchased your Gorilla Permits in Rwanda.

For those that do not want to pay 1,500 USD for a Gorilla – there are other Options for you to choose from.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permit Booking Information – If  you have any questions – please contact us