Rwanda -Discounted Gorilla Permits from November to May

Posted by on August 4, 2018

Rwanda Gorilla Permit Discounted by 30% November-May

Rwanda- Discounted Gorilla Permits- but they actually cost more – There is a Catch to the Discount.

 Rwanda Discounted Gorilla Permits reduce the cost by 30% from 1,500 USD to 1,050 USD.  That is quite a savings for someone intent on Trekking Gorilla in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park

The Discount applies from November through the month of May.  Rwanda may call it off-season, but the months of Mid-December through March are great months to trek Gorilla in Rwanda and qualify for the Rwanda Discounted Gorilla Permits 450 USD Discount.

The Discounted Gorilla has hooks to it:

The 30% Gorilla Permit discount (US$ 1,050) only applies if you have a combined trip for at least 3 days and include Akakera National Park and or Nyungwe Forest National Park.

In order to get to qualify for the discount you might have to spend more money in Rwanda then you might have intended.  To put it plainly you have added other nights of lodging, pay additional park entrance and activity fees add transport and driver guide on top of it.  Your 450 USD Discount will evaporate before your eyes and will have to add on some cash,

Rwanda Discounted Gorilla Permits -The Discount offer of 30% on Gorilla Permit with Conditions has not many takers:

In a July 30th-2018 article in the esteemed East African Newspaper a Rwandan Tour Operator stated “I have not got any bookings based on these discounts,” said Aimable Tuyigire, from Home Rwanda Safaris. “But it’s a great idea. Since the price doubled we have lost many customers, many of whom prefer to cross over to Uganda and track gorillas there

MICE Conference Participants in Rwanda:

Rwanda, Kigali, in particular, has become a key convention gathering place.  That form of Tourism is called MICE – Meetings – Incentives – Conferences and Exhibitions where large groups are brought together for a specific purpose. Such events are planned well in Advance and Rwanda has received more than its shares of such meetings and conferences.  Delegates that want to go Gorilla Trekking receive a 15% discount on Gorilla Permit (US$ 1,275) but they must track the Gorillas either prior to or after the MICE Event.

Rwanda Discounted Gorilla Permits and Cost-Saving Alternative to Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda 

 Virunga National Park Gorilla Trekking just across the border in the Democratic Republic of Congo was a lower-priced option, but then there was an increase of Guerilla Activities instead of Gorilla Activities and the park closed its doors to tourism until the end of 2018,

Uganda has become the choice for many trekkers that want more value for their money. We call it the great Gorilla Trekker Migration where Rwanda has become the Gorilla Tourism equivalent of an exclusive Nordstrom Store while Uganda has become in our opinion the T.J. Maxx of Gorilla Tourism, that markets the same valuable commodity at a more affordable Price.

All Gorilla Trekking Destinations, Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, Virunga National Park in the Congo, Mgahinga Gorilla Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda can be reached by flying into Kigali International Airport, the Gateway to Mountain Gorilla Trekking.

Choice Driven by the Gorilla Tourism Market Forces

 Tourism is driven by many winds such as changes in Permit Fees, Visitors willing to pay what a country asks for.  The end consumer –  the trekker makes the ultimate choice where to have his or her encounter with the Gentle Giants of the Forest.  Tour Operators motivated by their passion for the primate, mixed in with the desire to make a living are caught between the cross-currents.  Rwandan and Congolese Tour Operators in 2028 bring their clients to Uganda since they are following the money trail of tourism, Next year, things could change, someone in Rwanda, Uganda or DR Congo makes a decision, increases or decreased the Gorilla Permit Price and once again another great trekker migration takes place.  In the meantime, if you want to trek Gorillas presently you have to make a choice.  The Choice where you want to trek is yours.