Rolex – the Favorite Fast Food of Ugandans

Posted by on December 12, 2018

Rolex – the Favorite Fast Food of Ugandans consumed for Breakfast – Lunch or Dinner

Rolex in Uganda – We don’t Wear them but eat them

Rolex – few Ugandans wear one – but eat them – Rolex – the Favorite Fast Food of Ugandans can be found anywhere in Uganda, street vendors make it, it is sold as Road-Side Food, it is a rolled Chapati filled with Scrambled Eggs, Vegetables, even Sausage or other meat.  Rolex has become the Fast Food of Choice in Uganda.

Even CNN is getting in on the Rolex that you do not wear but eat.  CNN read the Article and contacted us asking if they could use the information here in an article called “African Foods-finally taking off” which they did with a quote from us and a link.

There now are “Rolex Festivals” – Rolex Tourism is being talked about. 

To most, it is affordable Fast Food that can be found almost anywhere.  It is part of the Taste of Uganda and will remain that for a long time to come.  Ugandans love their Rolex.

Enjoy a Rolex in Uganda as part of your Foodie Adventure in the Pearl of Africa.  You will quickly taste why Role is so popular visitors to Uganda often are surprised by seeing signs advertising Rolex – wondering how the expensive Swiss Rolex Watch can be sold here in roadside stands – it is not the watch but a rolled chapati filled with 2 scrambled eggs, often cabbage, onions, tomatoes and just like the Bigger Fast Food Giants you have choices and different prices – it is no different here in Uganda where the price goes up a bit as you might add minced meat, and added vegetables.

The famous Rolex – the Favorite Fast Food of Ugandans was introduced back in 2003 in the Wandegeya area and began to be consumed by many, especially by the nearby Makerere University Students.

Today you can find Rolex Vendors, Stands all over Kampala and it is even served in higher priced restaurants – road-side vendors offer them to travelers – it is simply an inexpensive meal and Ugandans rave about it – it also provides a meaningful income for mostly young men who sell the tasty dish with little start-up capital needed.

The name Rolex – alludes to the rolled chapatis and of course the eggs – in Uganda, almost every person knows what a Rolex is. Here, it is not only a breakfast food but is eaten as a lunch or dinner meal, or as a hearty snack – the price is low (50cents and up), it is tasty and filling and readily available.

Many a visitor to Uganda has developed a liking for Rolex – the Favorite Fast Food of Ugandans, especially the backpacker crowd as a way to keep their meal budget down and its popularity has now extended beyond Uganda’s borders and can even be found in Kigali, Rwanda in a restaurant there. There are even videos you can find about how to make a Rolex, visitors to Uganda are consuming them and more. The next thing you will find versions of it at various fast food outlets in the west where the closest thing we have to it is a Breakfast Burrito.

Caution: If you are visiting Uganda pick a clean and sanitary Rolex Stand otherwise you just might come down with a case of Idi Amin’s revenge which would certainly dampen your holiday in the Pearl of Africa.

Three Students in the USA, one from Uganda, came up with the more sanitary Musana Carts (award-winning) that can now be seen in downtown Kampala.  They come equipped with solar lights, have a storage place, even space for a fridge.

Many of the Present Rolex Vendors operate illegally, Musana Carts are authorized by Kampala Authorities in regards to sanitary conditions and registration.

Rolex – the Favorite Fast Food of Ugandans – not the Watch but a rolled Chapati with Eggs, Vegetables, and even Ground Beef.  Even Restaurants as far away as Kigali Rwanda have gotten in on Uganda’s Favorite Fast Food – Rolex.

Rolex – On Safari in Uganda

You can try a Rolex on your Safari with us in Uganda.  Even some Lodges have begun to serve them up as a Breakfast Treat.  Rolex, not something to be worn in Uganda but to be eaten.  The most popular fast food street food is becoming mainstream and now is found on the menu of restaurants throughout Uganda.

Some eateries may call it a wrap, or something else, to Ugandans, no matter what the name, it is still the much-loved Rolex.

Let us know that you would like a Taste of Uganda on your Safari with us and we will include it on your Safari for you to enjoy.

Rolex – We don’t wear them – but we eat them in Uganda.