Putting the Fun into your Family Safari with Children

Posted by on June 21, 2016

Putting the Fun into your Family Safari with Children

Making an African Family Safari in Uganda – Rwanda exciting and fun-filled – a learning Experience for Children and Parents

 Putting the Fun into your Family Safari with Children.  A Family is a time for fun on another continent, a time of experiencing other cultures, more than anything else, it is a learning experience.  You are in the African Wild, see Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Elephants, Buffaloes, Zebras, Giraffes, Hippos, Crocodiles and monkey that you only seen a zoo, which is not the same.

An African Family Safari is a fun added, classroom.  It is here that your children fall in love with nature, Wildlife, Birds, Primates, Scenery and most of all different people and cultures.

Your Kid Friendly Tour Guide is your teacher, the village story teller of old, and he will do an incredible job introducing your Family to Africa where the first roads were only Elephant Paths. He will add color, stories of interest, facts about the animals you see and the people groups that you meet.

Yes, an African Family Safaris is fun, but more than anything it is a time of learning in the Classroom of the African Wild, its towns and Villages.

 Family Safaris are one of the things we enjoy creating and planning for you and your family.  Putting the Fun into your Family Safari with Children, we create learning experiences in the midst of your new surrounding that will not be soon forgotten.

Living here, we have learned a lot about Nature,Wildlife, Birds, Primates,  the creation of the vast Western Rift Valley and the countless of Explosion Craters found in Western Uganda and it is a goal of ours for you and your family to Experience Authentic Africa, in some cases such as in Kidepo Valley Park, as it was 50 some years ago

Your Family will experience a world that is foreign, but exciting and adventurous, something that cannot be replicated anywhere else, a zoo can show the animals, but this is the wild of Africa and no zoo can compare to what you and your children will experience on a Family Safari in Africa.

Ugandans, Rwandans, are some of the friendliest people on the continent.  They are shy but curious, most of them are welcoming, bring along some pictures from home, your family there, the town you come from and make it an inter – cultural learning experience.

Yes, an African Family Safaris will be fun, but also a time of learning in the Heart of Africa – Uganda – Rwanda.

Practical Ways of Putting the Fun into your Family Safari with Children

 Involve your children in the planning of the Safari:

Ask them what they would like to do and see on Safari in Africa – Uganda or Rwanda and you might be surprised that one of the things children like to do is to meet other children.  They certainly love the wildlife, the scenery, but enjoy the Cultural Interaction

Add on top of that cultural activities such dancing, learning how to drum, make some jewelry, cooking over an open fire …the list of things to do for children on Family Safari in Uganda or Rwanda is endless.

Involve the children in the early planning of the safari and it will heighten the anticipation.  Explain to them what they will see and encounter, where they will stay, from the itinerary we have sent you.

 Prepare your children for the Family Safari

Show your children some Ugandan 0 Rwandan wildlife videos on YouTube.  If they are younger, the Lion King is great of getting into the mood movie for your younger children. Older movies such as “Born Free” are also great for your children to see

Uganda Wildlife Authority has some great children stories that you can download and either read to them, or allow them to read, they are  illustrated and written by a Ugandan.

You can also see “Our Africa,” which is where African Children take pictures of their own country as they see it.  The link will take you to Uganda where your children can see Uganda through the eyes and camera of Ugandan Children.

In Preparing – there is buying safari clothing and for kids that is a lot of fun, we suggest a camera and binoculars.

Preparing your children becomes a fun project for the whole family.

 Wildlife Game Drives:

This is one of the reasons that you came on a Family Safari to Uganda or Rwanda.  Game drives are best done early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

This is both a fun and learning time, this is not the zoo but the African Wild.  You will see Elephants, Giraffes, Buffaloes, Antelopes, Gazelles, savanna birds.

We can have an animals and bird checklist.  The Driver – Guide and Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger will assist you in spotting animals.  the vehicle has a pop-up roof where you can stand and get a better view of the animals and birds.

 Boat Safari:

Boat Launch Trips are one of the highlights of your Family Safari.  The favorite one of most is ride up the River Nile in Murchison Falls Park.  There is an abundance of Elephants, antelopes, buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles, water birds and then the most powerful waterfall in the world, Murchison Falls.

If you have older children, you can disembark here and hike up to the top of the falls.

With younger children, you continue back down the river and see more wildlife and birds.  This will take you about three hours to complete and you will be glad you did.

 Nature Walks:

Guided Nature Walks can be taken in most parks in Uganda.  You are escorted by Uganda Wildlife Rangers and if you have children 6 years or older, this will be both fun and a learning time.

The length of nature walks can be arranged by us, or cut short by you if it should wear your children down.

These one of a kind nature walks are a great way for kids to get out of the vehicle and see the wild on foot.

The Lake Mburo Salt Lick trail is one of the best trails for children and is about 1 1/2 hours in length.

  Add some Cultural Fun for Children while on Safari:

There are hands-on cultural experiences, including feet-on ones such as drumming and dancing lessons – you will find that such times are enriching for your children and memorable.

Sosolya Dance and Drumming Academy adds fun to your time in Uganda.  Sosolya Dance and Drumming Troupes have won countless of awards including a trip to the Toronto Drumming Festival in Canada.

Your children can learn African Dance, African Drumming and get to know Ugandan Children. We can incorporate a visit to Sosolya into your Family Safari Itinerary which is a cultural part of Putting the Fun into your African Safari with Children.

 A day at Sanyu Babies Home-Kampala:

An eye opening day of transformation at Sanyu Babies Home in Kampala. This is a home for young children, many of them throw-away babies, dropped off babies, abandoned babies.  They remain here until they are about three-years old and then are placed into foster families or adopted.

Sanyu means happiness – Sanyu Babies Home is a place of happiness compared to the state that these children arrived at the home.  The unwanted children at Sanyu Babies Home become wanted and loved. Your children will have a most amazing time of giving and caring for some of the children.

Bring some gifts and make it even more special – This is one of the oldest Babies Home in Uganda with a stellar reputation of passing on any donation to the care of the children. We can incorporate a visit to Sanyu’s Babies home for you and your family either for a full or half day.

 Have your children learn some Luganda phrases:

Even before you come to Uganda you can teach your children some Phrases in Luganda – for some that proves to be a fun-time both at home and here in Uganda and will endear them to many Ugandans.

You can even make it a playful exercise in your home and begin to use some of the everyday phrases communicating with one another.

Luganda is widely used in Uganda, especially in the Central Region of Uganda.  In other areas most will speak some Ugandan.

In towns English can readily be used with most, the level of their competency depends on their education level that they have completed.

 Putting the Fun into your Family Safari with Children  is what we we do for your family.  We also realize, that it is a learning time and your Tour Guide will tell your family the stories of old that were told under the mango trees in villages.

Uganda, and Rwanda area places of Legends and myths, some of which can be seen on your family safari.

Your Driver – Guide will tell you many of them and your whole family will learn and have fun on top of it.

Family Safaris, take more planning, more co-ordination, all well worth it when we hear that you enjoy it.

Putting the Fun into your African Safari with Children –A Kid Friendly Family Safari in Uganda is adventurous and you can make it even more fun for your family by following some of the above tips and advice and adding your own.  We love to assist you in creating that just right for your Fun-Filled Family Adventure Safari in Uganda…mostly – enjoy Uganda – the Pearl of Africa.

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