7-Practical Money Saving Tips for a Safari in Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Posted by on March 18, 2019

Here are 7- Practical Money Saving Tips for a Safari in Uganda

An African Safari for Less in Uganda where your Money Stretches Further and you are not pouring money down the Drain

Practical Money Saving Tips for a Safari in Uganda without compromising the Experience of a safari in the Heart of Africa.  Ways that you can save money on your African Dream Safari that includes Gorilla – Chimpanzee Trekking and Wildlife Game Drives, Hiking and Climbing in Uganda.  If you do not plan right you just might be flushing money down the Drain.

Practical Money Saving Tips for a Safari in Uganda – Safaris in Africa are an investment in you – an investment of  your time and money.  There is no need to flush your hard-earned if you make a few wise choices and hopefully our suggestions will be of help to you.

One thing is for certain, there is no such thing as a cheap Safari unless you enjoy dangling on the back of a Cross-Country truck and really roughing it with a bunch of hardy group of Backpackers and do not want to inhale a bunch of dust and diesel exhaust fumes.

Many people are under the false impression that a safari in Africa, a tour in Uganda is low in price. Africa may be the poorest continent on earth, but Safaris in Africa including in Uganda and Especially  Rwanda are not cheap. In spite that many advertise “cheap safaris” – there is no such thing as a cheap safari, we are not dealing in used Cars but the African Wild.

Safaris are an investment in yourself, expanding your horizon, seeing the animals of Africa in the wild instead of the confines of a zoo. The experience of the African safari is what it is all about and there are some ways you can cut the price of a safari coming closer to your budget without causing you to go broke.

Practical Money Saving Tips for a Safari in Uganda without Compromising the Quality of the Safari

 1. Avoid a Solo Safari – Go on Safari with Family or Friends:

Most of our requests for a Safari are not the kind that one can fit into a scheduled Group Safaris.  One reason we only do only Private Safaris.  There are Group Safaris in Uganda, they most often are a 3-day Gorilla Trekking Safari from Entebbe, a three-day Wildlife Safari and the like.  90% of our clients want to have a schedule, wishes that do not fit into the Group Safari mold.

Avoid a Solo Safari – Reduce the Cost of a Safari by going with a Buddy, Friend and share the Transportation Cost, avoid the higher cost of a single room.  We do a few of Solo Safaris each month and do our best to cut their costs.

If you go on safari with another couple or add a few friends you are sharing the basic cost of transportation reducing the per person price of a safari. At the same time, you are sharing one of the most exciting adventures, a safari in Africa with good friends.

 2. Use a Local – Licensed – Accredited Tour Operator and not a Travel Agent in your Country:

You can go online and everyone who is anyone and even no one can attempt to sell a Safari in Uganda.  A Travel Agency in New York, Seattle, London, Melbourne, Tokyo, Berlin makes a profit from you and so does the Ground Tour Operator in Uganda.

Deal directly with your own. legitimate, licensed Ugandan Tour Operator such as ourselves and you have just lowered the price of your Ugandan Safari

We live here, we work here, we know Uganda and Rwanda. We know when a lodge opens up and offers deals or when another one goes down in Quality.  We know the seasonal discounts we can get for you.  We know how to give you the Most Bang for your Buck, as they say in the USA.

Save Money by using a Ugandan Tour Operator

 3. Avoid Gimmick and Deceptive Price Practices

You will find Gorilla Safaris in Uganda advertised Cheap – You will find 3-Day Gorilla Trekking Prices advertised at less than what the permit alone costs  You will find stripped down Safaris where all you offered is Transport and often Questionable Lodging in a Scheduled Group Safari Tour – no variants to the itinerary, Just 18 hours on the Road – a bed, a breakfast that consists 2 egg, instant coffee, Toast and Blue Band Margarine.

A Safari for most is to be the experience of a lifetime, Gorilla Trekking has become the most expensive Tourist Activity in Africa, most look for a total experience that includes lodging that exceeds Motel Six.

The fault also lies with the Tourist.  They do not have an idea ofhat is value and what is not.  Some think that the Gorilla Permit is all there is to costing out a Safari.  They read the Bradt Guide which is excellent but its fault is that it is written for a Backpackers Audience that attempts to use local transport, jump on the back of some truck going their way.  This is not what most Gorilla Trekkers envision.

 4. Go on Safari during the Off-Season:

Off-Season means low Season, the rainy Seasons in Uganda.  It is a time where there are fewer visitors to Uganda.  Some of our clients think that the off-season, the Rainy Seasons are the best time of the year to visit Uganda.

Up-Market lodge have off-season discounts – the dates of such discounts vary from lodge to lodge, we automatically pass on the discounts to you, we also negotiate prices with selected lodges and pass those savings on to you.

Flights to and from Uganda will also be lower in price during the off-season months in Uganda.

The added benefit is that you have fewer people and in a way have Uganda to yourself on Safari.  Gorilla Treks, instead of the normal 8 participants there might be fewer on the day of your Trek.

It has been a trend with us, but Seniors for some reason, come on Safari during the off-season months, one reason they tell us is fewer Tourists.

 5.  Choose the Activities You like to do wisely – they impact the cost of your Safari:

Choosing the activities, the length of stay inside of each park, what you do in the parks are all part of the overall safari cost.

Once again choosing wisely will save your money on your safari. For example – in Uganda’s Game Parks – a guided Nature Walk Hike is 30 USD per person – a game drive is 20 USD total and per vehicle.

Nocturnal Walks add up since they have both a Nature Walk Fee and Daily entrance.  Choose wisely and save money.

Uganda has the lowest price on safe and secure Gorilla Trekking with its 600 USD permits.  The Democratic Republic of Congo is 400 USD, however, Security Advisories abound about traveling there and you will have a hard time finding a Travel Insurance that will cover you while there.  We do not take Clients there since their Safety is more important to us than our profit.

 6. Choose the Safari Vehicle:

Using a Toyota Land-Cruiser that has been converted for Safari use costs more than a four-wheel drive Toyota Safari Van that has been converted for Safari Use.

Both have a pop-up roof – both are a four-wheel drive – however, the Safari Van costs less on a per day basis in Uganda.  Once again the choice is yours and affects the cost of your safari.

The Majority of vehicles in used East Africa are Safari Vans. The daily cost for a Super Custom Toyota Van converted to Safari use is a lot less than a Toyota Land Cruiser or Prado.

The daily cost for a Custom Toyota Van converted to Safari use is a lot less than a Toyota Land Cruiser or a Prado.

Choose your vehicle wisely and safe money on the transport portion of the Safari.

 7.  Choose the Arrival Airport – it can make a difference in Cost and Time Saved:

There are options besides Entebbe International Airport in Uganda that make a difference in price and in drive times.  You can fly into one airport, such as Kigali International Airport and fly out of Entebbe at the end of your safari.

Our Fly into Rwanda and trek Gorillas in Uganda offering has been a hit.  Instead of an expensive domestic flight or lona g drive to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, we take you from Kigali to either Mgahinga Gorilla Park or Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

This is not advertised by the Uganda Tourism Board but something we have offered and promoted for years.

Convenience is the number one reason, but it also reduces the cost.

Fly into Kigali and Trek in Uganda is practical for most.

 Our Take on Saving Money on your Safari in Uganda

We try to create the Best Experience on a Safari in Uganda for you.  We care about the quality of your Safari.  We offer mid-range and luxury Safaris only because of quality reason.  We offer no budget or Shoestring since such often such Safaris turn out to not want the Safari Goer was wanting.

Fair Priced Value Mid-Range and luxury is what we offer, always with bathroom en-suite, things we think are basic comforts that most clients want.

We are not everyone’s Tour Operator – we do not attempt to be, we have fine-tuned what we do best, what we know and we stick with that at a Fair Price giving you Value plus.

For over a Decade we have created memorable Safaris in the Pearl of Africa.

Practical Money Saving Tips for a Safari in Uganda where your Money Stretches further and a Safari even with the most expensive African Tourist Activity, Gorilla Trekking is within reach.  Avoid a Solo Safari, Travel with a Friend, come during the off-season months of April, May also November and receive Discounts from Upmarket Lodges and the list goes on.