Planning Your Gorilla Honeymoon Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on September 20, 2018

Advice – Tips for Planning Your Gorilla Honeymoon Safari in the Heart of Africa

How to Plan your Gorilla Honeymoon Safar In Uganda-Rwanda

 Planning Your Gorilla Honeymoon Safari – It has been a busy time for you, there are the Wedding Plans and all that it involves and now planning the Honeymoon, of all Places, in Africa. Let us help you…we know the Heart of Afric – we live and work here.

Planning a Gorilla Honeymoon Safari is like creating a special celebratory meal – it takes the best ingredients – the finest spices, splashes of this or that and a lot of  meticulous planning, knowing and understanding what a honeymoon couple is looking for and desiring for their Gorilla Honeymoon Dream Safari in Uganda and Rwanda – that is what we do best.

We are all romantics at heart at Kabiza Wilderness Safaris,  our Team, thoughtfully design a tailor-made Honeymoon Safari that befits the two of you as you celebrate your journey ahead of you.  Africa, its Pearl Uganda, and the land of a Thousand Hills are just the right countries in the heart of Africa for your upcoming African Honeymoon Safari.

Our Honeymoon Safari team will get it take your input and weave it into the Romantic Honeymoon Safari Tapestry of your dreams.

Choices that are right for you:

 When planning your Gorilla Honeymoon Safari you need to consider cost.  Rwanda with its 1,500 USD is marketing itself as the Luxury Gorilla Destination or we like to call it the Nordstroms of Gorilla Tourism.  Uganda, on the other hand, is the T.J. Maxx of Gorilla Tourism with its 600 USD Gorilla Permits and Luxury Lodges that are considerably less than in Rwanda.  Uganda has also has the unique distinction in that it offers 4-Hours with a Gorilla Family on a Gorilla Habituation where you are not just a spectator but participant in the Process of Habituation.  Bwindi Impenetrable Forest was picked by Lonely Planet as one of the most unusual Honeymoon Hotspots in the World.  You Fly into Rwanda and Trek Gorillas in Uganda, the two gorilla Parks are a scenic 3 and 4-hour drive from the Airport saving you hundreds and thousands of dollars in Uganda where your Gorilla Honeymoon Dollar stretches further without compromise of quality.

Planning the Activities for your Honeymoon Safari

The list does not end here – the possibilities are endless for your African Honeymoon in Uganda – the Pearl of Africa or in Rwanda – the Land of a Thousand Hills

 Kabiza Wilderness specializes in Planning your Gorilla Honeymoon Safari in Uganda and Rwanda we give you our undivided attention, revise lodgings, activities with your input – we know Uganda and Rwanda Honeymoon are one of the things we love to do- we know what lodges are best for you, where you will have privacy yet attentive service, where those extra touches will be added to your time on your honeymoon Safari in Uganda.

A Honeymoon is a celebration and an African Honeymoon Safari should have that Celebratory Spirit to it…we know how to go about – Creating Your African Safari Honeymoon the memories of which will remain with you for years to come.

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