Planning Your African Honeymoon Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on May 14, 2017

Advice – Tips for Planning Your African Honeymoon Safari in Uganda – Rwanda

How to Plan your Honeymoon Safari in the Heart of Africa

It has been a busy time for you, there are the Wedding Plans and all that it involves and now planning the Honeymoon, of all Places, in Africa. Let us help you…

Planning Your African Honeymoon Safari in Uganda – Rwanda is like creating that special  celebratory meal – it takes the best ingredients – the finest spices, splashes of this or that and a lot of  meticulous planning, knowing and understanding what a honeymoon couple is looking for and desiring for their Honeymoon Dream Safari in Uganda and Rwanda – that is what we do best.

We are all romantics at heart at Kabiza Wilderness Safaris,  our Team, thoughtfully design a tailor-made Honeymoon Safari that befits the two of you as you celebrate your jouhat is ahead of you.  Africa, its Pearl Uganda, and the land of a Thousand Hills are just the right countries in the heart of Africa for your upcoming African Honeymoon Safari.

Our Honeymoon Safari team will get it take your input and weave it into the Romantic Honeymoon Safari of your dreams.

Gorilla Permit Notice for Rwanda:  

Rwanda has upped Gorilla Permits to an astonishing 1,500 USD as part of Remarkable Rwanda marketing the country as an upmarket destination.  The reason given  as the reknown conservationist Paul Goldstein reports,  was this “The Chief Executive Officer of the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Clare Akamanzi defended the rise with the tired old excuse of ‘sustainability’ and described seeing gorillas as a “highly unique experience.”

Uganda stills welcomes all travelers and at the right price of 600 usd per gorilla permit. A 900USD savings over Rwanda. Unlike Rwanda – Uganda is not for the financial elite only, but all African Travelers.

 It is a “highly unique experience”  but you do not have to pay the premium price now demanded by Rwanda.  Kabiza Wilderness Safaris welcomes Luxury – Moderate – Budget Travelers offering Gorilla Permits in Uganda at 900 usd less and offering the unique Gorilla Habituation Experience of 4 hours with a gorilla family at 1500 usd.

Planning Your African Honeymoon Safari in Uganda – Rwanda means:

 Romantic Surprises await you:

We have some special surprises that add those extra touches to your Honeymoon safari.  Our Honeymoon Safari Staff are Romantics at heart and we like to add unique, one of a kind surprises such as a Romantic Picnic lunch at the most powerful waterfall in the world, Murchison Falls.

An outside soaking tub for two at the most remote romantic Lodge in Uganda, Apoka Safari Lodge in Kidepo Valley Park or on top of one of the Mountains that cook, just above a crater lake on Mount Muhabura, one of the Virunga Volcanoes.

Paddle to a remote island in an ancient dugout canoe and explore one of the islands with a lunch on Lake Mutanda or Lake Bunyonyi. That is just the beginning…of our surprises.

Romantic Lodges and Accommodations:

We handpick Romantic Lodges  for you that befit your honeymoon celebration while on your African Honeymoon Dream Safari.

Uganda and Rwanda both have hotels and lodges where a stay there is not just a bed for the night, but an experience in itself.

You can stay on a private Island that is located on the River Nile, a Cottage on a sandy beach, studded with palm trees, a scenic crater lake lodge, or small, intimate camp where some of your visitors range from lions to hippos.  Luxurious lodges across Uganda and Rwanda that are beyond your imagination and that in the wilds of Africa.

Planning the Activities for your Honeymoon Safari

The list does not end here – the possibilities are endless for your African Honeymoon in Uganda – the Pearl of Africa or in Rwanda – the Land of a Thousand Hills.

 Kabiza Wilderness specializes in Honeymoon Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda we give you our undivided attention, revise lodgings, activities with your input – we know Uganda and Rwanda Honeymoon are one of the things we love to do- we know what lodges are best for you, where you will have privacy yet attentive service, where those extra touches will be added to your time on your honeymoon Safari in Uganda.

A Honeymoon is a celebration and an African Honeymoon Safari should have that Celebratory Spirit to it…we know how to go about – Creating Your African Safari Honeymoon the memories of which will remain with you for years to come.

We do not offer one size fits all safari tour package and try to sell it as a honeymoon safari -our Honeymoon Safari Team,  with your input create that Honeymoon Safari that will simply be for you…we have more Honeymoon Safari information online than any other Tour Company in Uganda or Rwanda and our Honeymoon Coordinator will take the safari and add those special touches to make your time in the heart of Africa a memorable experience.

 Winnie Ninsiima-Our Honeymoon Safari Coordinator:

Once you have decided on your honeymoon safari, our honeymoon coordinator goes to work making your Safari a reality beyond the written safari itinerary. Winnie takes a safari beyond mere words but makes it come alive.

She knows how to add those romantic touches that take your itinerary from being just a safari and turn it into that African Dream Honeymoon Safari.

She coordinates with the lodges your preferences in Mind and lets them know that you are coming to Africa for your honeymoon, She adds those special romantic surprises that set your safari apart from others.

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