Packing for your Trip to Uganda

Posted by on March 30, 2016

Practical Advice for Packing for your Trip to Uganda

Don’t pack the Kitchen Sink – Just essentials for your Trip

What do I pack for a trip to Uganda?

Packing for your Trip to UgandaPacking for your Trip to Uganda:  Packing for Uganda begins with the right suitcases or suitcase. It also depends where you coming from. If you are coming from North America you get to bring 2 suitcases and 50 pounds each, from Europe it is almost half that.

It means one has to be practical and take in mind what your plans are once you arrive in Africa, where you will be going and what you will be doing while here.

For the parts of East Africa where I live it is advisable that you pack what you will need while in Africa. If you are coming here on an African Safari that is one thing, if you are coming as a short term volunteer that is another.

For one thing in Uganda the voltage is 240. That means that anything that plugs into 110 volts in North America, leave at home. It would be good to get a plug-in that converts your plug to fit the British kind which is used in East Africa. Enough said lets begin packing.

Suitcases: Two allowed, but a piece of advice, keep all medicine, electronic equipment, battery chargers, camera equipment in the carry on. Also put one set of clothing if the unthinkable happens that your luggage is temporarily lost.  If you are packing for a safari – think of a duffel bag type suitcase.

Money Belt: One that will allow you to carry your passport also. Do not wear your money on the outside of your clothing.


Jeans and Trousers:  I wear jeans here, most Africans wear jeans when it comes to leisure. I like the way they hide the dirt, especially the red clay dust that is here, much better than khaki trousers. If you do have some khaki trousers, bring them also. But for safari walks, keep it light and loose.

Light Shirts and Blouses:  T-Shirts are easy to pack and come in handy for many things such as traveling to a safari destination and going on game drives. I on the other hand will often wear long-sleeved shirts since I find that they protect better from insects and even sunburn.

Sweater and Jackets: Not needed for most safaris and general stay in Uganda except if you are going to the Rwenzori Mountains or Mount Elgon, even Bwindi Impenetrable Forest for Gorilla Tracking early in the morning.

Skirts: Made of cotton, nothing synthetic since that will simply cause you to sweat more.

Socks and underwear: Once again it is best that they are made from natural fabrics since again it is the heat and this way you have less of a chance for heat rash.

Shoes: Good leather shoes, sandals, and a lightweight pair of Hiking boots if you will doing some hiking and gorilla tracking (trekking).

Photographic Equipment:  If you are using film, bring it along. It is much more expensive here. Batteries, bring rechargeable ones, most chargers can take the local voltage if you have plug-in that fits here (UK plug) You can buy a converter plug if you do not have the UK kind.

Toilet Bag:  Anti-bacterial soap (though you can buy several kind here) including Lifebuoy and Protect anti-bacterial soaps. Bring a good razor (Gillette is high here and there are many fake ones including Gilleti)toothbrush, shampoo. Most of these items can be easily bought here including feminine hygiene products. Cutters of Off insect repellent the best insect repellent being the Australian Product RID.

First Aid Kit:  Include band-aids, antiseptic, Imodium, aspirin and any other things your consider necessary.

Small Flashlight:   Is a good thing to have a long, the power goes out often at least for a few minutes until generators kick in.

Binoculars:  If you are going on Safari. Or if you are going birding and make it a good pair – those cheap ones will leave you disappointed.

Small gifts such as T-Shirts: For Ugandan Friends that you might meet here. Hard candy for kids is always a hit. Deflated soccer balls, children books –paperbacks.

Packing for your Trip to Uganda -Forget all the fancy gadgets they sell you in airports, they are for the most part useless. Bring a few books on Uganda instead. Coming to Uganda to take a safari – There is specific Packing for an African Safari in Uganda.

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