Packing for your flying safari in Uganda

Posted by on December 3, 2018

Keep it light and in a Duffle-Bag while on a Flying Safari in Uganda

Packing for your flying safari in Uganda -30 pounds is the limit for a Flying Safari

Packing for your flying safari in Uganda– The Pearl of Africa: Flying Safaris mean saving time over a road trip but it also means  what you carry on a plane is less than you would in a vehicle – the luggage weight limit on flying safaris is 15 kilograms. Packing only the essentials is the key- only the things that you will need for the activity or activities you will be doing such as Gorilla and Chimpanzee Trekking, Hiking, Volcano Climbing

The suitcase of Choice is a Duffle Bag – Aerolink or Fly-Uganda recommend them due to easier storage on the flight.  On scheduled Safari is space is available extra luggage may be allowed at 6 USD a Kilogram.

We can store luggage for you until you return from your flying Safari and meet you with it at the airport.  Packing most anytime is hard for most of us, packing for a Flying Safari in Uganda is even harder but done by hundreds each year without regret.

Packing for your flying safari in Uganda – keep it to the essentials that you ned related to your activities that you will be doing on your Flying Safari in Uganda.

Packing for your flying safari in Uganda – Start out with the right soft-bag, duffle-bag – sturdy, rugged, keep away  from blue or black bags – they show the African dust rather quickly – on a flying safari you should not use a hard suitcase with wheels – a sturdy, quality duffle-bag is just right since it will be squished and squashed into the plane hold- take your sensitive equipment like cameras on board to your seat.

Since it is best to keep it light in the suitcase, wear the heaviest of clothing including light-weight boots,  (especially if you are gorilla tracking volcano climbing), rain-jacket, hat.

Flying safaris are about comfort and speed of travel but take a bit more planning as to what to bring along on the flight.  Extra luggage can be stored by Kabiza Wilderness Safaris or it will be brought along in the vehicle in most cases and you will be met with it at arrival.  On some flying safaris that will not be possible.

Enjoy your time in the Pearl of Africa…

Packing for your flying safari in Uganda – Helpful Advice

 Packing for your African Safari in Uganda

The above link is packing for a Safari in general.  It will give you some helpful ideas as to what to pack

One cannot stress enough that you should pack to prepared for the activity you will be doing while you are on your flying Safari in the Pearl of Africa with us.

If you need something that you did not pack, if possible we will find it for you locally, tough that can be a real challenge at times

Pack Light and Right with the Essentials for your Flying Safari in Uganda.

What do you need to pack for your Fly-In Safari in Uganda You are preparing for your African Safari in Uganda and the words light and right should be foremost on your mind.

Pack the Essentials

 What to wear while Gorilla Tracking in Uganda

Dressing Smart for your Gorilla Trek in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda.  The right Gorilla Wear, right Gorilla Gear is essential for your comfort.

What to wear and take along while Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda The word Bwindi means Impenetrable – so Bwindi in fact is doubly impenetrable meaning that one has to be prepared for the Gorilla Tracking Adventure.

You are in Equatorial Africa – one would think that shorts, a tank top would do, not at ll, when it comes to Gorilla Trekking it is about protecting yourself

What to wear on Safari in Uganda 

Safari Clothing Tips for Uganda Keep it simple – Plain and Practical for your comfort while on Safari in Uganda A difference between Uganda and other countries in Africa is the location – though located on the equator – Uganda is higher in elevation than most countries and more bio-diverse.

 Our Take:

When Packing for your flying safari in Uganda just keep it to the essentials. In our advice we do not tell you two of this or three of that, from experience we keep it to what you will need for the activities you will be on while on your flying Safari in the Pearl of Africa.

A key to do it right is to wear on your flight what you will be using on an activity such as Gorilla Trekking.  Most of our Fly-In Safaris head from Entebbe to Southwest Uganda for Gorilla Trekking or to the remote Kidepo Valley park in the northeastern undiscovered Karamoja Region of Uganda.  Hiking is usually done in both areas meaning that you should wear your boots on your flight.  Common sense is all one needs to pack for a fly-n Safari in Uganda.

Packing for your flying safari in Uganda -If you have any questions – please contact us.