One of a Kind Experiential Activities only found in Uganda

Posted by on August 22, 2017

Out of the Ordinary – One of a Kind Experiences only found in Uganda

One of a Kind Experiential Activities for those that want Out of the Ordinary adventurous – unusual wildlife encounters

One of a Kind Experiential Activities only found in Uganda.  Activities beyond the norm, most off of the One of a Kind Experiential Activitiesbeaten path and not included in most Ugandan Tour Packages offered by various Safari Operators.  The African Traveler today is looking for unique and one of a kind experience not found on a normal Safari Tour of Uganda.

Experiential Adventures  -Out of the Ordinary, one of a kind experiences that tourists find a delight.  Gorilla Habituation Experiences are just one example.  Today over 60% of our Gorilla Safari Clients choose the unique Gorilla Habituation Experience which is 4 hours with a Gorilla Family on an all day Trek.

One of a Kind Experiential Activities only found in Uganda – Kabiza Wilderness Safaris is an experiential Tour Operator in Uganda and unique experiences are something we are always on the lookout for.

Below is a compilation of some of the best and most Out of the Ordinary, often off the beaten track activities that you can choose from, most only found in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

One of a Kind Experiential Activities only found in Uganda

Gorilla Habituation Experience:

No other country with Mountain Gorillas offers this one of a kind experience where you are for four hours with a Gorilla Family in the Rushaga Area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest  The Permit Cost is 1500 USD instead of the normal permit price of 600 USD.  This is an all day trek and you are with researchers, trackers, rangers that give you insights that you would not receive on a normal Gorilla Trek.

There are only 4 participants allowed instead of 8 making it much more intimate  The two gorilla families have been habituated for some time making them used to humans and they are no longer shy when visitors come to visit them.

This activity must be well-planned ahead of time since there is only a total of 8 visitors allowed for the two groups.

Chimpanzee Habituation Experience:

Kibale Forest is the best place in Uganda for the Chimpanzee Habituation Experience.  You are with a Chimpanzee Group all day long on the habituation experience and you see more than chimpanzee while in this tropical rainforest which is where the Central African Jungle meets East Africa.

There are 1500 Chimpanzees in this forest, plus other primates.  Here you are in the company of researchers, trackers, and rangers and it is another truly only in Uganda experience that you will not forget soon.

There are only 6 people in total allowed on the all-day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience.  It must be booked well in advance of the safari in order to make sure that you have a spot during your time in the Pearl of Africa.

Golden Monkey Habituation Experience:  

Golden Monkeys are only found in the Virunga Volcano Foothills, in Uganda that means Mgahinga Gorilla Park where there are 3 of the Volcanoes.

The Golden Monkey Habituation Experience is only offered in Uganda’s Mgahinga Gorilla Park.  It is 5 hours spent with the hyperactive, yet quite beautiful, endangered Golden Monkeys.  They are most often found in the bamboo forests of the park.

You will find them quite active, scurrying around you and overhead in the trees.  Their coats are beautiful and their colors and faces unique.

Uganda has the most when it comes to Golden Monkeys, they are being studied since they are reproducing in insufficient numbers, you on your day with them will learn a lot and delight in their presence.

Lion Tracking Research – Queen Elizabeth Park:

The Uganda Carnivore Project goes out twice a day to research collared lions and other carnivores found in the northern end of Queen Elizabeth Park.

Most go on the early Lion Tracking Research that is with scientists and researchers.  You will see lions and leopards but also learn about their ways and habits, even names that have been given to them.  It is more expensive than a normal game drive but well worth the investment.

The Uganda Carnivore Project saves one lion at t time.  They also educated the local communities as to how to live in harmony with the Carnivores without poisoning or hunting them down.

The Lion Tracking Research is a most rewarding one of a kind activity in Uganda that will add on to the unusual memories made here.

The Banded Mongoose Research Project takes place on the Mweya Peninsula stretches into the Kazinga Channel in the northern Mweya section of Queen Elizabeth Park.

It is a 3 to 4-hour long activity and involves a hike on the Mweya Peninsula to the research station where scientists have been studying and researching the Band of humorous brothers for years.

In 2017 a new study came out regarding their mating, territorial fights between different groups and other unique habits.

This activity is not on the map of most but those who go on the hike, love it.

We can arrange your safari to include it.

Off-the-Beaten Track:

Uganda for Visitors most often will be places that are familiar such as Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Queen Elizabeth Park, Murchison Falls Park.

There are Roads less traveled such as the one to one of Africa’s Best Parks, Kidepo Valley Park that receives less than 10 visitors each day in the remote Karamoja Region in the Northeast of Uganda.  Here you discover Africa as it used to be.

Meet one of the most remote Tribes in Africa, the Ik People, living in villages high up on an extinct Volcano, Mount Morungole.  Just two examples from our compilation of off the beaten track places in the Pearl of Africa, which are more one of a kind experiences in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

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