Essential Two Must Haves for Gorilla Trekking-a Porter and Walking Stick

Posted by on August 8, 2019

Must-Haves for Gorilla Trekking – a Porter and Walking Stick

Two Things that will free you on a Gorilla – Chimpanzee Trek, Hike, Climb – a Porter and Walking Stick

 What you cannot go without  -the Two Must-Haves for Gorilla Trekking – a Porter and Walking Stick- you will need both on your Trek into Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Volcanoes National Park. A Gorilla Trek is not a walk in the Park, but the terrain can be tough to navigate, and most of us need a bit of help from a Friend. Gorilla Trekking is not a stroll in the park. The walking stick and porters will be appreciated by most.

Use a Ugandan or Rwandan Porter, add to that a walking stick and you are set for an encounter of a lifetime – one hour with the gorillas or the Gorilla Habituation Experience which is an all-day adventure with 4 hours with the Mountain Gorillas being Habituated.

Must-Haves for Gorilla Trekking – A Porter to carry your daypack, a walking stick to steady yourself while Gorilla Trekking, you will be glad that you used both of them at the end of your Gorilla Trek.

The walking stick and the assistance of a porter are needed when climbing the Volcanoes in Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

Two Must-Haves for Gorilla Trekking – a Porter and Walking Stick – You will be glad you followed out Advice:

Using a Porter for your Gorilla Trek?

 The answer is simple – it frees you to concentrate on the Trek, your surroundings, and the gorillas themselves.  Your pack may not feel heavy, but 5 hours through the underbrush of a rainforest can change that rather quickly.

It is not demeaning to engage the services of a porter – it empowers the porter to make a living, pay school fees, rent, buy food, and more.  The cost of a porter is $20, which is a small price to pay compared to the benefits Porters gives freedom to your experience trekking the gorillas.
Using a porter makes your trek more enjoyable, freeing you up to move more comfortably through the often thick vegetation. Your porter remains with you throughout the trek and will help you cross the trickier parts of the trails and get anything from your bag that you may need.
 Ask any porter what it means to carry your things, and they say, a job with dignity, instead of toiling in the fields for a pittance.
Ask any Visitor as to what it means to engage the services of a porter.  Most often they would tell you that it was most helpful to have a porter, the 15 to 20 USD was well worth spent and that the porter made the difference by making your load lighter and enhancing the Gorilla Trek Experience.
Even if you are young and agile – use a porter and invest in the life and future of a Ugandan.

 Why use a Walking Stick on a Gorilla Trek:

The answer once again is simple – it frees you, it steadies your time on the Gorilla Trek, it gives you balance and employs a Ugandan or Rwandan who makes them.

 There is the plain walking stick that most often is about 5 feet in height. There is the more ornamental, carved walking stick that makes an excellent souvenir of your gorilla trek in Uganda or Rwanda.
You can purchase a walking stick at the beginning of your trek, obtain it free of charge from some lodges or buy an ornamental one at a souvenir shop, in any case – do not trek without it.
You can take your walking stick with you on the safari and use it Chimpanzee Trekking or hiking while in Uganda.

Two Must-Haves for Gorilla Trekking – a Porter and Walking Stick-