More Time with the Primates-Gorillas-Chimpanzees-Golden Monkeys in Uganda

Posted by on January 4, 2019

Spending More Time with the Primates in Uganda

Only in Uganda – longer Visits-More Time with Gorillas – Chimpanzees – Golden Monkeys

 More Time with the Primates  – At the end of a Gorilla Trek in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest we have often heard  “I wanted more than one hour with the Gorillas.”  In Kibale Forest Tracking the Chimpanzees you will hear “I wanted it to last longer,” and in Mgahinga Gorilla Park you will hear the same ” I wish my Golden Monkey Visit had been longer.” 

Many Primate Trekkers Want more time with Primates in Uganda which is the only Country where it is possible to be with Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys for more than one hour.

Please Note:  Being on a Habituation Experience means that you are not just an observer, it is beyond more time, it means that you are an active participant in the process called Habituation which is getting the primates used to being the presence of Humans.  Always remember that you visiting the Primates in their living quarters which is the wild and the predictable in the Wild becomes unpredictable which is part of your primate adventure only in Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

Permits:  Spending more time with the Primates is all dependent on permit availability and there are fewer Habituation Permits that are available which means planning,  Planning ahead by 6 to 9 months, being flexible with the dates of your time on Habituation Safari in Uganda.  We take the Hassle out of the Permit Process for you, but need your flexibility.  This is especially important when planning for mid-June through October and Mid-December through March of the year.

Spending More Time with the Primates -only in Uganda

 More Time with Gorillas:

In Uganda, you can spend 4-Hours with a Gorilla Family visiting them in their home in the Forest and see them for 240 Minutes along with Researchers and Park Staff on an exclusive Gorilla Habituation Experience in the Rushaga Area in the Southern area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest which is home to the largest number of Mountain Gorillas in Africa.

This is especially beneficial for photographers needing those extra pictures, that extra angle, or the extra shot.   Primate Enthusiasts love their time with the Gentle Giants of the forest and have no regrets about paying 1,500 USD for a permit.  Not only do you have 4-hours on an all-day-trek, you have only 4 Visitors allowed to a group and there is only one group presently for the Gorilla Habituation, meaning that you are joining an exclusive Gorilla Habituation Experience Trekkie Group.

Private Gorilla Habituation Experience –private Gorilla Habituation Experience. You can have your own   Where it is just you, rangers, trackers and the Gorillas without other participants.  This takes extra planning, needs your flexibility as to dates, but can be done.

Find out more about the Gorilla Habituation Experience

 More Time with Chimpanzees:

You can be with a Chimpanzee Group for the day, from the break of dawn until the late afternoon. As of January 2018, there is the normal CHEX – Chimpanzee Habituation Experience which is a sure thing.

For the Active Adventurer who is willing to be on the move, there is the Buraiga Chimpanzee Group. The Permit Cost is even below normal Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale Forest. We do not recommend the Buraiga Group unless you want to spend the whole day following this somewhat more elusive group.

There are 1,500 Chimpanzees in Kibale Forest and you will have definitely have more time with them on the exclusive Habituation Experience.

Find out more about the Chimpanzee Habituation Experience:

 More Time with Golden Monkeys:

The Golden Monkeys of the Virunga Volcanoes often overlooked by Trekkers and Visitors.

For those that spend time with a large Group of them being habituated it is a Thrilling Experience as you watch the beautiful, rare, endangered monkeys in the Bamboo Forest of Mgahinga Gorilla Park for 4 hours on a 6-hour trek along the Virunga Massif on the Ugandan Side of it.

The Golden Monkeys in Uganda are not to be confused with the Chinese Golden Monkeys.  They are quite different.

Find out more about the Golden Monkey Habituation Experience:

 More Time with the Primates in Uganda, there are at least 3 different major ones, however, this is Africa’s Primate Destination where you will see much more as you spend time with the Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and Golden Monkeys.

We offer Safaris with all three experiences plus Wildlife, Volcano Climbing and Stunning Scenery of the Gorilla Highlands where the Gorillas live, the Crater Lakes, the Western Rift and more.

In Uganda, and only in Uganda – you can have  More Time with the Primates.  Primate Habituation Safaris mean that you plan well in advance of your trip here since there are limited spaces available with the Gentle Giants, our closest Cousins the Chimpanzees and those lovable Golden Monkeys.

We look forward to serving you in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa and Africa’s Premier Primate Destination.