Mobile Phones for Visitors to Uganda – Rwanda

Posted by on April 5, 2016

Mobile – Cell Phone Advice for Uganda – Rwanda Visitors

Mobile Phones for Visitors – Keep in Touch with Home and Friends – incoming calls free.

Mobile Phones for Visitors – Visitors to Uganda and Rwanda always ask about cell phone usage in Uganda since they would like to stay  in touch with home using their mobile phones. Most visitors will simply use their phone from home and pay enormous roaming charges upon receiving their next bill once they arrive back home. Plus if they make a call locally in Uganda or Rwanda using their US, UK, Australian phone there will be roaming charges that go through the roof.

There is a simpler way – bring an unlocked mobile phone that will work on the local Ugandan or Rwandan system that has 900 1800 megahertz frequency. Those coming from North America are in luck if they have a (unlocked) quad cell phone. If your phone will not work locally than you can do something simple go to a mobile provider like MTN and buy their cheapest phone like a Kabiriti for about 15 usd, a Sim card comes with it, buy some airtime for 40 cents on upward and you are back in touch with the world.

A local sim card is one of the easiest things to obtain in Uganda or Rwanda. The benefits are multiple and it is easy. You can buy a Sim card at most any street corner and you will see signs such as Zain-now Airtel, MTN, Warid, UTL also called Mango and Orange. MTN is the largest service provider for mobile cell phones in Uganda.

In Rwanda there are 3 major mobile phone service providers MTN – Airtel and Tigo – MTN being the largest provider of mobile phone service and internet.

If you have a local phone with local sim card in Rwanda, Uganda or Kenya there will be no roaming charges if you use the phone in any of the three neighboring countries. Meaning that you can use one phone with a sim card purchased in Rwanda, Uganda and or Kenya and there are no roaming charges when used in the other countries listed.

Mobile Phones for Visitors – the Benefits:

  • Sim Card purchase is easy 1 to 2 USD.
  • Sim Cards require registration – a passport or a Ugandan or a Rwandan doing it for you.
  • No Yearly Contract No Monthly fees
  • Call Waiting can be added
  • Voice Mail can be added free with some providers such as MTN
  • Add airtime by buying airtime at any store, street vendor, or even while stopped in traffic from vendors.
  • You have a local Ugandan or Rwandan Mobile Number
  • Free Incoming calls including from Overseas such as your home in Europe, Asia, North America, Australia.
  • Low cost Text messages – including international ones. Cost varies between 5 cents and 10 cents
  • A local phone call will run you around 8 cents a minute, an International one from 12 to 30 cents a minute. People can however call you back from overseas and if they use a calling card it can run from overseas as low as 12 cents a minute.
  • Money Transfers by mobile phone: Some companies now offer in country money transfer which requires you signing up for the money transfer system with a company such as MTN or AirTel. Receive Money from abroad with services such as WorldRemit – takes 5 hours to receive in Uganda on an MTN phone
  • If your phone has an Internet capability, especially a smart phone – you can surf the Internet via your cell phone.
  • Internet Access for your laptop via your Mobile Cell Phone in Uganda or Rwanda
  • Money Transfer called Mobile Money including Money sent to you via your Mobile Phone using Western Union.  Online WorldRemit can also be used 24 hours a day – works with MTN.

There are some who simply need to connect 24/7 to the Internet and you can do just that in Uganda or Rwanda. At MTN Mobile Internet Anywhere is ready available and in just a few minutes you will be on line. Any MTN, Orange Service will add the capability to your sim card for one month subscription for a reasonable price. It is not the fastest speed in the world but you can check your emails, surf the net and do anything else you need on line like checking into Facebook and Twitter or update your blog from Uganda or Rwanda. You need a phone that is unlocked, works on 900/1800 Megahertz frequency and 3 g capacity.

Benefits of having a 3-G or better Dongle connected to your laptop or tablet:

  • You can use Skype to talk for free to family and friends back home. A simple headset with microphone is all that is needed. Usually the connection is strong enough to support it.
  • Internet access 24/7
  • Low Cost for one month. More expensive than using and Internet Cafe, but a lot more convenient.
  • Access Email, Facebook, Twitter from Uganda or Rwanda
  • Update your Blog or website via your laptop connection.
  • Check your Bank account etc.
  • More secure than an Internet Cafe.

Internet Access for Visitors to Uganda and or Rwanda
A local Ugandan Sim Card will enhance your visit to Uganda in many ways and provide you with the convenience of staying in touch with home and allow them to call you here in Uganda at no cost to you…Enjoy your stay in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda…

If you have questions regarding Mobile Phones for Visitors to Uganda and Rwanda please contact us.