Latest Travel Advice for Tourists Visiting Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Posted by on November 6, 2019

Up to Date Travel Advisories – Advice & Information for Visitors to Uganda

Your Latest Travel Advice for Tourists Visiting Uganda on a Safari

 Here is your Latest Travel Advice for Tourists Visiting Uganda on a Safari.  The latest information regarding Safety, Security, Health, and Well-Being that you need to know. The no-spin up to date information that a Traveler might need or is concerned about.

The No-Spin Reality at present in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda is addressing concerns that visitors to Uganda might have. We cut across excited news-reports, anecdotal blogs, and Travel Forum Posts to give you the peace of mind.

This page will be updated when changes that affect travelers to Uganda, whether they are regarding entry into Uganda for Tourists, Safety-Security Concerns, and Health-related issues.

Often what you might read in Europe, North America, or other parts of the world about Uganda will differ what you find upon arrival to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, and one of the Friendliest and Welcoming countries on the African Continent.

 November 6-2019 -Avoid Protests-Political Demonstrations and Rallies:

The presidential elections do not take place until February 2021 but already rallies, demonstrations, have taken place. Opposition rallies rarely are permitted and are shut down by the police and military. Uganda is a Democracy, however, it is an African Democracy. Uganda has a multi-party system, however, the ruling party is deeply entrenched at every level of society.

African is an interpretation of Democracy that often will differ from what you might be used to. Criticism of the government and its president is accepted in Uganda within reason unlike in neighboring Rwanda.

Demonstrations such as a recent student strike at the esteemed Makarere University were dealt with quite firmly by the government. There were responses by the police and military that resulted in arrests including a Military Police Captain.

We are a Tour Operator and a political commentator. The safety and wellbeing of our clients come first. We keep our clients out of Kampala at present. The new road system allows us to do so. We also do not use hotels in downtown Kampala but in less turbulent Entebbe and in the suburbs of Kampala.

October 12 – 2019 – Anti-Gay Bill is not being revived:

The Minister of Ethics, Simon Lokodo announced on October 10 that he was reintroducing the Anti-Gay Bill, often referred to as “Kill the Gays Bill” in the Western Press in Parliament. This made instant headlines around the World. Two days later the Government announced contrary to Minister Lokodo that there was no reintroduction planned by the government. That, however, did not make headlines around the world,

The anti-gay bill has cost Uganda’s Millions of Dollars in lost Tourism Income, Aid and Grants from governments and institutions.

Even the suggestion of a reviving the Anti-Gay Bill hurts Uganda’s Image and pocketbook.

The Anti-Gay Bill was rescinded by the Supreme Court due to a technicality. There are no plans to revive it by the powers up high in Uganda at the present.

Generally, Africans have a very different viewpoint than Westerners on LGBT issues. Visitors, however, are welcomed and discretion is advised.

 October 4 – 2019 – FDLR Rebels kill 14 near Volcanoes National Park – Rwanda

FDLRRrebels from the Democratic Republic of Congo entered Rwanda through Volcanoes National Park and killed 14 Rwandans. Rwandan Security Forces repelled the attackers. 19 Rebels were murdered, and Five were killed. No Tourists were harmed, and no Tourist Facilities were attacked.

Rwanda has put stringent security measures to prevent the re-occurrence of this event. Extra Levels of security have also been added to lodges and hotels and the Park Headquarters.

This was the second attack in the area. The last one was in December of 2018 when two Rwandan Soldiers were killed. Rwanda also has had rebels near Nyungwe Forest, where they attacked several Villages. Again no tourists were involved.

Uganda is the only Mountain Gorilla Destination without Guerrillas, just Gorillas.

August 14 – 2019-Gorilla Permit Price increases $100 to $700 July 1, 2020

The Uganda Gorilla Permit Price increases to $700 effective July 1-2020. Here is how you can keep the permit price at $600  for your 2020 Safaris with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris in Uganda.

  • Book your Safari before June 30th, 2020
  • Make your down payment before June 10th, 2020 which includes the Gorilla Permit
  • Act and Book now and save $100 on each Gorilla Permit for a safari anytime in 2020

Any Safari booked for 2020 before June 30, 2020, will have a $600 Gorilla Trekking Permit.  Down Payment must be made before June 10th, 2020, to beat the price increase deadline of June 30, 2020. We know how to circumvent the permit price increase for the 2020 Calendar Year, but you have to act now.

Any Safari booked after June 30, 2020, will reflect the $700 Gorilla Permit Price – Book your 2020 Safari before June 30, 2020, with us and beat the price increase. 

Here is Your Latest Travel Advice for Tourists Visiting Uganda on a Safari

 Uganda is Ebola Free – October 14, 2019,

The World Health Organization and the Ugandan Ministry of Health states that Uganda continues to be Ebola Free.

Ebola had entered Uganda from the Democratic Republic Congo on June 9th, 2019.  Three Patients died.  All those that they had been in contact with were monitored for 21 days.  No other cases of Ebola were registered.

This is excellent news for Ugandans and Tourists alike. If you want more information, we provide it for you here with the latest.

The Uganda-Border Situation and Tourists:

The Ugandan Border is closed for Rwandans, for incoming commercial goods from Uganda. Though there will be a two-week reprieve in June of 2019 as Rwanda will allow Trucks to once again cross the border freely from Uganda.

Note- Tourism Traffic has not been hindered for Ugandan Tour Operators such as ourselves that pick their Clients up in Kigali, or Kigali International Airport and take them on Safari in Uganda. No Ugandan Tourist vehicle has been blocked crossing the Ugandan-Rwandan Border in either Direction.

Rwanda blocking its border with Rwanda has resulted in Travel Advisories being issued by some countries such as France, Canada, Australia against Rwanda. We think that the Travel Advisories were erroneously and hastily released. For More Detailed information read

 Entebbe Expressway Nighttime Security:

The Entebbe Expressway is a time-saving road connection between Kampala and Entebbe.  It is a modern Chinese built four-lane highway. It has dramatically reduced the drive time for travelers from Kampala to Entebbe. The final leg is being completed in July of 2019.  If you look at the picture, the lights are absent.  That absence of lighting has attracted criminals to do their deeds, including some incidents of robbery with those arriving at Entebbe International Airport at night.

Security has been dramatically increased; however, the prudent and safe thing to do, unless you are being transported by one of the major hotels, is to avoid the Entebbe Expressway at night.  That is precisely what we have done with our clients.  It is not a significant problem, but it has happened on a few occasions.

Lights along the Entebbe Expressway have been promised, which will make a  difference.  In the meantime, increased security by the Police and Local Defense Units has acted as a deterrent to incidents.

Staying at an Entebbe Hotel is a safe and sound alternative both for arrival and departure.

 Uganda-Safety and Security for Travelers in light of the April 2019 of an American Tourist and Driver:

Kimberly Sue Endicott and her driver were kidnapped by Ugandan Criminals and were released after five days of captivity in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo. The question frequently asked, “Am In safe on a Safari in Uganda:”  The other less asked question is, “How can I avoid being kidnapped on Safari in Uganda?”

Uganda was and is secure for Travelers on a Safari.  Since the kidnapping, Park security has been ramped up a few notches involving Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers, the Ugandan Military, Police, and Tourism Police.

Your Safety and Security is on the mind of everyone involved in Ugandan Tourism.  Some Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers are receiving specialized training from the US Military during June in 2019. All of us want you to have a Hakuna Matata- Worry-Free Safari in the Pearl of Africa. For practical steps that you can take combined with what Uganda is doing to keep you safe on safari, we have advice you can read here.

 Political Demonstrations and Election Campaigning in Uganda:

Though the Presidential Election is not until 2021, enthusiastic campaigning is well underway in one form or another.  We, as a tour operator, keep you away from all demonstrations. Political Rallies take place mostly in Kampala and a few other towns such as Entebbe, Jinja, Mbarara, Mbale.  Parks are away from cities, and if there is a rally of one kind of another, we avoid going there.

Political Demonstrations make International News, and that news is often slanted, and the person writing about an event in Uganda is based in Nairobi or Johannesburg. We are not reporters, nor are we politicians.  Our Staff does not wear the color red of the opposition, or yellow of the party in power.  We wear the neutral color of Khaki = with the Ugandan Flag on it since it is the country we are passionate about.  For more about advice on the stormy winds of Election in Uganda – read more here.

 Uganda Tourist Visa on Arrival:

Often there is confusing, outdated, and conflicting information when it comes to the Ugandan Tourist Visa.  Uganda would prefer it to be all online. It, however, has not worked out as planned by the Ugandan Immigration Department.

Foreign Embassies, at times, do not have the correct information in regards to the Visa.  At times we receive emails telling us we are wrong about Visa on arrival in Uganda.  We would not mislead our clients coming on a safari.

The test that will show you that you can get a visa on arrival is quite simple.  Check with the Airline that you are using to fly to Uganda.  You have the choice of online or on arrival. Most choose the latter.

Does obtaining an online Ugandan Visa speed up the process upon landing.  The answer is no.  You still have to stand in immigration lines, get the actual visa stamped into your passport.  The choice is yours.

 Fraudulent Visa Services:

If you want a Visa ahead of Arrival, you can obtain both a Ugandan Tourist Visa or the East African Visa directly Uganda Immigration Services.

You can also obtain your Visa on Arrival.  Do not use Uganda Authorization Services.  That is a fraudulent and questionable third-party provider.

Most often, you pay a lot of money and receive nothing in return. They have an official-looking website. However, they are not based in Uganda but Spain.

Other companies have cropped up recently, do not use them. If you do so, you do so at your own risk.

In 2019, you can obtain a visa online or on arrival either at Entebbe International Airport or at the border entering Uganda.  The process of getting a visa on arrival is hassle-free.

 The Latest Travel Advice for Tourists Visiting Uganda the Pearl of Africa – You can bookmark this page and check back for the latest updates, changes having to do with a safe, healthy visit to Uganda.  

We are quite passionate about the Pearl of Africa – Uganda wanting visitors to have a safe safari as do all that is part of Tourism in Uganda.

Tourism is Uganda’s Number One Income Earner. It provides some of the best jobs in the country.  The Ugandan government is always on the lookout for investors.  They often overlook the Tourist, who is Uganda’s Number One Investor.

Every ten new arriving tourists provide additional jobs and careers for Ugandans, provides the much needed foreign exchange, and do so without polluting lakes, rivers, and wetlands.

The Tourist has V.I.P. Status in Uganda and is treated in that manner.  The Safety, Security, and Wellbeing of  Tourists are on everyone’s mind…Enjoy the Pearl of Africa…I as an American have since 1992…jon