Kidepo Valley Park in Karamoja picked as Top African Destination

Posted by on August 2, 2017

African Travel Bloggers pick Kidepo Valley Park – Karamoja Region as the Top African Destination

Kidepo Valley Park and the Karamoja Region are the Number 1 pick by African Travel Bloggers in 2017

Top African DestinationThe Wanderlust Movement contacted African Travel Bloggers from all over for the 10 Top African Destinations that they would recommend for 2017 – Kidepo Valley Park and the Karamoja Region was picked as the best African Travel Destination hands down.

Kidepo Valley National Park may be the best African destination in Uganda that everyone recommends to visit, but nobody has actually been to the park set in the Karamoja region in the remote and unvisited North Eastern corner of Uganda, bordering South Sudan and Northern Kenya.

In the past tribal warfare,  and cattle raids onto or by neighboring tribes in Kenya and South Sudan and very bad roads, especially during the rainy season have kept it isolated and unvisited. It was one of those legendary, inaccessible places, where road robberies were common and Travel Advisories were issued. 

The good side of  that is that Kidepo Valley Park, called the Long Lost Eden, a place of unadulterated wilderness without the crowds finds in other wildlife game parks in Africa

Getting to the Karamoja Region and Kidepo Valley Park in 2017 has become easier.  Since 2006 travel in Northern Uganda has been relatively safe since the Lord’s Resistance Army led by Joseph Kony has moved out of Uganda. 

The roads have been improved the Karamojong Warrior – Pastoralists have had their weapons forcefully removed by the Ugandan Army.  The Travel Advisories still exist, probably that no one from various embassies has taken the time to visit the remote Karamoja Region and Kidepo Valley Park.

Top African Destination – We agree with the Wanderlust Movement and their travel bloggers pick of Kidepo Valley Park and the-Karamoja Region is the choice Destination for the Experiential African Traveler.

Kidepo Valley Park has long been hailed as one of Africa’s Top Travel Destinations by CNN, Travel Writers have stated so for years, now the Karamoja Region and Kidepo Valley Park was picked by African Travel Bloggers and the Wanderlust Movement as the Top African Destination for 2017, and yet in spite such accolades there are less than 10 new visitors each day entering the park, making it Authentic Africa without the crowds of other wildlife parks in Africa.

The drive time to the region through Gulu and Kitgum is about 12 hours, most spend the night in Kitgum before entering the park the next day.  From the southeast of Uganda you can reach the park from the Sipi Falls area in one day, some choose to spend the night in Moroto, explore Mount Moroto, a local Manyatta, the villages where the Karamojong live.

Lodging in the park, or just next to the park is limited presently, however new lodges are being built as visitor count to the area has increased in recent years. The chief attraction is Kidepo Valley Park, however, most visitors here also want to meet with the local people of the area by visiting a Karamojong Manyatta, or if there is more time, even visit a Kraal that the Karamojong use when they find new pasture for their cattle.

An even more remote tribal group are the Ik People who live in villages on 2750 meter high Mount Morungole.  There are only about 11,000 of them and the only way to them is a hiking trail.  A round trip to the village will take about 8 hours with an early morning start.

A visit to the Ik people is a one of a kind experiential, cultural encounter in all of Africa. The Ik People resist most outside influences, even more than the Karamojong people.  The Ik were the first people in the area and lived in the Kidepo Valley, after years of conflict with fierce Karamojong Warriors they retreated up the mountains where they tend their gardens and goats and keep bees.  The Bride’s price is beehives, instead of cattle.  In 2017, an Ik won a seat in parliament which was a first for the tribe.

We make a visit to the Karamoja Region & Kidepo Valley Park a reality:

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris does not just recommend visiting Kidepo Valley Park, we actually take you there.  We have taken many a client on an experiential Safari to the Karamoja Region and Kidepo Valley National Park.

We have many years of experience taking clients to the Karamoja region of Uganda.  This is Africa as it used to be, Africa without the crowds, Africa as you might imagine it after reading Karen Blixen’s or Ernest Hemingway’s books about Africa.

The Karamoja Region was and is remote and remains unvisited even as it was during Colonial Times and since Independence in 1962 only to change in recent years.

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