Keep what has been the reality for a Century-Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Posted by on June 8, 2018

Uganda – Small Africa – not so fast

Keep it – Uganda “the Pearl of Africa” – its synonymous with Uganda

Keep it Uganda  “the Pearl of Africa” – on June 5, 2018, the New Vision Newspaper in Uganda had this  Article Headline – “Researchers tell Uganda to drop ‘Pearl of Africa’ tag. The subline stated – US-based University of Berkeley researchers and stakeholders in the tourism sector have agreed to change the brand to ‘Small Africa’

Wise men and women had come from the West, from none other than the esteemed UC Berkely University Institution with many great ideas that will help Uganda to market itself as a Premier Tourism Destination. However, wrapped in their good advice, recommendations was one that caught our eye.  Dropping Uganda as the Pearl of Africa as a Tourism Brand and adapting “Uganda – Small Africa.”  

If you look throughout the Kabiza Wilderness Safaris Website you will find the Tagline “Pearl of Africa.”  Not only do we use the tagline, pointing out that in a sea of sameness when it comes to Safari Destinations, Uganda, the Pearl of Africa stands out and highlighted throughout our Site. 

In direct contrast – visit the official Uganda Tourism Board Website and you will find no reference to the Pearl of Africa, do a site search and you will get 0 search results.  

Keep it Uganda  “the Pearl of Africa” it has been that way for over a Century

throw a name, a slogan, a tagline that President Museveni himself, a person who used the slogan “no change” in an election. wanted to have Pearl of Africa registered as a copyrighted  Trademark.  The Wise Advisors from the West, however, have stated that the Pearl of Africa lacks meaning to 21st Century Travelers and Tourist, according to the New Vision and that Tourism Stakeholders have agreed with the Researchers from Berkeley.  could surmise that the Branding slogan – Pearl of Africa has been discarded and is up for grabs?

In the light of the above, what does Pearl of Africa Hotel do?  Change to Small African Hotel.  What does a Tour Operator do that uses Pearl of Africa in their tour name change to Small Safaris?  How about Uganda, Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo – does it become Uganda – small Africa Tourism Exo.

Do we change the Banner at Entebbe to “Welcome to Small Africa – Uganda?”  I did not even tough Pearl of Africa Restaurant, Fashion Show and the countless of other entities that have incorporated Pearl of Africa.

Get Serious – Uganda -Small Africa just doesn’t cut it – Keep Uganda as “the Pearl of Africa”.

Keep it Uganda “the Pearl of Africa” as it has been known for over a Century – We will stick to the Time Proven Pearl of Africa slogan which has proven to be the best for us as we describe for  our clients as to what awaits them on Safari in Uganda – Pearls in the Pearl of Africa, Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Wildlife, Birds, Scenery Keep Uganda “the Pearl of Africa”and welcoming was another time, when similar, wise and intelligent marketing specialists sold the famous CNN Uganda -Gifted by Nature TV Campaign.  Descriptive slogans, everyone uses them,  but what does “Remarkable Rwanda or Magical Kenya evoke in potential Visitors? Using the Pearl of Africa has only helped us evoke curiosity in the mind of the African Traveler.

Rebranding Uganda – as Small Africa costs money.  To throw a slogan, a tagline that has been in existence will take Time and lots of Money,.

Keep Uganda as “the Pearl of Africa” Improve marketing of the Pearl of Africa, UWA, Uganda Tourism Board, the Ministry of Tourism, the Uganda Media Centre, every Embassy website, TUGATA, AUTO, USAGA, Entebbe Airport, Tour Operators.

 You do not have to reinvent promoting Uganda – you improve on what you have and that begins with communicating why Uganda the Pearl of Africa stands out from other countries in African Tourism, not a hard thing to do with the Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Wildlife, Remote Parks, Cultural Encounters, Scenery and more, all without the crowds common to other African countries.

Uganda – the Pearl of Africa is uniquely original in a sea of sameness, similarities and copies,  The word “original” is important to Ugandans where imitation and fake-goods about. 

To a Ugandan small Africa will sound like Fake Goods whereas The Pearl of Africa has that original ring to it. A term, a slogan, a tagline that makes Ugandans use it and that includes those of us in Tourism.  The Slogan needs to be dusted off, applied to create a picture of.  

The Kingdom of Uganda is a fairy tale. The scenery is different, the climate is different and most of all, the people are different from anything elsewhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa….what message I bring back….concentrate on Uganda.” Winston Churchill 1908 

Uganda in the Words of Sir Winston Churchill