Itanda Falls – on the Nile in Jinja

Posted by on July 13, 2017

The Itanda Falls – on the Nile in Jinja – replaces Bujagali Falls

Bujagali Falls has become a Lake now it is a visit to Itanda Falls – on the Nile in Jinja

The Hidden Itanda Falls are Sights and Sounds along the historic River Nile not be missed by visitors to Jinja.  This is the Wild Side of  the River Nile unleashed.  You will find no rafters here, only the power of Nature unleashed.

Itanda Falls - on the Nile in JinjaBujagali Falls, long a tourist Destination is no more – just a few ripples – but few miles down the road – the Nile still roars at Itanda Falls.  Itanda is known to kayakers and rafters from around the world as a falls to avoid but to most visitors and tourists it remains one of the Hidden Pearls in the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

Most guidebooks write about Bujagali Falls, a thing of the past since the new Bujagali Dam and Power Station was built, even most tour companies still offer visits to Bujagali Falls and in the Ugandan tradition of never turning down money, the caretaker at the gate toBujagali will take your entrance fees and you get a few ripples in the Nile.

Drive down the road a few miles and you discover Itanda Falls where the Nile’s power is unleashed and you can stand in awe as you look out on river , see Itanda Falls and hear the rushing waters of the falls roaring past you.  Itanda Falls has 3 levels of rapids along it which go up to Grade 6 from Grade.  Itanda Falls is a most spectacular places to behold and the rafter, kayaker has to exercise some cautions traversing the rapids of Itanda Falls.

Itanda Falls – on the Nile in Jinja is not the most easily reached location beyond Jinja, even when you ask questions, you just might get a blank stare – it is about 27 kilometers from Jinja and the drive will take about 45 minutes in length.  Not many overseas visitors, tourists have come to Itanda Falls, making it still an unspoilt area where you can experience Authentic Africa, authentic Uganda.  Unlike at the source of the Nile the way to the falls is not paved with souvenir stands and hawkers shouting at you to buy their wares.

Itanda Falls at Jinja, is still the Nile non-commercialized, the way it has been for many years.  To locals it is considered a sacred site…a “Blessed Place” where those living near the falls come to pray at the based of a tree in times of adversity such as when they need a physical miracle.

Jinja without a waterfall along the Nile just would not be the same, it will take a while, but Itanda Falls will be a place along the Nile that attracts more and more visitors and another reason to enjoy Jinja on the Nile.

If you like to see Itanda Falls – on the Nile in Jinja while on Safari in Jinja with us, let us know.