Is Rwanda safe for Americans -and anyone else? A question often asked

Posted by on May 1, 2019

Each day several  people Google “Is Rwanda Safe for Americans?”

Is Rwanda safe for Americans -and anyone else? Safer than the US – Rwanda ranks 9th Safest Country in the World

Is Rwanda safe for Americans -and anyone else -Rwanda is one of Africa’s most stable – safe – secure and friendliest countries, in 2017 it was named the 9th Safest Country in the World.

 Each day the query “Is Rwanda Safe for Americans?”  shows up in our Blog analytical statistics.  You do not find the query “Is Rwanda safe for Brits, Germans, Danes, Belgians, Canadians, Russians, Chinese, Indians?”  Each day Americans query whether Rwanda is safe for Americans?

Rwanda is one of the safest and most secure countries in Africa, especially for visitors to Rwanda and even more so if specific Safety and Security guidelines and tips are followed during your visit to the Land of a Thousand Hills.  Kigaku one of the safest capitals in Africa and over 99%  of visitors come and leave Rwanda without an incident.

Rarely do you read anything in the local newspapers about a visitor to Rwanda having safety and security problems during their stay in Rwanda.  Things such as petty theft, credit card fraud, overcharging all can be avoided by common sense steps and read some of the Safety and Security Advice and Tips found on our site.

Kigali, Rwanda, when it comes to Central and East Africa is probably the one capital in the region where a Tourist will feel safe, You are in Africa, and yet there is a sense of order, and modernity found here.  Some call it the Singapore of Africa.  Even its nightlife is mild, and the sidewalks roll up at night, recently one letter writer proposed to close Bars by 9 pm.

Hotels, Guest Houses, Backpacker Places, for the most part, use security personnel to make sure your stay with them is undisturbed.  Shops, Banks, Stores, Offices, Restaurants, Bars have security personnel stationed both outsides and  at times inside of them.  If you are an American wanting to enter your Embassy, you will find it like a fortress, with layers and layers of security and once inside be speaking to an embassy official you will do so through a bulletproof window in most cases.

The Rwandan government fully realizes that it is its sacred duty to ensure the safety of visitors to Rwanda and its citizens.  The presence of police is found almost everywhere, ranging from traffic police to tourism police all there to make sure that Tourists and Visitors are safe.

Since most of our clients are tourists going on safari from around, we realize that their well-being, their safety, and security are also part of as to how we plan their stay, their safari in Rwanda.  One of the reasons one finds search terms such as “is Rwanda safe for Americans?” is because of the volume of misinformation and outdated information about safety and security in Rwanda for visitors.

Is Rwanda safe for Americans -and anyone else? Rwanda is safe for visitors and tourists including Americans.  Rwanda is home to some of the friendliest people on the African Continent, and I as an American feel quite safe in Rwanda probably safer than I would in some places in the USA.

Question by an American for Americans who want to come and visit Rwanda- Why Do Americans feel that Rwanda is not safe?  Take a look at reality.

  • You cannot purchase a concealed weapon here – most of the population has no gun in their home as in the USA
  • There are no weekly mass shootings like in the USA.
  • There are no continuous acts of violence such as killings by a vehicle as sadly happened in NYC just recently.
  • There are no massacres at Public Concerts, no killings of Church-Goers.
  • No organization promotes weapon use.
  • Gun Permits are rarely issued.
  • You have armed security outside of every larger supermarket, bank, hospitals, larger hotels, and vehicles are searched when you enter into a larger shopping center.
  • In Rwanda he Minority Muslim Population and Christians live in relative Harmony here.  Islam in the past has been declared a religion favorable to Rwanda since most Muslims did not partake in the Genocide of 1994.
  • There have been no Terrorist Attacks in Rwanda as in the USA and parts of Europe.
  • There is no US Embassy Travel Alert for Rwanda presently.

Is Rwanda safe for Americans -and anyone else? The answer is a resounding yes, and I feel a lot safer in either Rwanda or Uganda than I would in many areas of the USA. In 2017 Rwanda was declared the 9th safest country in the World by the World Economic Forum. Rwanda was placed ahead of Qatar, Luxembourg, Portugal, New Zealand, Austria, Estonia, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain, Netherlands, and Morocco. The USA did not make the top 20 on the list.

Rwanda is safe and secure for Gorilla Trekkers, Safari Goers, Women Solo Travelers, Gays, Rwanda is a safe and secure Tourist Destination.

 France issues a Rwanda Travel Advisory:

France has warned its citizens to avoid areas in Rwanda. The French Foreign Affairs ministry issued the travel advisory on April 19, 2019 warning of security risks for those who want to enter or stay in Rwanda. One such place to avoid is Volcanoes National Park where the Gorilla Trekking takes place in Rwanda.

Canada now has followed France and also issued similar Travel Advisory

Rwanda finally responded saying as we said that Rwanda is safe and secure, the travel advisories are simply wrong.  The Rwandan government claims that they are Rebel Propaganda and regional newspapers, online tabloids.  MostlyUgandan online ones that ran with the French Travel Advisory.  

We are not the Rwandan Government Spokes Person, but we have reacted as someone that knows the reality on the ground in Rwanda for Tourists and suggest you read it.

March 2019 – Border Tensions: Rwanda-Uganda and the impact on Tourists:

 Rwanda closed the border with Uganda in early March of 2019.  Cargo Trucks became stranded on the Ugandan side of the border unable to cross into Rwanda and unable to deliver their goods.  Rwandans have been advised not to travel to Uganda.  Many in this region have relatives on both sides of the border.
Tourism Traffic was not targeted by Rwandan Authorities. High-level Talks are now taking place between the two countries, and the present border row should soon be resolved.  Let us reiterate – Tourists arriving in Kigali and being taken to Uganda are not affected.
We, however, feel that the tourism image of both countries is being damaged by this.  Rwanda and Uganda are both Tourism dependent.  Tourism employes thousands in both countries.  Potential visitors to either country read in their newspaper in their home country that the border is closed without explaining that Tourism Traffic is not affected by this closure. Read More

Reality is, Rwanda is one of the Safest Countries in Africa and has been, Google it.