In Search of Authentic Africa on Safari in Uganda

Posted by on December 9, 2018

Where do you find the Real –  The Authentic Africa Today?

In Search of Authentic Africa on Safari in – Does it Still Exist?

In Search of Authentic Africa on Safari in Uganda. Can you still find Authentic Africa on Safari in Uganda? The quest begins with your definition of Authentic Africa – of the Real Africa.  Finding Authentic Africa, Africa, as it used in the age of modern Tourism, is becoming a fast fading Memory recorded in books and films but now rarely experienced and almost always off-the-beaten Tourist Path.

To most Authentic, Real Africa means Tribes, People Groups, Villages, Wildlife, Scenery, untouched by commercialization and Mass Tourism. Most Cultural Encounters come in the form planned, commercialized Village and Walks and Visits, interactive encounters that are reproductions of what once was but now is a cultural performance and not the authentic Africa you are looking for or even imagined it to be.  

 Can you still find Authentic Africa with its culture and traditional ways? yes, but each year it becomes harder to find. As Tourism expands, the path to what you might see and experience is further, sometimes as in Uganda, harder to find and certainly off of the beaten path on a road, in most cases, less Traveled.

 In Search of Authentic Africa on Safari in Uganda. One of the best areas where one can still find the Africa that used to be, as you imagine it to be is n the remote Karamoja Region of Northeast Uganda on the border with Kenya and South Sudan.  Most Ugandan Presidents, including the British, ignored the Karamoja Region.  President Museveni took a more hands-on approach even appointing his wife as the Minister of Karamoja.

The Karamojong, fierce Warrior- Pastoralists were disarmed, the area was secured and today is safe to travel to. The region is also home to one of the most remote and unvisited parks in East Africa, Kidepo Valley Park.  Though the park has received all kinds of accolades, including, Best Park in Africa, by the Wanderlust Movement, rated Number 3 Park in Africa by CNN it has less than 10 new visitors enter it each day and on a game drive or hike you will encounter no other people but the abundant and varied wildlife found here.

There are also other people groups found here such as the Ik People who live on the extinct Volcano, Mount Morungole. There is no road, only a path and a visit to them will take a whole day, the views of the Mountains and of the Rift Valley are breathtaking, but the real Authentic Africa Adventure begins as you enter one of the villages of 11,000 remaining Ik, villages without stores, without most semblances of modernity, Authentic Africa where the Bride’s Price are Beehives.


Authentic Africa, Africa as you imagined, can still be found in Uganda. It is a long and arduous journey, The best way  is to travel through the region and take in some of the hidden away places found along the Route that takes you along rugged Eastern and Northeastern Uganda.  A journey that you will never forget.  You can fly to Kidepo, it is expensive and you miss what you came for – Authentic Africa.

Reality:  If you are coming to find the Africa that Winston Churchill encountered during his 1907 African Journey, you will be disappointed, you will not find it.  Neither will you find Africa as described by Karen Blixen or Beryl Markham, even the Africa of Ernest Hemingway.  They are history, may evoke feelings of nostalgia that get you here, but Africa is changing daily.

In Search of Authentic Africa on Safari in Uganda.  It will be an Africa as it has evolved, with glimpses backward as you visit a distant village, such as those of the Ik Tribe.  Even here changes have come, the first Ik was elected to parliament, and they have the first young woman enrolled in a University in Kampala.

Our Take on finding Authentic Africa on Safari in Uganda:

 Encountering Authentic Africa on Safari is something we enjoy, something we personally enjoy preparing for and doing.

We have taken quite a few clients that want to see, experience Africa as it used to be on a Safari to the remote Karamoja Region of Northeast Uganda with its many Cultural and Natural Wonders including Kidepo Valley Park that one renown Photographer called “A lost Eden.”

If you are searching for Authentic Africa, we just might be able to help you and take you to a region of Uganda, of Africa which today is as Africa was 50 Years ago.

Most come to Uganda to see the Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees, a few come to discover Authentic Africa as it used to be. The Real Question that has to be asked “What is Authentic Africa” mean to you?

Please contact us if you want to discover Authentic Africa in Uganda or Rwanda.