How to make my Gorilla Safari Payment for my time with the Gorillas

Posted by on March 6, 2018

The Gorilla Safari Payment Process – How does it Work”

How to make my Gorilla Safari Payment Safe- Secure – Easy and Convenient

How to make my Gorilla Safari Payment – Here is our Practical Gorilla Safari Payment Guide and Options that  confirm your Booking Gorilla Trekking or going on the Gorilla Habituation Experience beyond a written Itinerary.  It begins with your Gorilla Trekking Safari Downpayment which is your signature on the Safari Contract with us.  Your Primate Safari Downpayment gives us the go-ahead to buy the Permits and book the lodges that you have agreed to.

A Primate Trekking Holiday is different from most any other kind of Safari in Africa where you go on Game Drives or Hikes and where no permits are needed.  On a Gorilla Trekking Tour, the number of participants is limited to the number of permits that are remaining for a day’s trek.  This is especially true if Habituation Permits are needed which are even more limited in number.

The number of Permits available change from Day to Day, meaning that is imperative that you make a decision that makes your itinerary a reality beyond mere words. Do not Commit the Number 1 Mistake that is often made, which is adding on Gorillas to their Time in Africa.  It is all about the dates of your Trek and Permit Availability.

Here is How to make my Gorilla Safari Payment

  • Safari down-payment:  Choose to pay with a Bank to Bank Wire Transfer or with PesaPal where we send you an online invoice and you pay online using Visa, Master Card or American Express.  There is a 3.5% fee for credit card use.  The normal fee in East Africa is 5% or more. Both ways have been safe and secure.  We do not receive any Credit Card information.  It remains with PesaPal which has a long secure history of Money Transactions, especially the popular Mobile Money in East Africa. PayPal does not offer business services in East Africa.
  • Permits and Lodge Bookings:  We purchase the Permits and book your lodges once you have made your payment.  Money Transfers an Credit card Payment take 5 business days to reach our account.  We, however, buy the permit and book lodges ahead of the arrival of your money into our account.
  • Passport Scans:  A scan of your passport needs to be sent via email when you make your down-payment.  Passport information is needed for your permits.
  • Final Payment:  Final Payment should be made 30 days prior to the Safari starting.
  • Safari and Trekking Dates:  Once we purchase your Gorilla Permits – the dates are locked into place and can’t be changed, Please check and recheck dates – arrival and departure dates and times.

How to make my Gorilla Safari Payment – make it simple and easy for you.  The money has always arrived either by Bank to Bank Transfer or Credit Card.  It takes a bit more time in Uganda, but it works well.