How not to Visit Africa – its Pearl Uganda

Posted by on February 2, 2019

You can visit Africa- but never be in touch with the Real Africa

Here is “How not to Visit Africa – Its Pearl Uganda”

How not to Visit Africa – its Pearl – Uganda – When you hear the word “Africa” or “Uganda” what images  come to your mind?  For many it will images of hunger, skeletal earth, dry and cracked earth, endless slums, massacres, ethnic slaughter, HIV-Aids, Ebola, Famine, Drought, Refugees, Countries in Crisis.  Those, besides some Nature Specials on the Discovery or National Geographic Channels are the images those outside of Africa receive through the daily news and that only during times of crisis such as the recent attack of a Hotel in Nairobi Kenya that received extensive coverage.  Our Views of what Africa, Uganda is like are often shaped by limited, selective images and reports that make a continent look like it s always in Upheaval, Dangerous, Disease Ridden, a No-Go Zone.

What we believe, what we think, what we know about Africa, about Uganda comes from the images that we see on TV, in films such as “Last King of Scotland” or “Raid on Entebbe.”

or the words in an article or book. Images that shape our view of Africa, what life is like and the people who are there.You can visit Africa- but never be in touch with the Real Africa. It is like someone saying that they went swimming when all that they did was dip their toes into the pool  – for you to enjoy Uganda, put aside the baggage, the cobwebs in your mind and enjoy the journey, the Safari.

Our Advice on How not to Visit Africa – its Pearl Uganda:

 1. Visit Uganda without a clue as to what awaits you:

Our Advice is “Know before you Go” – become informed about Uganda before you.  Do not stumble down onto the tarmac at Entebbe clueless as to what awaits you.  Your visit to Uganda becomes more enriching if you are informed about Uganda.  Our site is information rich when it comes to Uganda.  You can also use the Uganda Bradt Guide.  It has great information, though it is geared toward the Backpacker.

Know a bit about Uganda, its history, cultures.  Watch the movie “Queen of Katwe which is one of the more positive movies on Uganda and is ongoing success story that is still taking place.  Read Winston Churchill’s “My African Journey”  as to what he discovered in 1907 in Uganda – his book popularizing the term “Pearl of Africa.”

If you are going on Safari, know what you will need, especially about Gorilla Trekking – it is more enriching to know before you go – do not arrive without a clue – but only images that are in your mind based on newscasts an reports by correspondents based in Capetown instead of Kampala.

Our Advice – Know Uganda Before you Go

 2. Do not Visit Uganda superficially – Immerse yourself:

Africa, Uganda is like the ancient River, you cannot just dip your toes into and tell people you swam in the Nile.  You do not have get as radical as doing a Bungee Jump into Nile at Jinja but for you to experience Africa beyond dipping your toes into takes some thoughtful planning like it does for a Safari.

President George W. Bush, who did more for Africa, than any other American President with his HIV-Aids support, visited Uganda for 4-Hours, met President Museveni, visited the TASO organization in Entebbe which was instrumental in reducing, watched the Watoto Choir perform and left the country, he dd not even have time to enjoy a Rolex here.

Uganda is like an exquisite cup of Arabica Coffee grown in the terraced hills of Southwest Uganda near Bwindi Impenetrable.  Before drinking, get a whiff of it, smell it, taste it savor.  There is nothing instant about it, it is an experience. You cannot jet into Uganda, do a 3-day Gorilla Trek and say you visited.  In our humble estimation you visited the Gentle Giants of the Forest but not much else.  Get a taste of Uganda, authentic Africa, immerse yourself.

 3.  Do not come to Uganda with a sense of Western Superiority but willing to learn:

Come to Africa, to Uganda, to learn, to experience.  Bring a sense of openness, a dash of humility Uganda like most of Sub-Saharan Africa is relational. Ugandans focus on relationships first, time management (except for Safaris) is based on relationships first and not tasks.

A traveler to Uganda that comes with an openness to learn new or ancient ways will have the time of their life.  Those willing to listen with a bit of humility will find their time in Africa most enriching.

Scott Cameron said it so well “Travel makes one Modest.  You see what a Tiny Place you Occupy in the World.

Bill and Melinda Gates visiting Bwindi Impenetrable Forest took time out to sit on a mat, something that is often used for visitors in homes of humble means and Uganda and listened.

Attitude – the inner attitude one brings determines the quality and richness of your African Experience in Uganda.

 Welcome to our Uganda – the Pearl of Africa

Angelique Kidjo, the Grand Diva of African Music has a wonderful song “that speaks of “Welcome to my House.” In it she talks about “my house is your house.” That is the essence of the spirit of Africa, Welcome, stay awhile, eat, meet, share heartfelt conversation, physical presence.

Africa – Uganda – has a lot more to offer than Safaris, than wildlife, gorillas, chimpanzees and incredible scenery it has incredible people with incredible stories to tell – my personal experience has been simply being with people – chewing the beef (Nyama Choma) having a piece of chicken and sharing stories – sharing cultures – forming lasting friendships – getting to know the real Africa its Pearl Uganda – its people

How not to Visit Africa – its Pearl Uganda – come willing to learn, be enriched by your time in Uganda.  We just had 17 Women on a hiking the Nile Safari following the footsteps of Winston Churchill.  One of them had a concerned husband, partway during her time in Uganda after trekking Gorillas she stated…Uganda is nothing like my husband thought it would be.