How do I pay for a Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris?

The Ways of How do I pay for a Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris in Uganda or Rwanda

Safari Payment must be made in USD Dollars

How do I pay for a Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris? – You have 5 Choices  or Combinations of paying for your Safari – it is up to you – we want to make it as convenient as possible for you. The current fluctuation of currency – June 2016 due to the UK withdrawal from the EU forces us to only receive US Dollars for payments other than Cash in Uganda or Rwanda.

How do I pay for a Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris?


Uganda like much of East Africa is a cash based society.  In the Tourism Industry  the US Dollar reigns supreme and many lodging prices are in US Dollars, Park Tariffs, Gorilla and Chimpanzee Permits are also in US Dollars.

If you are paying in Cash the US Dollar is the preferred currency of choice.  Use newer bills, bills that are 2003 or newer and unmarred, unmarked and clean.

In Uganda or Rwanda we will also accept UK Pounds, Euros, and of course Ugandan Shillings, Rwandan Francs at the present exchange rate ewe receive at the Forex Bureau.

The current currency fluctuation crisis reaches even Uganda and Rwanda.

 Bank to Bank – International Wire Transfers:

Bank to bank transfers has been the primary manner in which clients have made down payments including for gorilla permits.  There are costs attached to bank to bank transfers and it be best that you compare the various charges you may incur sending the money to us via a bank to bank transfer.  Please also keep in mind the 20 USD Money Receiving Charges that we add on.

International Wire Transfer rates vary.  Some can do it online, while others have to go to their bank and request an International Wire Transfer.  The costs of an International Wire Transfer varies depending on the bank that you use in your country.

International Wire Transfer take three to five business days to reach Kampala – no wire transfer has ever gone missing – they have all reached their destination – our Barclay Bank account.

 Credit Cards:

We accept credit cards – Visa, Master Card and American Express in Kampala using a standard swipe card terminal.  If you use a credit card in Kampala you pay a 5% Surcharge for Visa and 6% surcharge using Master or American Express Credit Cards.

This is normal in Uganda, East Africa and some companies will charge you as high as 10 %.  The 5 and 6% are the charges we incur from our Merchant Services which are greatly higher than in places such as the USA where they can be easily be absorbed.  Many Safari Companies operate on a cash or bank to bank wire transfer of money only– we give you a choice.

 Online Payment with PesaPal:

PesaPal is East Africa’s innovative answer to PayPal not operating in most of Sub-Saharan Africa.  PesaPal is a way that you can pay online in a safe and secure manner, receive a receipt for your payment and the cost is quite favorable in that is 3.5% of the total of your bill.  In many cases PesaPal will be the best option for many since it often will be lower than Bank to Bank transfers into our account in Uganda. With PesaPal you can use Visa or Master Card and pay from anywhere in the world.

PesaPal started in Kenya in the Mobile Money transfer utilizing telephones to pay bills and then ventured online several years ago filling a void in East Africa since PayPal does not operate here.  The money that you pay goes into a PesaPal trust account at a bank  in Uganda until we transfer it into our account, much the same way as PayPal.

In the near future PesaPal will also come out with a swipe card system that along with a mobile phone a transaction and payment can be made.With PesaPal we send you an invoice via email and you simply click on the link and follow the instruction of a secure network in making either your first or final payment online.

Paying for your safari in Uganda has just become easier with the long-awaited addition of PesaPal – a company used by many of the major businesses in  East Africa- we are quite glad to offer these various options to our clients and give you a choice as to how to pay for your Safari in the Pearl of Africa- let us know which method you choose – From Kampala…

 Making Payment for your Safari with us:

The Down-Payment Deposit for a Safari with Kabiza Wilderness Safaris

To secure a booking, a non-refundable deposit is required which shall be the sum of 20% of the Safari arrangement costs, plus the full amount for the gorilla permits (US$ 600 per permit-Off Season US $ 350), the chimpanzee permits per person (US$ 150- Habituation US$ 220), and all in country Airplane Tickets for a Flying Safari (if needed) for each person in the group.

Full payment for Safari Booked:

The full amount owed by the client to Kabiza Wilderness Safaris shall be payable not less thanfive weeks prior to the beginning date of the Safari. If the full amount is not paid in due time, the company reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled.

Kabiza Wilderness Safari will not be held responsible for price changes or over-bookings in the time between booking and receiving the deposit.

Bookings made within six weeks or less from the departure date must be paid in full immediately. Payments can be made by bank transfer to our Barclay Bank Account in Uanda. Transfer costs are to be paid by the client(s).

Payments with credit or debit card can be made after you receive an Invoice from us using the online PesaPal Servie for which there is a 3.5% service charge paid by you or in Uganda using Barclay Merchant Services in our office where we accept Visa, MC, AEX – a 5% service charge is added to amount owed to us.

 LayAway Safari Plans:

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris has an interest free LayAway Safari Plan that allows you to go on a stress-free Safari Holiday in Uganda that is paid for before you go on a Safari in the heart of Africa.

Enjoy Uganda and Rwanda on a Safari Holiday and pay for it before you come.  Interest Free – no extra charges, lock in the present price for the future.

Kabiza Wilderness Safaris is the only Safari Tour Operator in Uganda and Rwanda that offers LayAway Safari Plans.

Take advantage of this great offer.

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