Hot Air Balloon Safari over Murchison Falls Park – Uganda

Posted by on December 23, 2018

Take a Hot Air Balloon Safari over Murchison Falls Park – Uganda with Bush Breakfast

See Murchison Falls Park Elephants – Giraffes – Buffaloes – Antelopes – Lions from a Hot Air Balloon

On your Murchison Falls Safari take a Hot Air Balloon Safari over Murchison Falls Park at sunrise seeing what you would not see on the ground, but the Beauty of the Borassus Palm Tree studded Savannah with its abundant wildlife at your feet – an early morning, activity not to be missed in Murchison Falls Park

Murchison Falls National Park with the River Nile flowing throu gh it, the Savanna with its Elephant Herds, the largest Rothschild Giraffe Population in the wild in Africa (over 1,000), the unending Buffalo Herds, the unending Antelope Herds, the Lions and Leopards on the prowl all await you as you take a Hot Air Balloon Safari over one of the best Wildlife Parks in Uganda.

Arise before the crack of dawn and after a fresh cup of Ugandan Arabica Bean Coffee, you will be taken to the Hot Air Balloon Launch Site which is near Paraa Lodge on the wildlife side of Murchison Falls Park.
At the hot air balloon launch site watch the last preparation of the balloon for the Morning sunrise Hot Air Balloon Safari over Murchison Falls Park.
Soar over the park in seeming silence – watch the sunrise and the savanna below alive, teaming with wildlife, even a lion devouring his prey.
Much of the hot air balloon safari is just above the tree-tops so that you can see the greatest number of wildlife possible.
This special Hot Air Balloon Safari ends with a celebratory Bush Breakfast complete with champagne, prepared by chefs from Paraa Lodge. Somehow a bush breakfast simply tastes better

The Hot Air Balloon Safaris are handled by Dream Balloons – Uganda – They were Registered in Uganda in 2011 and are Fully certified by the Ugandan Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) to run Hot Air Balloons in Uganda.  They are also certified by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, NEMA and UCC to work within National parks.

The  pilots are certified and licensed by both the Egyptian and Ugandan Civil aviation authorities to operate in both countries.

After the Bush Breakfast we can continue the morning with a wildlife game drive on the ground in Murchison Falls Park before returning to the lodge where you are staying while on Safari with us in Murchison Falls Park.

The Hot Ar Balloon Safaris add that extra touch to your Safari and it is great to include on celebratory occasions such as honeymoon Safaris.

Plan ahead for this Murchison Falls Park activity since there are limited spaces.

If you like to include the Hot Air Balloon Safari over Murchison Falls Park in your safari with us – Please contact us.