Horseback Wildlife Safari – Lake Mburo Park

Posted by on July 9, 2017

See Lake Mburo Park Wildlife from the Back of a Horse

One of a kind Horseback Wildlife Safari – Lake Mburo Park

Take a one of a kind Horseback Wildlife Safari –  Lake Mburo Park, one of the most amazing experiences in Uganda’s National Parks. Lake Mburo is the only National Park where you go on a horseback riding safari. 

In Uganda, you can experience the African Wild from Horseback on Safari in Lake Mburo National Park. You can  take a 2 to 5-hour horse ride across the African Savannah accentuated at Lake Mburo with rolling hills, valleys and of the various lakes in and around Lake Mburo Park. A horseback safari gives you a whole other feeling of the African Wild, there are no sounds of vehicle engines, there are no fumes – you are simply experiencing the African Wild on horseback.

Horseback Wildlife Safari – Lake Mburo Park is a safe and sane experience with knowledgeable guides as you venture out for your time in the rolling savanna of Lake Mburo National Park – even if you are a novice rider your experience during your horseback ride will be most rewarding as you spot Giraffes, Giant Elands, also Topi, Impala, Duikers, Bushbucks, Waterbucks, Burchell Zebras to name a few, add the scenic beauty, Birds, Vegetation – your time on horseback safari at Lake Mburo Park will one of the highlights of your time in Uganda.

Mihingo Safari Lodge – which runs the horseback safaris has 7 horses and four ponies and a maximum number of 6 participants can partake in a safari – preserving a sense of a safari without the crowds. A horseback safari in Uganda – an experience not to be missed and Mihingo Lodge is one lodge not to be missed in Uganda – it is one of the premier luxury tented camps in Uganda and in essence has set the standard for tented camps in Uganda – add on top of that the fabulous wildlife horseback safaris – all one can say is enjoy your horseback riding safari…

Horseback Riding Safaris can also be done at Lake Albert Lodge in the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve.

If you like to go on a Horseback Wildlife Safari – Lake Mburo Park- Please let us know – Horseback Riding Safaris are only available while staying at Mihingo Safari Lodge.