Hiking up Murchison Falls -Top of the Falls Hike

Posted by on December 4, 2019

Hiking up Murchison Falls-Experiencing the Power of Nature

The Incredible Top of Murchison Falls Hike –  a Natural Scenic Wonder – a Historic Spot

Hiking up Murchison Falls -Top of the Falls Hike -The Top of Murchison Falls Hike (also called Kabalega or Hiking up Murchison Falls -Top of the Falls HikeKabalega Falls after the King of Bunyoro) it is part of the British Discoverer’s Baker Trail.  Hippos capsized Samuel and Florence Baker as they approached the Falls.  It was Winston Churchill who came down this trail. From the bottom of the Falls and journey to Khartoum in a ship.  It was Ernest Hemingway who crashed here with his wife and were stranded until they were rescued.

The Falls are part of the fabulous Western Rift Escarpment, and from the top, it is quite a scene to behold for visitors to the park.

The Hike usually is 45 minutes long. You need to be moderately fit to do it.  If you are physically unable to do the Hike, you return with the Boat downriver to the Paraa area. Most visitors to the  Park do the “Top of the Falls Hike” it has become an integral part of a Safari that takes in Murchison Falls Park.

Hiking up Murchison Falls -Top of the Falls Hike – Today, thousands take the 45 minute plus trail from the bottom of Hiking up Murchison Falls -Top of the Falls Hikethe fall to the top.  Disembark after a pleasant ride with lots of wildlife on the sides of the river.  As you hike up, you are cooled and refreshed on the hike by the misty spray from the Nile pouring down over 43 meters through what is called “the Devil’ s Cauldron” – it is not the hardest hike that you can take in Uganda, but it is one of the most refreshing.

As you take the Trail upward, guided by rangers, go back in time to Winston Churchill, who in 1907 trekked down the same path.  It was not as well worn in those days. However, the power of the River Nile pouring down was the same.

The Top of Murchison Falls Hike will soon greet you with the churning waters of the Nile.  It is quite a spectacle, and if you take a short walk south on top of the Falls, you will be able also to see Uhuru Falls (Freedom), which is also quite a sight.

Above the falls where the flows is calm, Alice Auma Lakwena spent 40 days communicating with the animals and what she perceived as spirits. She then formed the Holy Spirit Movement that rebelled against the Government Forces and marched toward Kampala but only reached Jinja, where her troops were routed.

Hiking up Murchison Falls -Top of the Falls HikeThe former President of Uganda, Idi Amin spent time here, President Milton Obote was going to build a hydro-electric plant but was pushed out of power before it could happen.

Hiking up Murchison Falls -Top of the Falls Hike-There is lots to see and experience on the trail, including birds, make their home along the river bank.  It is one of those things one must do while visiting the park.  99% of those on safari with us in Murchison Falls Park take the hike up to the top of the falls.

Most Notable is that Winston Churchill’s hiked down the same trail that you are hiking up.  He is the one that Popularized the Term “Pearl of Africa”  after seeing Murchison Falls.

Murchison Falls Park – there are lots of things to do and see here. The “Top of the Falls Park ” is one of them

Murchison Falls – The Unthinkable has happened- a proposal to build a dam has been submitted: Hiking up Murchison Falls -Top of the Falls Hike

Murchison Falls is one of Uganda’s major Tourist Destination.  For over 70 years, it has been a must-see in Uganda spot for Visitors. A proposal by a South African Power Company is now up for review by the public and agencies such as Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Uganda Tourism Board.

The Conservation and Tourist Community in Uganda is in an uproar regarding the proposed dam at Murchison Falls Park.

This proposal should have never been allowed to see the light of day, but here we are writing about out of concern for one of Uganda Natural Scenic Wonders – Murchison Falls.

Our Take on this is – No Dam at Murchison Falls.  There should not even be a discussion of this, but there is.  You can have your say by clicking this link.


Hiking up Murchison Falls -Top of the Falls Hike – Let us know if you want to include it in your Safari with us.

Hiking up Murchison Falls -Top of the Falls Hike